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Pairing: Diavolo/Kagome


Chapter One:

Her hands burned as her legs grew numb.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Kagome gnashed her teeth in frustration. The sharp tang of copper filled her mouth. 

Pulling back the tsuru string of her bow, her eyes narrowed upon the pale figure darting across the smoke-blackened sky. Thick plumes of canon fire and gun powder blotted out the sun. It was difficult to see her target but not impossible.

The bow gave a violent tremble as she released the arrow. It whirred over the men cloaked in white, beyond the animalistic beasts that hovered in the air and past the confused villagers staring upon the scene with both fear and awe.

She straightened her back as her arrow struck its target.

A man’s arm fell limp as his weapon became lost in the chaos below.

“Kirara!” The young woman cried to her companion. “Save her!”

The fire cat gave a fierce roar. Its fur stood on end as it darted over the bloodshed and towards a young woman. She bore a pair of white, feathered wings but the thick splotches of scarlet splattered across them gave way to the injury that she bore. There was no way that woman could save herself from the height she found herself falling from. Not with her wings injured the way they were.

Kagome pulled at the hood of her own cloak.

She had no business here.

She didn’t need to be involved in any of this, yet here she was. Dragging herself into yet another war she didn’t understand.

Her lips thinned at the thought.

She really needed to learn restraint.

“Come,” A masculine voice commanded beside her. “We can’t wait around. Kirara will follow us once she’s done.”

Kagome glanced between the man and her feline companion, still ferrying the stranger to the ground a safe distance away from the fighting.

Instinctively she knew that he was right. That they both needed to leave before they became any more entangled in this mess. Yet her feet remained rooted to the ground and her eyes fixed upon the injured woman’s form.

Would she be alright?

Should she go to her aid directly?

Kagome chewed on her bottom lip nervously.

She didn’t know.

“Girl,” The man’s voice grew sharper. “Our task cannot wait. Leave them to their war. We have our own to face.”

Kagome lowered her eyes to the ground.

“I know.”

She tugged at her hood once more before turning on the ball of her heel. 

Whatever happened from here would be out of her hands.

Azure eyes flicked back towards the woman once more.

“I hope you survive.”

Sesshoumaru glowered at the woman in front of him.

“Again.” He demanded.

He watched as Kagome’s face fell.

It was an anticipated reaction but he knew better than to ignore it altogether. She could be rather… spiteful when she felt insulted. 

“Don’t you think you’re pushing this a little too much?” She folded her arms over her chest petulantly. “It’s not like I’m going to be attending any special galas or visiting the Devildom any time soon.”

He tapped a glassy claw on the arm rest of his chair impatiently.

Now it began.

Her endless list of complaints.

Not the least of which was her displeasure at these particular lessons that he’d forced her to undergo.

“Whether you like it or not, you now bear an esteemed titled as the Shikon’s sole guardian.” His gaze thinned at her with annoyance. “We must prepare you for what’s to come after your official introduction. You will be hounded for marriage proposals from all three realms. On top of that you’ll be expected to act the part of your station.”

He glanced up, distracted by the sight of her stretching her arms high above her head.

“That,” He came to stand beside her. “Will be coming to an end. By the time I’m through I’ll have you acting the part of a proper noble. I won’t allow you to tarnish your title nor my reputation with your uncouth behavior.”

The young woman snorted through her nose, “Right, since when did you ask me what I wanted?” She turned her back towards him, “I don’t have any interest in all this royalty crap. I finally made it back to my era so I’m just going to enjoy my life as a normal human.” Kagome pushed on, “You know. Go to school, graduate, get married and have kids. I don’t want to get pulled into any more supernatural crap.”

His lips curled at that, “That imagination of yours is too active. You will never be able to live the life of a normal human. Not so long as you bear that soul.” Sesshoumaru prodded it with a long, dexterous finger. Kagome flinched away from him, folding her arms further over her chest as she scowled in response.

“You’ll attract demons and angels alike wherever you go. Trouble will find you.” Sesshoumaru stepped back, “But if we secure a peace treaty with both realms then you’ll have a higher chance of surviving. What the golem did to your soul will be nothing compared to what a stray demon will do to it.”

He lowered his voice, “You must be prepared for all possibilities. Improve your social standing, train both your body and your soul, then forge meaningful connections in all three worlds. Only then will you be able to relax.”

