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that same sweet shock

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"Xiao Wei, may I have a kiss?" Zhao Yunlan leans across the island, fluttering his lashes, a goofy grin on his face.

Quirking an eyebrow, Shen Wei puts on a show of pondering the question. "Hmm, have you earned one?"

"I'll have you know I've been on my best behavior! I’ve managed to remember to eat regularly for at least a week! That and I, y’know, dropped off with most of the alcohol."

Shen Wei ducks his head to hide the smile at his partner's antics. It warms his heart that he’s making an honest effort to take care of himself. While he would happily spend his life doting on this impossible man, some assistance is greatly appreciated. "Ah, I suppose you have earned one, then."

"Yes!" Zhao Yunlan cheers, his elation turning infectious. Shen Wei huffs a soft laugh.

After dancing around each other for so long, allowing themselves such things is still new and exciting. The freedom to touch, to kiss—their current exchange being simple silliness—feels like finding water after being stranded in the desert for weeks on end.

They meet in the center of the room, drawn to each other as moths to a flame.

Gentle hands skim down Shen Wei's arms, delighting in the simple act of touch. He returns the favour, fingers trailing along the curve of Zhao Yunlan’s cheekbone, up over the shell of his ear, and down the angle of his jaw. They pause at the tip of his chin to tilt his head up, the position perfect for a kiss.

Zhao Yunlan's eyelids flutter closed in anticipation.

Shen Wei, however, smirks and presses the requested kiss to Zhao Yunlan's cheek. A huffed, impatient whine pours from his partner.

"Is that not what you wanted?" Shen Wei teases, a playful lilt to his words. "I kissed you, as you asked… Perhaps here?"

Soft lips brush over Zhao Yunlan's forehead, the tip of his nose, his jaw. The press of teeth, gentle but insistent, meets the column of his throat, just over the fluttering of his pulse.

"Is that better? Or am I still in the wrong place?" Shen Wei presses his tongue to the faint red marks he's left in his wake, soothing them with the barest tingle of dark energy.

"Xiao Wei," Zhao Yunlan whimpers, his hands settling on Shen Wei's hips. His fingers dig into the muscle as teeth settle over his earlobe, tugging playfully.

"If—nnh… if you keep this up, I may have to pin you down and blow you. If, uh, if you're ready for that."

"Who says that isn't what I'm after? Though I should—mmn?"

A kiss, tasting of sugar, interrupts him, distracts him. Wandering hands tuck into his hip pockets, giving him a tentative squeeze, awaiting a reaction. When Shen Wei pushes back into the touch, eager, Zhao Yunlan kneads at the swell of his ass.

In the back of Shen Wei's mind, an important conversation prods at him, but with Zhao Yunlan all but grinding against his thigh, it slips away every time he tries to think about it.  

Somewhere along the way, between wandering hands and playfully biting kisses, they both lose their shirts, reveling in the heated skin on display.

Zhao Yunlan nibbles his way down Shen Wei’s neck, greatly enjoying the shivery breaths puffing against his shoulder. Every soft noise of pleasure he pulls from him stokes the embers of his arousal.

As he continues lower, his hand brushes against the front of Shen Wei’s trousers, expecting a tenting bulge, a solid line of heat against his palm, and yet… His fingers press more firmly, finding nothing of the sort. A small, soft bulb is all he can find.

Zhao Yunlan pulls away, concerned. He searches Shen Wei’s face, finding a very becoming blush painting his cheeks pink, the dark brown of his eyes nearly swallowed entirely by pupil. All signs of arousal, yet…

"Are you... not into this, Shen Wei? Are we moving too fast?"

Shen Wei's ears go pink, verging on red. His eyes turn downcast. "Ah, no. I'm enjoying this very much. I was going to tell you before we got to this stage, but you are very, mm, distracting. Dixingren, physiologically, differ from Haixingren in several ways. I will understand if you don't want—if this is not what you were after."

"Well, now you've got me intrigued. May I see?"

Shen Wei nods, shy and resigned to rejection. He pops the buttons along his fly, pushing both his trousers and underwear down to ride low on his hips. His hands clasp behind his back, granting his beloved free rein to look his fill.

