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Brutal Bytes - The Necklace

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I had always liked Sundays too much. I wasn't sure what exactly made them so special, maybe it was the fact that I didn't have to go to school or that mom didn't have to work so she stayed home to share time with me.

It was usually like that. We'd make plans for the day, she'd cook the food, and then she'd sit in the living room next to me to play video games. My mother was not an expert, but I tried to teach her how to drive cars in racing games or how to defeat enemies in fighting games. And that was a thousand times better than seeing her leave the house with some random guy to go on a date. Because one thing is certain: my mother is a very attractive woman, and she has a spectacular body that attracts the attention of any man. Anyone, seriously, from adults like her, to teenagers my age.

I know it is not my mother's fault that she is so beautiful, but it really bothers me. I don't like to see how men on the street stare at her, how my classmates look at her when she picks me up at school, how my friends drool over her when they visit my house. It is unbearable, I always have to try to keep her away from all of them.

"Honey, will you check the meat while I finish making the pasta?" she questioned me from the kitchen, almost yelling.

I put the control of the console on the sofa and quickly went to where she was to help with what she asked me.

That morning my mother was wearing a pair of jean shorts that barely covered her big brown butt, it was so small that it only covered her big buttocks. She was also wearing a tight white blouse with a v-neckline that of course highlighted her huge breasts. Pff, my mom is too pretty, there's no denying it, and I wouldn't have a problem with it if she just wasn't so flirtatious. And it is that added to how hot she is, she has a very nice personality, it is impossible that she does not have dozens of men on her, wanting to get her.

“What are you going to want for dessert?” she offered in a kind and caring tone, reaching over to mess up my hair and making me smile.

Cool! When she talked about preparing desserts, she really had no plans to go anywhere. She would stay home with me, and I wouldn't have to spend the rest of the day and night just wondering how many men would be on top of her, wanting a chance to touch her.

“Lemon pie, that is delicious when you cook it” I answered right away, without taking my attention off the meat.

The food was almost ready or so it seemed, it would only take a couple more minutes for the meat to finish cooking and the pasta looked seriously delicious. It was my favorite food, so I was clearly a little desperate to sit down at the table to eat.

That, however, seemed like it was going to have to wait a bit. When I least expected it, the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of a visitor.

"Lawrence, sweetheart, can you open the door please?" my mom asked me, and I nodded.

I walked down the hall back to the main entrance and opened the big wooden door of the house to see who was on the other side. Huge was my sigh of disgust and annoyance when I realized that it was Luke Sanders, my neighbor, the annoying boy who lived bothering me at every opportunity he had.

I was about to close the door when he placed his hand against it and stopped me, looking at me with a mocking smile.

“Open the door for me, Lawrence. What's happening? Don't you want to play with me today?"

"No, get out of my house, I didn't invite you and you know you're not welcome"

"Hey! Why are you so mean to your friends? Spoiled boy, I said open up”

"You're not my friend" I told him annoyed, I hated that in addition to everything he addressed me as "boy" in a derogatory way when he was even a little younger than me.

I pushed his hand away and tried to close the door again, but my mother's voice interrupted me.

"Baby, who is it?" she wanted to know, she sounded curious.

"Nobody, mom" I assured quickly, looking at Luke with warning, I wanted him to go now.

But the abusive white boy intentionally yelled for my mother to be aware of his presence.

"It's me, Mrs. McKay," he spoke loudly, poking her head into the house, "I'm here to play with Lawrence, if you give him permission”

I heard my mother laugh amused. She seriously always treated Luke too well, there wasn't a single time that she wasn't nice to him and I hated that because she didn't know all the mistreatment I received from that immature blond boy.

"Of course! Play for a while, boys, just don't leave the house because the food will be ready soon"

"No, mom, I don't want to play" I told her. Seriously, the last thing I wanted was to spend time with Luke.

"Come on Lawrence, let me in, we're going to have fun" my rival begged, again speaking loudly because he knew my mom was listening.

"No, go away"

"Lawrence!" my mother shouted from the kitchen, addressing me more seriously this time "come on, let the boy come in, he just wants to have some fun"

Pff. Incredible. Again I was forced to let that annoying boy into the house. I had no choice but to groan under my breath and step aside to let him in, watching as he immediately went to the living room because there was my console and the television. I noticed that this time he had a bag with him that he left next to him by the couch, but I didn't even have to ask what it was, because when I approached him he told me himself.

“Look, I bought this for cheap at a pawn shop” from the bag he grabbed something; a necklace, I soon noticed.

I frowned. First, I honestly didn’t care about jewelry, and second, it was a woman’s necklace for as far as I knew, why would this brat want something for a woman if he didn’t even have a girlfriend? Not that I knew. And he was a jerk, not the kind of boy that would gift something like that to his mom.

“Looks cool, doesn’t it?” he showed me the necklace again, grinning “the man who was selling it said it has special powers!”

“I don’t care whatever the man said to sell that thing” I said, sitting on the couch as far as I could from him. “I said I don’t wanna play games, you shouldn’t be here”

“Shut up, moron” he hit my head with his free hand. “Are you afraid I’m giving this to your mom so she likes me more?”

“No, you shut up! You won’t be giving anything to my mom” I yelled at him, annoyed by just the idea “now leave my house!”

“Lawrence!” my mom entered the living room at that very moment, yelling at me “boy, I didn’t raise you to be rude to other people, why are you treating your friend like that?!”