Kagome’s brows furrowed in response, “Slave driver.”

His lips curled into a smirk.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” He cast a quick glance at the door behind them. “Come in, mother.”

Kagome blinked, “Mother? You have a mom?”

He paid her comment no mind.

The heavy oak doors flung open as his mother strolled through the threshold.

“It’s about time you called me in!” The woman huffed, snapping her fan shut in the process. “You’ve left me waiting for ages!”

Golden eyes slid towards Kagome curiously, “This the little human girl you’ve claimed as your heir?” She circled around her predatorily. 

In most circumstances he’d be concerned that she would launch an attack. Today however he knew that he had nothing to fear.

“She’s quite the cute one!” His mother cast the young woman a smirk that was a hair too sharp to be called friendly. “So tell me,” She opened her fan again. “What sort of men are you into?”

Sesshoumaru closed his eyes.

These next six months were going to be incredibly long.

Lilith rested her weight upon the palm of her hand.

This was so boring!

She pursed her lips in frustration as she kicked her feet out.

“Come on, Lucifer!” She whined, “Why not just pick one and be done with it?”

She didn’t understand why any of this was such a huge deal. Humans were a dime a dozen. They could easily just choose one at random and still be alright. There was nothing any human could do to them that would endanger them or threaten the Devildom. So the amount of caution her oldest brother was putting into the selection seemed over the top.

“Come now Lilith,” Diavolo chided. “We need to make sure that whoever we choose will fit in. They’re going to undergo some measure of culture shock when they arrive, so we need to be careful in who we select so it doesn’t traumatize them completely.”

She fell silent at that.


This was the Devildom. Everything here would be traumatizing to a meager human!

In truth, she didn’t see the point in any of this. What logic was there in making peace with a world that didn’t even know that they existed? They were nothing more than the stuff of myths and legends in the Human World—just remnants of a bygone era in which people believed in their existence.

 Nowadays, there was nothing intriguing or worth while within the Human World.

As the centuries wore on humans as a species grew cynical, boring and overwhelmingly weak. They were so fragile that a mere flick of the wrist could end their lives prematurely. Even something as simple as a disease could strike them down.

Her brows furrowed at the thought.

She hated them.

She hated everything they stood for.

She hated everything she’d sacrificed for them.

It was only after she’d fallen from grace that she learned the most difficult truth about humans: They were ungrateful.

After all the love she offered them. After all the sacrifices she made for them. They still plunged a knife into her back. Literally.

“Lilith,” Lucifer called her name.

She snapped to attention, her eyes darting between her oldest brother and Diavolo curiously.

“Did you not hear what we said?” His tone deepened with his displeasure.

She flushed in response.


She certainly did not hear anything that they’d said these past few minutes.

Diavolo cast his friend a placating smile, “No need to be upset, Lucifer. Things like this happen. Besides, I just got word from Barbatos.”

She perked up as their prince pressed onward.

“Apparently Sesshoumaru has announced that he’s taken on an heir apparent.” Diavolo folded his arms over his chest, “Barbatos tried to get more information but all he’d tell him was that she needs more training first before her official introduction.”

“So it’s a girl?” Lucifer scratched at his chin curiously.

“Indeed. I thought for sure that he’d choose a male heir. He’s not the sort that prefers female companionship.” Diavolo commented.

Lilith paid their conversation little mind.

She had no vested interest in Sesshoumaru nor this supposed heir of his. He was a stiff as any man could get and he’d rebuffed her more times than she could count. His prickly personality made him nearly impossible to approach. Few enjoyed his scathing responses but other still refused to give up.

She wasn’t quite so masochistic.

Her gaze drifted towards Diavolo.

“Do we know what family she’s from at all?” Lilith kicked her feet out again.

Despite her lack of interest, she’d keep the conversation going if only for the sake of lengthening his visit.

“As far as I know she’s not from a noble line at all.” He tilted his head to the side curiously, “In which case that would explain why he has no interest in introducing her any time soon. He’ll be cautious until she can pass his standards for what makes a noble here in the Devildom.”

“Wise decision.” Lucifer added his own two-cents into the conversation. “The Devildom hierarchy will run over her if she’s unprepared. It can be a difficult role for anyone to fill.”

“True but if Sesshoumaru himself selected her among all the other possible candidates then it must mean that she has promise.” Diavolo continued, “In which case we should try to pay them a visit when Sesshoumaru feels that she’s ready for her introduction. It’d be nice to meet the person who managed to impress him.”