Zhao Yunlan blinks. Between Shen Wei's thighs, his cock is retreating back inside?, as the softening ridge of his glans brushes the edge of his genital slit. There are no external indications of testicles, no soft pouch of skin, and from what he can still see of him, the head is triangular, yet rounded. Fascinating.

The silence stretches as Zhao Yunlan chews over this new information. He glances up, seeing Shen Wei watching him, still with that resigned glint to his eyes. Zhao Yunlan gives him a grin.

"Xiao Wei, may I touch you?"

Shen Wei blinks, once, twice. The implicit acceptance in that single question warms him. "I—yes, you may."

Gentle fingers brush against Shen Wei’s skin, well above his genitalia, bringing up a patch of goosebumps. He shivers as Zhao Yunlan slowly trails his fingers downward, teasing as he traces the faint blue lines of his veins.

Even as Shen Wei watches, the first touch to the still-flushed folds of his slit is a surprise. A soft moan escapes him as Zhao Yunlan explores the upper portions of his anatomy with firm, even strokes of his fingers. He’s careful to keep the edges of his nails away from anything potentially sensitive.

“Shen Wei? Is this okay? Actually, is there anything I shouldn’t do? I don’t want to hurt you.”

Taking a breath, Shen Wei pauses a moment to think. With Zhao Yunlan’s hand so close to brushing the head of his re-emerging cock, it is a minor struggle to not focus on that, to not just cant his hips up. “You’re doing fine. As for your other question, I’m not sure. I’ve never had a partner to… explore with.”

Zhao Yunlan pauses his teasing in surprise. “You’ve never? Wow, I. Huh,” he says, voice full of heated wonder. “Not to presume, but have you ever gotten yourself off? If you have, is there anything you did out of curiosity that needs to be avoided?” As they speak, Zhao Yunlan smooths his free hand over the curve of Shen Wei’s hip, slipping under the soft cloth of his underwear. His thumb circles over the flare of his hip bone, leaving faint shivers in its wake.

Shen Wei ducks his head, cheeks flaming. “Mm, I have, yes. Internally, I’m very, very sensitive. Sometimes it feels good if intense, other times it is painful. Other than that, I haven’t really bothered.”

“Fair enough. Let me know if anything doesn’t feel good, okay? Now, do you want me to avoid touching you there, for now? Or would you like me to try?”

He shakes his head. “Not right now, please.”

“Okay. Please tell me if you want me to.” With that, Zhao Yunlan resumes his careful mapping of heated skin. The hand not currently occupied skims up Shen Wei's side from his hip, fingers dancing over his ribcage. Zhao Yunlan cups Shen Wei's pectoral muscle, his thumb reaching to brush over a pebbled nipple. A soft moan is his reward.

Zhao Yunlan grins in triumph, pressing the blunt edge of his thumbnail to the underside of Shen Wei's nipple, flicking upward.

A shudder runs through Shen Wei, the head of his steadily swelling cock grazing the heel of Zhao Yunlan’s hand. The light touch, inadvertent, sends sparks skittering up his spine. His hips flex, seeking more, nudging up into the palm. Clear liquid coats the path upward, both slick and sticky. His breath stutters.

Zhao Yunlan hums, pleased, and takes the hint, finally, finally, wrapping his hand around Shen Wei’s length, reveling in the sharp intake of breath it gets him. His touch is light, teasing, tracing over the foreign textures of him. The twin veins running along the top pulse and swell as he strokes the velvety skin between them for several long seconds before moving on.

"Does that feel good, sweetheart?"

The tight restraint Shen Wei keeps coiled around him slackens under Zhao Yunlan's explorations, a high, thin whine pouring from his chest. His nails dig into his wrists, a conscious effort to keep his hands from wandering.

"I'll take that as a yes. Good."

Precome dribbles steadily over Zhao Yunlan’s fingers as Shen Wei arches into the touch, droplets spattering on the floor like rain. He can taste the salt-sweet musk of it in the air and his mouth waters, his oral fixation begging to come out and play.

Perhaps in a bit, I can… mm.’ Zhao Yunlan shivers in anticipation, the warm embers of arousal in his belly flaring into an inferno. He’d gotten so caught up in his exploration that he’d all but forgotten about it. He shifts as his own cock presses against the zipper of his jeans, insistent.

