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Thoughts before destruction.

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“Look at me, helping a user out for a change.”

It was.. weird to say the least, actually helping someone out instead of just taking and destroying stuff like she was designed to?

It was nice.

She didn’t even really know what she was doing at the time, she just knew that the message needed to be delivered.

Maybe it was that ‘gut feeling’ she would hear Mother ramble about when she got close enough to hear her. (without getting spotted however, she may be old but she still knew how to avoid detection.)

Speaking of which.. could she feel? That probably be a question she’d try and find out the answer to if it weren’t for her situation right now.

She could see how her form would flicker at random intervals, How she felt as if she was losing a part of herself as time goes by,

If this was what being deleted was like, then she’d prefer this over being alone forever, atleast this was.. nice, to say the least.

But she wasn't alone this time right?

The Triangle, or as Mother calls it ‘DATA WING.’ it.. helped her.

It was odd, to say the least,

She couldn’t really understand why it had helped her, even she knew that they shouldn’t have enough.. thought to do so. they shouldn’t have been able to do all this at all.

Even then, she didn’t know why she had approached it when it when out into unmanaged space, even when it risked being spotted and consequently, deleted. She just felt as if.. this one was different.

Maybe she was just looking for a friend?, someone to talk to?

Maybe it was different. More thoughtful perhaps? But none the less, it had helped her, so maybe she should say a quick thanks before she disappears completely..

Speaking of which, there it is, floating aimlessly in front of her, as if waiting for something.

What could it be waiting for?

Can it even be waiting for something? Somebody perhaps?

…maybe it was waiting for her?

The thought was.. weird, but she really couldn’t think of any other reason as to why it would still be here.

Maybe she should say goodbye before she’s completely erased.






“Well, as much as id like to team up and cause some more hijinks, im pretty sure im being deleted as I speak..”

“So… Bye-bye Triangle!”