Lilith leaned back on her palm once more. She carefully leaned over and plucked a stray application from the top of the stack beside her.

“Well enough about that. Let’s let fate decide our human exchange student.” She pressed the application into her brother’s awaiting hands. “Choose this one.”

Realistically she just wanted to change the topic. She was tired of hearing them talk about some random woman. 

Lucifer’s eyes thinned as he glanced at the page.

“Fine,” The man finally sighed. “It’ll take too long to look through every application.”

Diavolo’s smile widened, “That’s wonderful! Now all that’s left is to make the final preparations!”

Lilith watched as their prince swiftly exited the study, his long coat nearly fluttering behind him with the speed in which he left.

She rested her chin within the palm of her hand.

“Off he goes.”

Sometimes, she wished she could just tie him down.

A small smirk formed at the corner of her lips.

Maybe one day she would.

Kagome dropped her head onto her desk.

“Don’t slack off!” Jaken groused at her. His spindly arms waved in the air frantically. “You’ve still got ten more lessons to finish!”

She folded her arms over her head and gave a low groan of complaint.

“It’s too much!” The young woman cried out. “I’ve been here six months and I haven’t had a single break! My mind has turned to mush!” 

Was it too much to ask for one day off without being forced to undergo the unearthly grind that was Sesshoumaru’s “training camp”? Granted, she’d liken it more to a prison at this rate. She studied from the hour before day break to near midnight every night. On top of her textbook lessons, she still had to practice traditional ballroom dances from all three worlds, learn their social etiquette and study up on all the noble lines. 

It was a nightmare!

Sure, it’d be somewhat easier if she were in the thick of it and experiencing new things every day. However she was stuck in a stagnant setting with no changes to her routine or breaks to refresh her mind.

She was going crazy!

“Sit up at once!” The imp growled with a scathing tone. “There are to be no breaks! Keep studying!”

Kagome blanched.

There was only one thing left to do.


The young woman quickly flung the window open before clamoring out onto the roof. It was only a two story house so the jump wouldn’t be far. Plus the cherry blossom tree’s boughs reached to the far edge of the roof. If she hurried, then she could make her way into the forest beyond for a few hours.

“Get back here young lady!” Jaken’s furious growls turned to frantic pleas.

Kagome hurtled herself over the ledge of the window. She steadied her balance, carefully trekking across the roof and leaping into the branch of the thick cherry tree.

Just a little further!

She scaled her way down and darted past the iron-clad gate that guarded the estate. Although beautiful in its own right, she wanted to see more and do more than just be locked up behind its walls.

She wanted to be free.

Kagome pushed her way past the heavy shrubbery and into the thicket of vines and branches.

It would take some time before Sesshoumaru would be able to find her. He was off visiting important nobles within the Devildom and wasn’t due back at the estate for another eight hours. Kimi, his mother, often haunted the halls and would drag her into awkward conversations if she found her. However today she found herself within the Devildom as well, called down by the promise of alcohol and an entertaining evening with a handsome noble she couldn’t quite name.

Kimi always did prefer the younger sort.

Kagome shook the thought from her mind.

She had to focus!

The young woman darted down a thin path between the foliage. The branches cut close and she felt herself squeezing through the maze just to make her way deeper into the forest. 

She stopped as the ground beneath her suddenly fell away and her vision became obscured.

Kagome fought back a scream of surprise as the feeling of weightlessness hit her.

She was falling.

And she hadn’t any clue how!

She shut her eyes tight and waited for the impact to come.

She was dead.

Diavolo blinked at the odd sight.

The woman had fallen through their portal as expected, however she had her arms folded over her head and eyes squeezed shut—as if afraid of what was to come.

He watched as she slowly lowered her arms, her eyes flicking to the ground beneath her feet with confusion.

“My apologies,” Barbatos interrupted her train of thought. “But I’d used a summoning technique to bring you here. I apologize if the fall gave you a fright.”

The woman’s features visibly relaxed.

It was rather entertaining how easy to read she was. Every little emotion flitted across her face without a second of hesitation. 

“Where is this place?” She queried, her gaze drifting around the room in confusion.

“Ah that’s right, you must be confused.” Diavolo began, “This is a place called the Devildom and you were chosen to take part in our exchange program that we’re initiating this year.”