“You smell so good, Xiao Wei."

Zhao Yunlan thumbs over Shen Wei’s gently pointed tip, pressing against the bulging slit there; the flow of slick fluid slows, seeping out around the blockage. He smooths over the bulge, once, twice, precome coating his thumb.

The fluid glimmers in the light with the movement, iridescent.

The sight proves too much for Zhao Yunlan to resist; the hand teasing at Shen Wei's chest moves to take the other's place as he lifts it to his mouth. His tongue darts out, catching several beads about to drip off his thumb.

The flavour is unlike anything he's ever experienced before. Delicate sweetness turns to spice, a warm tingle over his tongue. The gentle heat of it follows his exhalation, tickling at his nose. Tiny sparks of dark energy burst against his teeth, in the back of his throat, popping and fizzling at random.

Zhao Yunlan’s eyes widen in surprise, swallowing roughly. The zing of dark energy wanes, leaving a faint tickle in the back of his throat.

‘Well, that’s a first. Dark energy? …Does Shen Wei know, and if not, is he gonna kick up a fuss about it if I tell him? Tastes divine, though…’

He can feel Shen Wei watching him, his gaze a welcome, heated weight against his skin.

Taking a half-step back, Zhao Yunlan considers the sight before him: Shen Wei, his face, neck and chest flushed a delightful pink, his beautiful cock fully erect in Zhao Yunlan’s hand, hips stuttering despite himself. Yet all throughout, his trousers have managed to stay at his hips, the dark blue material framing the view exquisitely.

He can see the tension in Shen Wei's biceps, his forearms, trembling to keep himself in check, to keep from touching.

His own cock jerks again, against the confines of his jeans, protesting being ignored and demanding attention.

“Fuck, but you’re gorgeous. How are you feeling?”

A twist of Zhao Yunlan’s hand, clever fingers dancing over the swollen ridges lining the underside of him, pressing against flare at his base, has Shen Wei keening. "Ah—close, too close! Stop, please!"

Zhao Yunlan pulls his hand away as though burned. "Shen Wei? Are you alright? Did I hurt you?"

Several long seconds pass as Shen Wei struggles to stop the orgasm threatening to consume him. The clear fluid leaking from him clouds over, the musk of it deepening. He looks to be a hair's breadth away from the brink, as though an errant brush of skin over his own would shatter him.

The only sound in the apartment is rough, gasping breaths, steadily slowing as Shen Wei pulls his tattered control around him like a shroud.

"You, nnh… you didn't hurt me, no. I just," Shen Wei trails off, blushing impossibly brighter, "I don't want to come—not yet."

Relief floods through Zhao Yunlan’s veins, a giddy laugh bubbling out of him.

"Good, good," Zhao Yunlan says, ducking in closer to press a soft kiss to the corner of Shen Wei's mouth.

"Would you be opposed to moving this somewhere else? I uh, really, really want to taste more of you."

The sofa in Zhao Yunlan's apartment has seen many things. Touch memory saturates the soft leather; drunken shenanigans, exhaustion, pain, fury, boredom. The occasional wank.

The Dixingren, finally, blessedly naked, quivering as his restraint comes unraveled by soft lips, a clever tongue, and the barest hint of teeth, however, is a new one.

Zhao Yunlan, on his knees, hums contentedly around his treat. The warm spice of Shen Wei's precome is pleasant on his tongue, urging him to coax more out.

He curls his tongue around the flushed tip, suckling until Shen Wei hisses between his teeth, oversensitive, before moving to take more of him into his mouth. His bottom lip catches on the ridges running underneath as he bobs his head.

Shen Wei draws a sharp intake of breath, hips flexing with the restrained urge to buck into Zhao Yunlan's mouth. His cockhead flirts with his beloved's throat, twitching against the reflexive swallow.

He meets Zhao Yunlan's heated gaze, noting the tears beading at the corners of his eyes, trailing down over his cheek as he swallows around him again. His fingers trail through the wetness, down the line of Zhao Yunlan’s jaw, to press gently against the lips wrapped around him. His touch is reverent as he traces the seam between them.

