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I Have to Keep You Quiet Somehow

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                They had been in the car for hours.

Joseph had bought them a car to get them through Pakistan, and though they had air conditioning and were relatively comfortable, they had still been in the car for hours.  And, worst of all, Kakyoin had begun to fidget.  Polnareff was focused on driving and Joseph had fallen asleep some time ago, so all Kakyoin had to do was stare outside the window.

“Kakyoin,” Jotaro said quietly, placing his large hand on Kakyoin’s thigh.

“Hm?”  He turned his head to Jotaro, then looked down at his leg.  “Oh.  Sorry, Jojo.”  Kakyoin stilled his leg, and turned back out the window.  He guessed he would just have to find some other way to pass his time.


                Jotaro wouldn’t admit it to anyone else – and he had a hard time admitting it to himself – but he was bored.  Though it was a welcome break from stand users attacking them left and right, he still couldn’t stand the uneventfulness of a car ride.  On top of that, the anxiousness of not really making any progress was eating away at him slowly.  He couldn’t do anything inside of the vehicle, and while he was a sitting duck, Holly continued to wither away.  It was all he could do to not let out a heavy sigh.

“Jotaro,” said Kakyoin quietly.  He turned to find the red head staring back at him, eyes knitted in – what was that?  Confusion?  Worry?  Eh, it didn’t matter anyway.  He grunted in response.

Kakyoin continued to look at him, his face softening.

“Wha-“ Jotaro choked on his own question as Kakyoin’s smile perked up in a smirk, and he felt a phantom ghost over the front of his pants.  No, Kakyoin was not doing this now.  Not with the Old Man and Polnareff in the front seat, directly within earshot, less than a meter away. 

Fortunately, he didn’t continue, just winking at Jotaro and then turning back to look out the window.  Jotaro’s ears were burning, but he ignored it as he looked back out the window to the desert stretching before them.

                Fifteen minutes passed before he felt the familiar presence of Hierophant Green again.  He set his jaw and turned to Kakyoin, who was looking out the window innocuously.  The feeling of Hierophant against his leg didn’t stop, however.  Slithering up the leg of his pants was the green Stand tentacle.

Jotaro opened his mouth to protest, but Kakyoin stopped him with a finger to his mouth.  He raised his eyebrows and motioned to Joseph and Polnareff in the front seat, and Jotaro knew he was trapped.

Hierophant’s tentacle grazed the pulse point of his femoral artery, the spot where Kakyoin knew Jotaro couldn’t help but…


Jotaro sucked his bottom lip into his mouth.  The gasp was too loud, too obvious in their silence in the car.

“Need a potty break?” asked Polnareff from the front, making eye contact with Jotaro through the rearview mirror.  His shit eating grin spread across his face, and Jotaro willed the blood in his face to go away.

“I think we’re fine for now,” replied Kakyoin, his voice normal and steady, as if his stand wasn’t currently writhing against Jotaro’s thigh.  It flickered up against the connection of his thigh and groin, but Kakyoin only turned to stare back out the window.

Jotaro felt his body tense as the tentacle made its way into the waistband of his boxers.  A shiver ran down his spine when he realized he was already half hard, and he swore he heard Kakyoin snort.  The tentacle flicked at his slit and Jotaro clenched his fist around his pant leg.  He made a noise of surprise when a second tentacle slithered up to join the first, wrapping and tightening around the base of his cock.

Joseph shifted in the front seat, and Jotaro felt a pit open up in his stomach.  He began mumbling, and Jotaro was sure he caught the word ‘bubbles’ in there at least once; thankfully, though, he was still asleep and Polnareff was still focused on the road.  He was whistling French children’s tunes, but Jotaro didn’t think it would be enough to mask his noises.  This needed to stop, but with the way Hierophant’s tentacle was pulsing around his now fully erect cock, he didn’t have any desire for it to stop.

Apparently, neither did Kakyoin.

Before Jotaro could react in any way, another tentacle had made its way over to the corner of his mouth and began prodding at his lips for entrance.  Jotaro shot Kakyoin a look.

No, said the look, burning into the side of Kakyoin’s face.  The young man turned and shot Jotaro with a smirk.

I have to keep you quiet somehow.  Jotaro grimaced.

A tentacle squeezed around his cock, hard, and Jotaro opened his mouth in a gasp.  Before he could breathe in and give away their secret to the two men in the front seat, Kakyoin shoved the tentacle into Jotaro’s mouth.

Jotaro choked silently for a moment and Kakyoin kept Hierophant mercifully still while he gained his composure.  He focused on breathing through his nose, and once he had set up a safe breathing pattern again, the tentacles began to shift.

More tendrils wrapped around his cock, twisting around it and pulling on it relentlessly.  Jotaro struggled not to bite down on the tentacle in his mouth, but settled for clenching one fist on his leg and the other tightly curled around the edge of the seat he was in.

He wanted to buck up into the tight little heat that the tentacles provided, but he knew that sudden movements like that would alert Polnareff to them immediately.  With his mouth open around Hierophant’s tentacle and his face flushed, there was no way Polnareff wouldn’t know what was going on.

The tentacles enveloped his aching cock and twisted just right, making Jotaro buck up once, but Kakyoin quickly put a stop to that and two more tentacles appeared to hold his hips, keeping him down to his seat.  Jotaro was coming undone, that cool composure disappearing into a sweating, red-faced mess.

Jotaro blinked and saw stars, and so badly wanted to come, but the tentacle Kakyoin had wrapped around the base of his cock was still there, still tight, still holding onto him with a vice-like grip.  He unclenched his fist and reached over to Kakyoin, placing a desperate squeeze on his thigh.

I need to come.

He felt the tentacle squeeze even tighter around the base of his cock, the other tentacles continuing their relentless assault.

Is that how you ask?

Jotaro whined frustratedly and dug his short fingernails into Kakyoin’s thigh.  Getting caught be damned.

Please let me come.

                Finally, finally, Hierophant’s tentacle released itself, and white exploded behind Jotaro’s eyes.  He screwed them shut, and felt his jaw clench around the tentacle in his mouth as Kakyoin stroked him through his climax.  The tentacles in his pants and mouth left him, but the ones on his hips didn’t retract until his breathing had slowed to normal.

Kakyoin looked over at Jotaro, sagging in his seat, breathing heavily through his nose, and looking utterly disheveled.  Kakyoin smiled and rubbed his fingers softly over the loosened fist on his thigh.

“I suppose we could use that bathroom break now, Polnareff.”