He stepped back as Lucifer took over the explanations for him.

The girl didn’t seem all that confused by their presence. Besides being startled by the fall, she remained calm and collected. He cocked his head to the side curiously. Had she known about the existence of their kind prior to today? It certainly seemed like it.

He scratched at his chin thoughtfully.

As far as he knew she wasn’t a witch or sorcerer. He’d had Solomon cross reference her name with the Sorcerer’s Society logs just to be safe. So there should be no reason why she’d have come across any demon before this.

How strange.

“You sure she’ll survive?” Lilith piped up from the far end of the room. “She seems a little air headed to me.”

“I don’t think you’ll need to worry about that.” Kagome flashed a sharp smile at the other woman, “I can handle myself just fine.”

A chill ran over his flesh—a sure sign that danger was to follow.

His eyes thinned at the exchange student. 

A thick wave of power filled the Student Council Room. It was nearly suffocating, weighing upon them like an anvil. Was this power coming from her?

He couldn’t see her soul directly but he could sense its presence. Just by the pressure alone, he could tell that she had a great deal of reiki. That would prove useful to her in the near future should anyone attempt to harm her but it could also spell disaster for the program if she accidentally hurt someone.

“You? A mere human?” Lilith’s tone turned scathing. “What can you do? You’re just as weak as any other human in existence.”

Diavolo stepped forward, “That’s enough Lilith.” He cast her a warning look. 

It wouldn’t do to preemptively antagonize her. Not until they knew exactly who she was and what she was capable of.

“I didn’t start this program with the intention of fostering bad blood between the three worlds. So I would appreciate it if you gave our guest the proper respect.” He folded his arms over his chest as he threw her a challenging glare, “Have I made myself clear?”

Lilith shrunk back in her seat. She pursed her lips together with displeasure as she gave a small noise of reluctant agreement. He was well aware of her dislike for humans. In fact, just like Belphegor, she too protested the exchange program when it’d first been introduced. Both of the siblings had such negative feelings and experiences with humans in the past, but he’d hoped that this would give them the opportunity to move forward with their lives—not backwards.

It would seem that he would have to keep a close eye on all three of them to be safe.

“My apologies,” Diavolo turned his attention back towards Kagome. “It will take some time before many of our kind will accept a human’s presence here within the Devildom. However I hope that by having you here we can change some of their opinions about humans in general.”

It was just one small step but he hoped that it’d be the first of many to come towards achieving peace.

Kagome’s features softened, “I expected as much.” 

The pressure around them lightened as her power slowly retreated. 

Was it possible that she had a fine tune control over it? If so, then that would make things much easier for him. That was so long as she wasn’t angered by anyone.

“In any case,” She pointedly ignored Lilith’s rapidly souring expression. “I’d like to talk more about your ideas. Would you have time after this meeting to discuss things further?” 

His lips curled up into a smile.

“Of course!”

Kagome glanced over the menu items curiously.

Diavolo had brought her to a restaurant called Ristorante Six after the meeting as promised. In truth the place likely had more zeroes attached to its prices than she was comfortable with, however the menu itself conveniently left them off. It was the sort of place people went to when they had no fears for the dent they were about to make in their wallets.

While the atmosphere was nice, she felt like a fish out of water.

On top of that, she didn’t recognize anything on the menu.

Sesshoumaru had told her that demons preferred an array of unique delicacies that were dangerous for human consumption. She hadn’t thought much of it then but now she could understand what he was talking about.

Her brows pinched together as she read over the item titled ‘Poison Belly Newt Stew’. That did not sound safe to eat. 

As if sensing her concern, Diavolo interjected.

“You needn’t fret,” The man stated with a soothing tone. “I’ve already seen to it that everything on this menu is safe for human consumption. So feel free to try anything that catches your attention.” His lips curled up into a bright smile, “I’m quite fond of the Devildom Style Oden myself.”

She perked up at that.

They had oden here?!

“I’ll take that!”

There was no way she was going to pass up oden no matter what world she was in.

The man beside her gave a hearty laugh.

“I do believe that I just discovered your favorite food.” His expression lightened with his laughter, “Our version is much spicier than the typical Human World style oden. Our people are quite fond of spicy foods in general.”

She set her menu down upon the table.

