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Episode 1: Local Cat Yashou Denied Food, Forced To Work Or Starve

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Local Cat Yashou Denied Food, Forced To Work Or Starve

Da Qing on a table in cat form, meowing


In a shocking uncovering of corruption at the higher levels of law enforcement, the last remaining Cat Yashou has been threatened with starvation if he will not perform his duties at work. Distinguished Deputy Chief of the Special Investigations Department and King of Cats, Dà Qìng, came forward about his working conditions.

“I just can’t take this anymore.” he said in a candid, exclusive interview.

“I was singled out in front of the whole team. The Chief pointed right at me in the middle of the office, it was humiliating. It’s like I’m a tool, not a cat. If I don’t do things exactly how the Chief wants it, I’m unfairly punished. Do you know I was put on doorkeeper duty? Me! A doorkeeper! I’m a thousand years old and I was forced to go without food and put on doorkeeper duty. People used to know how to treat their elders, let me tell you.”

When reached for comment, Chief Zhào had this to say: “Is that what he told you? I only said I would cut back his dried fish snacks. Damn cat. Why am I talking to you, get out of my office!”