“Mom, but he—“

“No, I heard you. He just wanna play videogames with you, why are you telling him to leave?” she shook her head and walked towards Luke to affectionately stroke his hair "Excuse him, Luke, you know he's not in the mood sometimes"

"Don't worry, Mrs. McKay, nothing's wrong." Luke gave her a wide smile and my mother seemed to love that.

"You're adorable!"

Ugh. It was so annoying. How could he be adorable? He picked on me all the time, he was rude and immature, irritating. And seeing the way my mother spoiled him so much just made me feel humiliated. Why did she have to be nice to the boy who abused me?

"I was just telling Lawrence I bought this today at a pawn shop." Luke took the necklace and showed it again before adding "I'm told it has powers, though magic only works if worn by a beautiful woman."

Those words made my mother laugh. The stupid blond boy was clearly flirting with her and she was giggling like a teenager. As the sound escaped her lips, her shoulders shook slightly as did her large breasts, which Luke kept staring at. That idiot, his blue eyes seemed to go up and down following my mother's bouncing boobs.

"And is that real?" she asked, joking. She sounded really amused by the story she heard and it didn't take long for her to take the necklace from the blond boy's hands and place it around her neck. "Hm, maybe it will work but I'm not beautiful enough," she added as she finished fastening it.

"No, Mrs. McKay, don't say that!" Luke shook his head in denial "you are beautiful, really"

I quickly noticed how my mother blushed. I knew her so well that I knew she was saying this just to get Luke to tell her how beautiful and attractive she was. She always did that with my friends and other guys around me, flirting with them even in front of me, which was too embarrassing and humiliating.

"Pff, that crap shouldn't work," I said, looking annoyingly at her necklace.

But to my surprise, the jewel must have had some effect, because something seemed to change. I noticed it in my mother's eyes, she was no longer the same, her eyes now shone with something more than the fun of seconds ago.

She suddenly wanted to sit next to Luke, smiling at him with extreme flirtatiousness while she touched one of his legs with one hand. She couldn't be serious. Why was she doing this? Once again acting in a way that made me feel so bad and so uncomfortable, it made my stomach turn to see how she acted like that, like being attracted to the annoying brat, flirting with him shamelessly.

"Mom, the food—"

"Why don't you go and take a look?" She answered me but without turning to look at me, she was fully engaged in staring at Luke lustfully, and she didn't even stop him when he brought a hand up to her voluptuous hips. He was touching Her! “Hurry up, Lawrence. And serve the dishes, I'm sure Luke will join us for lunch”

Those words ended up making me feel worse. My mom wasn't even paying attention to me anymore, she was just acting horny and caressing the blond boy, getting closer to him as he caressed her hips and went down to her thigh and then up again until almost touching her tits. I felt like throwing up and crying because of the frustration that situation caused me, I couldn't believe that my mother was not only flirting with boys my age but that she was touching one in front of me.

Irritated, I hurried to the kitchen. My mother had left a few more things on the fire so I had to watch until they were ready, I stayed by the stove in the meantime and tried not to think about what was going on in the living room anymore, but as the seconds ticked by it began to become impossible to ignore the situation; As far as I was, I began to hear some sounds, panting that was becoming stronger, mixed with giggles, then came some moans. I didn't have to look into the room to get an idea of what was going on because it was obvious.

I pressed my hands on the counter tightly, trying to control myself not to go over there and yell at them to stop. But I could imagine Luke touching my mother's tits, touching her big ass with his filthy hands, I had always noticed the way he looked at her lustfully and it had always bothered me, but now the bastard was fulfilling his dream.

I didn't even know how many minutes passed until the sounds ceased to be heard and, a moment later, they both appeared in the kitchen very smiling. Luke was walking towards the table while my mother stayed close to him, hugging him, laughing with him in that goofy way like she was a teenager.

I had served the dishes, so they just sat down to eat. They at one end of the table, together, and I at the other. I didn't even want to stay and watch my mother act mesmerized by him, but if I left I would surely get a scolding so I just sat and watched her as she seemed to become a horny sex slave for Luke.

They probably thought I didn't notice or they just didn't care, but I noticed the way Luke said something in my mother's ear and then she put her hands into action, I noticed how she put one of them under the table and in case the way she moved his arm wasn't obvious enough about what she was doing, Luke's face immediately filled with pleasure.

“Mrs. McKay, you make delicious things,” he said, and though he popped a piece of pasta into his mouth, I knew he wasn't talking about food.

A moment later, I heard the sound of metal hitting the floor. I'd seen Luke push his fork off the table and drop it, only to turn to my mom with an "oops, I dropped it."

Without wasting time, my mom crouched down and went under the table with the excuse of looking for the fork, I even heard her laugh and I also heard how a zipper was opened. Of course, she wasn't down there looking for what fell, she was looking to lift something up.

I just clenched my fists as I felt the humiliation, anger and pain go through me. I couldn't believe that my own mother was acting in such behavior in my presence, with one of the boys who made my life impossible. Luke was scowling at me, laughing at me, making a blowjob gesture with his hand to make it clear to me what my mother was doing under the table. I watched his gestures of pleasure as I listened as the kitchen began to fill with some sucking sounds, subtle and low at first, then louder and louder.

I felt like crying, a lot, but I didn't want to do it in front of Luke. By this time, I was more than sure that my mother was so busy and distracted that she wouldn't notice my absence, so I got up from my chair and quickly left the kitchen, heading towards my room. I no longer wanted to watch my mother become the brat boy's sex slave because of a stupid cheap "magic" necklace....