Funny, she could recall a certain half-demon loathing anything mildly spicy. Then again, that was probably his human half’s influence. Sesshoumaru always did seem fond of spicy foods in general. In fact the only time he’d eat “disgusting” human food was if she’d made something from scratch and packed it to the brim with every spice imaginable. The first time she’d done it, it was just to try to prank him. However he devoured it whole and even went for seconds. She could hardly believe her own eyes when she saw it.

If what Diavolo said was true then it’s no wonder Sesshoumaru had no issue with the horrifying concoction she’d created.

“Here,” He pushed a wine glass in her direction. The liquid inside was a soft golden color and it’s scent burned her nose a little.

“Is this alcohol?” She carefully plucked the glass from the table by its stem.

He gave a quick nod, “It’s called demonus. This year has a wonderful flavor but it’s not as strong as the deluxe version. It should be good for a first time trying.”

She tested it with caution.

She’d seen Kimi drink demonus on many occasions but this was the first time she’d ever had any herself.

“Not as bitter as I expected,” Kagome perked up. “I thought it would have more bite to it.”

Diavolo’s smile widened, “Some of the more aged demonus will have a bitter flavor, but since one is newer it’s easier to handle.” He gestured to a silver bowl of brightly colored fruits at the center of their table, “But if you feel that a particular year is too bitter then you can add a few bleeding heart berries to make it more palatable.”

“I don’t mind it so much but I am curious about these,” She carefully reached over and took one from the bowl. “I’ve never had food or drinks like this before so don’t mind me.”

Sesshoumaru had warned her to watch her manners when in the presence of nobility within the Devildom. They were extremely stringent about their rules and customs being respected. There were still many things she didn’t understand but at least like this she could make a few mistakes without facing any serious consequences. Plus, the prince himself didn’t seem to mind her lack of decorum. So she would take full advantage of this opportunity while she could

“In any case,” Kagome shifted the topic of their conversation. “You mentioned that you wanted to foster peace between the three worlds. May I ask how you intend to do that? I know it must be a daunting task to take on, on your own.”

She’d fought humans, demons and everything in between for the sake of restoring peace once. She knew how difficult it could be—especially for a single person.

His features hardened, “Ah yes. Well this program in particular is just supposed to be an introduction. A sharing of ideas and cultures if you will.”

She listened intently as he pushed on.

“I don’t expect changes to happen overnight. However I wanted to give my people the chance to broaden their horizons and experience what it’s like to live in harmony with both humans and angels.” He cast her a wry smile, “Although as you’ve seen there’s still a long way to go before we’ll achieve that much.”

Kagome set down her glass, “Which is where I come in, correct?”

“Yes.” He answered firmly, “I’m not asking you to do the impossible, but it would serve the others well if you spent time with them. Especially Lilith and Belphegor. I think being around a human will be good for them.”

She fell silent at that.


That was the woman at the meeting earlier today. 

It was clear that she felt only a fierce loathing towards humans as a whole, but would just spending time with be enough to change the other woman’s mind?

“If I may,” She say up straighter within her seat, “What caused their anger?”

Bloodline alone wouldn’t be enough to leave such a lasting effect on the two of them. If her hunch was correct then something must’ve happened. Something horrible enough to leave the two feeling the sting of hatred for centuries to come.

Demons often looked down upon humans. To them, her kind was little more than cattle that they sometimes raised for the sake of food. Other times, they were just pests meant to be squashed. Either way, Lilith’s reaction was far beyond that. 

It would take more than just a few casual conversations to get her to change her mind on humans as a whole.

Diavolo set his drink down, “I can’t get into the specifics for the sake of that family’s privacy, however she’d endured a terrible tragedy a few centuries ago. It’s left a lasting effect on her but I think if she just spends more time with humans than she’ll eventually change her mind.”

“That tragedy also affected Belphegor as well?” Her brows pinched together at the thought.

“They’ve always been exceptionally close, so it’s not all that surprising.” Diavolo sighed through his nose, “I know that I’m tasking you with something that shouldn’t be your responsibility to deal with, but would you mind giving it a try?”

A small smile pulled at the corner of her lips, “I won’t make any promises but if it helps with your goals to achieve peace then I’ll give it my best shot.”

She’s fought too hard and lost too much to ever consider risking the balance between the three worlds.

It couldn’t be that difficult to make friends with a few demons, right?

She raised her glass, “To peace.”

He tipped his towards hers as well, “And to the future.”

At least she could say that this year wouldn’t be boring.