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One Reason Or Another

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One Reason Or Another

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"He just can't behave for one case," Lisbon thought as she slammed the stapler down on her desk.

It was getting close to midnight and she was still stuck at the CBI, thanks to her pain-in-the-ass consultant. The case had been simple enough to solve, until Jane decided to make it known how he felt about the suspect and the victim's family. Which, in return, led to a meeting with Wainwright and Bertram, not to mention several hours of paperwork. She was seriously thinking of handcuffing him to his desk when the next case came in.

"Still here?" Jane asked as he meandered his way into her office.

"Go away," Lisbon growled.

"Still mad at me?" Jane asked, surprised.

"You're surprised? Jane, have you ever thought of not causing trouble on a case?" Lisbon's temper was rising as he made himself comfortable on the couch.

"I have behaved myself on several cases over the years," he pointed out.

"Like hell you have," Lisbon retaliated.

"They irk me," Jane said in his defense.

"Well, if you would treat them with more respect then maybe they wouldn't irritate you."

"Oh, there is a theory. Let me think about that," Jane pretended to be thinking.

"I'm leaving," Lisbon said as she got her stuff and headed out of the office.

Lisbon pressed the button on the elevator several times in annoyance. She was hoping that it would arrive before she heard his footsteps, but fate was against her as he walked up behind her.

"No," he said simply.

"No, what?" Lisbon asked, annoyed.

"They would still irk me."

Lisbon glared at him, but he only smiled in return. Finally, the elevator door opened and she stepped inside hoping to get away from Jane for the night, but he stepped in just as the doors were closing.

"I'll ride down with you," Jane stated as she looked at him.

"Fine," Lisbon said simply.

"You know you aren't really mad at me," Jane remarked.

"Oh, I thought I was," Lisbon replied sarcastically.

"No, you are mad at yourself."


"See, you wanted..." Jane began to explain when the elevator shook roughly.

Jane managed to catch Lisbon before she fell as the shaking continued. He pressed the buttons hoping to open the doors, but nothing was happening. Backing against the wall of the elevator, Jane kept Lisbon close to his side just as the lights went out. He felt Lisbon tighten her grip around him as the shaking slowly stopped.

"Are you okay?" Lisbon asked softly.


Lisbon pulled her cell-phone out and turned it on to give them some light.

"The emergency lights should be on shortly," Lisbon explained.

Jane nodded but didn't let her move away from him.

"Jane, let go."

'Sorry." Jane nodded and released her from his grip.

She gave him a quick smile before walking over to the emergency phone box. Opening it up, she pulled out the phone.

"We should have taken the stairs," Lisbon said as she placed the phone back.

"Not working?" Jane asked. Lisbon shook her head and walked back over to him.

"Hopefully you won't get claustrophobic, because we might be here for a little while," Lisbon stated as the emergency lights came on.

"I guess there are worse places to be," Jane commented.

"Let's hope someone is still in the building and notices the elevator isn't working," Lisbon stated as she leaned against the wall.

"Well at least we have each other for company," Jane smiled as he sat down.

"And I still have my gun," Lisbon smirked.

"You wouldn't risk firing it in here."

"Don't tempt me," Lisbon retorted.

"Sit down and relax, Lisbon," Jane ordered.

"I don't want to," Lisbon protested as she walked back over to the phone and checked again to see if it was working.

"Hello?" she said into the receiver before slamming it against the small door.

"Ah yes, because hitting something always makes it work," Jane remarked from his spot on the floor.

"Bite me," Lisbon snarled. "You know, this is all your fault," she pointed an accusing finger at him.

"How so?" Jane asked, surprised.

"Because of the crap you pulled today I got stuck here longer, and now I'm trapped in here with you," Lisbon explained heatedly.

"Meh, you would have still been here if I hadn't done anything," Jane stated.

"No I wouldn't," Lisbon protested but Jane just continued to smile at her. "Fine, maybe I would still have been here."

"Thank you."

Lisbon rolled her eyes and then slumped to the floor opposite of Jane. He was right about one thing; there were far worse people to be stuck with, but for the moment she couldn't think of one.

"So are you going to tell me what is really bothering you?" Jane asked.

"Nothing," Lisbon responded automatically.

"Lisbon," Jane looked at her closely as if he was trying to get her to talk about what was bothering her.

"Not going to work, Jane," Lisbon kept contact with his eyes.

"You know you want to tell me, so you might as well."

"There is nothing wrong," Lisbon repeated.

Jane nodded and leaned his head back against the wall.

"You know, sometimes you can be a pain in the ass," Lisbon said suddenly.

"And the truth comes out," Jane acknowledged.

"I'm not talking about your normal everyday cause problem behavior," Lisbon emphasized.

"Then what?"

"Never mind."

Jane sighed and got to his feet. He walked over to her and sat down.

"Lisbon, what is it?" he asked genuinely.

"Tell me why?" Lisbon asked.

"Why what?"

"You know, and I want the truth," Lisbon replied.

"You want to know why I didn't correct Darcy," Jane stated firmly.

"Jane having her telling the FBI that you are working for Red John causes more problems than you can imagine," Lisbon explained.

"Lisbon, you need to trust me that I know what I'm doing."

"You know I can't do that."

"Lisbon, look at me." He waited until she was looking at him before continuing. "You know me. I'm not going to put you or the team in danger. You will just need to trust me on this one completely."

"And what happens if you are wrong again?"

"How many times can I possibly be wrong?" Jane laughed trying to lighten the mood.

"This isn't a joke," Lisbon responded and turned away from him.

Jane's smile disappeared quickly as she turned away from him. He knew that she feared for his sanity not to mention his life just as much as he feared something happening to her. He was about to tell her just that when the elevator started moving again. They exchanged quick looks before getting to their feet. The elevator stopped on the ground floor and the doors opened, allowing them out.

"I'm going to call and find out what happened," Lisbon stated as she walked away from him. Jane nodded. "They said everything is fine and that there wasn't any problem with the elevator." she stated a few moments later.

"Strange," Jane stated quietly.

"Yeah, well we are out now so I'm going home," Lisbon said as she headed out of the CBI and towards the parking lot.

"Lisbon, wait," Jane yelled as he jogged to catch up with her.

"What?" Lisbon asked annoyed.

"I know you fear for me, especially right now, but what you don't know is that I fear for you also," Jane declared.

"Since when?" Lisbon asked slightly surprised by his declaration.

"Since I told you Red John was alive. Lisbon, if he knows that you know everything then that puts you at more risk. So I'm going to let Darcy try and prove to the FBI that I'm working for Red John because we both know it isn't true and as long as she is looking for proof it allows me to keep Red John away from you," Jane explained.

Lisbon just looked at him, not really sure what to say after that. He had been more open with her in the past year than he had ever been and she was thankful. But him stating that he feared for her, because he did tell her, made her feel deeply moved.

"Say something," Jane pleaded.

"It is late," Lisbon stated. Jane nodded and started to walk away. "Wait, I wasn't done."


"Come home with me. I'll make you some tea," Lisbon offered.


"Let's take it one step at a time," Lisbon stated as she headed to her car. Jane looked back quickly at the CBI before heading over to join her.