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Little Ship

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A spaceship flying upward through a field of stars with the title Little Ship

LIttle ship little ship how do you fly
My repulsors push us up right to the sky
Whirr whirr goes the respulsorlift
Flying's such a gift

LIttle ship little ship how do we live
My life support systems have lots of air to give
Whoosh whoos goes the life support
All green status report!

LIttle ship little ship I want to go far
My hyperdrive will take us all to the next star
Vwoom vwoom goes the hypderdrive
So the galaxy can thrive

Little ship little ship how do you know
My navicomputer figures out where we want to go
Beep beep goes the navicomp
On our next galactic galactic romp

LIttle ship little ship why do you roam?
But with my crew onboard I'm always at home!
Kiss kiss goes the crew
When your family loves you