A twinkle of mischief catches Shen Wei's attention, Zhao Yunlan quirking an eyebrow at him.

'Are you ready?' He seems to ask. Shen Wei blinks, ever curious, as he nods.

Zhao Yunlan hums and pulls back a bit, enjoying the soft, questioning moan it gains him. He captures Shen Wei's hand in his, setting it atop his head, encouraging him to thread his fingers through his hair.

As he prepares for his next act, Zhao Yunlan laves his tongue over the ridges he can reach, dipping the tip of his tongue into the folds of skin just above. He moves further up along the shaft, pressing soft kitten licks to the bulging slit. Shen Wei's fingers tighten in his hair, a pleasant pressure against his scalp. As Shen Wei gets closer to his release, the dark energy popping and fizzing on his tongue grows stronger, more frequent.

Meanwhile, he sneaks his spare hand down to his zipper, finally releasing his aching cock, a filthy moan pouring from him as it hangs blood-heavy between his thighs. It throbs in time with his heart, twitching up to brush against his belly, leaving trails of precome behind. His fist rests against his thigh, resisting the urge to stroke himself, already near the edge.

Pulling in a deep breath, he meets and holds Shen Wei's eyes in a wordless request of 'watch, please.' 

In one fluid movement, Zhao Yunlan takes Shen Wei's length to the hilt, cockhead firmly lodging in his throat, nose pressing against—between—the flushed edges of his slit.

"Ah, Yunlan!"  

A strangled shout tears from Shen Wei's throat as his back arches, hips jerking. His hand falls away from Zhao Yunlan's head to grab at the sofa's arms, mindful even now to not hurt his beloved.

The edge of teeth pressing against the flared base of him, digging in as his muscles spasm, has Shen Wei spilling down Zhao Yunlan's throat in long, thick pulses.

Dark energy, infused with the echo of his release, bursts from him, sparking and crackling over his skin as it seeks its target, intent.

The intensity of Shen Wei's continued orgasm engulfs Zhao Yunlan, his vision whiting out, his nerves singing with it as his own cock pulses, untouched.


He leans back before he can choke, chest heaving and hips rolling, suckling at Shen Wei uncoordinatedly. The sweet-spice of him and the dark energy burn in his throat, far more intense than before.

Overstimulation edges into the feedback loop, just on the wrong side of painful, forcing Zhao Yunlan to break the connection, to pull away from Shen Wei's softening, yet still spurting cock. A streak of come lands over the bridge of his nose, marking him.

Sated, Zhao Yunlan leans against Shen Wei's thigh, gently brushing his beard against soft skin. It gets him a shiver in return.

Through the afterglow of his surprise orgasm, Zhao Yunlan admires his handiwork; Shen Wei resting boneless against soft leather, flushed a pretty pink to his navel, hair fanned across his forehead, sticking lightly. His breaths are rough between bitten lips, steadying slowly as the moments pass.

He swallows, throat clicking. "Mm, did you enjoy that?"

His voice is shot, rough and gravelly, as though he'd returned to smoking three packs a day.

An edge of concern presses against the haze in Shen Wei's eyes.

"I did, yes. But—did I hurt you? Your voice…"

Zhao Yunlan smiles at him, a little dopey. "No, baobei. You didn't hurt me, I promise."

Despite the assurances, the concern remains.

A bead of come drips off of Zhao Yunlan's face onto his thigh, distracting him from the impending spiral. It coats the pads of his fingers when he touches the streak he'd left.

The iridescence shimmers in the light as it creeps down his fingers.

"Heh, you marked me pretty good. Does this mean you intend to keep me?" Zhao Yunlan's tone is light, a bit teasing, yet underneath, a hint of uncertainty lurks.

Devotion burns through the remaining haze in Shen Wei's eyes. "For as long as I am able—and that it is wanted."

The raw honesty—the love, absolute and eternal—in that simple statement stuns Zhao Yunlan. He blinks, speechless, for several long seconds before surging up to capture Shen Wei in a kiss that he hopes—prays—conveys every sentiment he can't turn into words.

Perhaps, in time, he will be able to voice them as Shen Wei deserves.