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Shen Wei

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He is different from everything else, even his family. Shen Wei has known that since the moment he was born. There is only his twin who can understand him better than everyone else. But Shen Wei had lost him and he went back to being all alone by himself. Again. As he grows older, Shen Wei had done all the things he needed to, to survive. 




Finally, when he looked down at his hands, there is blood. Crimson blood had stained his hands. His enemies' blood that no matter how hard he tried, Shen Wei couldn't clean off. He remembered the awe in his companions' eyes. Even when what he had done was to help them, they were scared of him. Ruthless, they said. Maybe they were right after all. He had let his soul be consumed by darkness. Isolated himself from the rest. So that no one could know that deep down, Shen Wei is also scared of himself. 

All those years, Shen Wei had been searching, for the light of his life. Something could shine through the fog of darkness inside his heart. 


And Shen Wei had found him. The moment that person sat down with him, wanted to understand him and snatched the mask off his face. Shen Wei knew he had fallen for this man. The man who had let him have a taste of the sweetness of this world. Promising him the far-fetched future. Giving him a name that would follow him for the rest of his life. Shen Wei. 

But good things rarely stay with him. Everything happened so quickly. That person's figure disappeared in front of his eyes. Shen Wei wanted to hold him back, reach out for him but there is nothing he could do. Something was grabbing him, covering all his senses and dragging him down. 

He fell back into the abyss of darkness. 

Once Shen Wei came back to consciousness, everything changed so much. He didn't feel like himself anymore. He became even lonelier than ever. Sometimes it became too hard to bear, he felt almost suffocated under the pressure. But he could do this, couldn't he? That person had told him that he could and Shen Wei believes him. Always. So he tried once again, crawled back to life, and waited. Because Shen Wei knows that person will keep his promise. 

And on that unexpected day, Shen Wei had found him again. 

The light of his life.