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Episode 2: Local Cat Yashou Experiences Microagression In The Workplace

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Local Cat Yashou Experiences Microagression In The Workplace

Da Qing being held by Gou Changcheng in cat form


Expressing disappointment at the discrimination running rampant at the offices of the Special Investigations Department, Deputy Chief Dà Qìng spoke out on behalf of all Yashourén living in Hǎixīng.

“I get no respect unless I’m on two legs. When I’m a cat, people think they can just pet me or pick me up without asking. Would you do that to your coworker?”

Dà Qìng, King of Cats, has been concerned about the rising rates of disregard for personal space Yashourén have been experiencing at the hands of Hǎixīngrén and Dìxīngrén over the years. His treatment at the hands of his coworkers has only reinforced his belief of a fundamental lack of understanding among those that walk on two legs.

“It’s racism, is what it is. Treating me like I’m some kind of animal to be manhandled on a whim. How am I supposed to believe I’m a respected Deputy Chief if a new recruit feels like he can just pick me up whenever he wants? It’s disgraceful behavior, and I can’t believe the Chief sat there and did nothing about it.”

Intern Guō could not be reached for comment.