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Is That Your Da Garn Magnum, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

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"Is it just me, or was that gigantic truck following me for most of my patrol shift?" Mr. Nemoto scratched his head as he stepped out of his patrol car. "Or maybe we have similar stops. I'll keep an eye out for it again tomorrow because I don't want a stalker!"

Da Garn waited for Mr. Nemoto to safely enter his home before driving out into town to track down said gigantic truck. He knew it was Seven Changer, and he was not about to let the malicious bot endanger an innocent citizen who had nothing to do with the fight against the Earth invaders. Da Garn caught sight of Seven Changer driving out of town and followed him out into a luscious, dark green forest.

"Seven Changer, if you have business with me, you face me alone! Don't you dare bring anyone who isn't my Commander into this!"

Seven Changer chuckled before changing into robot mode. He turned around to peer down at the police car, arms crossed. "I was carrying out orders to observe you."

"For what purpose? It appears you carried out those orders poorly since you were caught so quickly. "

"And yet I managed to drag you out here, alone." There was a mischievous gleam in Seven Changer's ruby red optics.

Engines roaring with alarm, Da Garn sped up towards the taller bot before changing into his robot mode. He leaped and aimed a fist at the other's face, only for Seven Changer to grip his wrist and toss him across the ground.

Da Garn gathered his breath as he struggled to sit back up. Standing over him again was Seven Changer. He braced himself back upon his feet, yelling as he dealt a heavy blow to his opponent's torso.

Seven Changer tumbled over with the sudden force that left a dent in his abdomen plating. He gazed at the smaller bot across from him, who was still in a fighting stance. "That's more like it." He snickered.

"I'm not backing down at all." Da Garn growled.

"Perfect. But I'd like to set some rules before we continue."

"You can't fool me. I know you'll break those rules at any chance you get to overpower me. I still remember what you did to Sky Saber."

Seven Changer's audial receptors captured the shaky tone in Da Garn's voice along with anger in his golden optics. He tilted his own head to the side with a pang of guilt. As much as I want to, I can't apologize just yet. I have to leave that to my Commander. He secretly admired the police bot's burning love and respect for his comrades. For the longest time, Seven Changer's only company was with Yanchar. He didn't know until recently that there were others like himself, and he was eagerly waiting for the day when he could fight alongside the Braves to defeat the detested Ohboss. Deep down, he felt that the Braves were more honorable than his current allies. "In that case, I'll set some rules for myself first. I promise not to use any of my weapons."

Still standing up straight with balled fists, Da Garn searched the other's optics and posture for hints of lies before responding. "And what are my restrictions in return?"

Another intimidating gleam. "You cannot call on your Commander to issue the combination order. I want to see how well you can fare against me in your original form, to see whether you're worthy of protecting this planet."

Da Garn took a step back before glaring back at his opponent with bared teeth. "I accept that challenge. As a defender of the Earth, I won't let its inhabitants down no matter my circumstances."

"It's a deal then!" Seven Changer exclaimed as he changed into his tank mode, launching himself at Da Garn to knock him off his legs.

Da Garn leaped over and landed on top of the tank, gripping his hands on each of its two cannons. He yelled out as he pulled to bend the cannons backward, rendering them useless in the case Seven Changer decided to break his rules and shoot at him.

"What the-" Seven Changer had little time to process the smaller bot's sudden might when he was flanked with missiles. Damn, I need to pick up the pace. I can't fail my mission! Seven Changer changed back into his robot mode in a laying position and swung his leg around for Da Garn to dodge again. Once his opponent was high above him, he swiftly flew up in his jet mode and knocked Da Garn back down onto the ground.

On his stomach, Da Garn turned his head to see Seven Changer hovering over him again, and shifted around to press his arms together to launch his flames at the taller bot. However, Seven Changer immediately took hold of his wrists with one large hand and pinned them over his head, causing Da Garn to yelp out in pain. He was trapped under the enemy, who had sat over his own smaller frame.

"Looks like I win." Seven Changer sneered. "I won't kill you, but I'll do enough damage so that you can't fight for a while, again." The multi-changer bot roamed his squinted optics over the body of his opponent in search of a non-lethal area to target.

Da Garn squirmed under the tight hold of the large, sturdy bot. With Seven Changer looking him up and down like prey while their bodies were pressed against each other, a pool of heat began to form in the region between his legs. Startled by this new and inconvenient feeling, Da Garn kicked his legs up in an attempt to fight off his enemy, only for the other to retaliate by slamming his hips down over his legs. Seven Changer leaned his face closer to him. The police bot let out a small groan, the closeness both unbearable and arousing. "Gh-, ah-"

Seven Changer nuzzled his face against Da Garn's audial fins. "Is this the best you can do, Da Garn?" He said in a low, sultry voice. "I know you can fight harder than this." Still gripping the smaller bot's wrists, he pulled them higher as he prepared to rip off the arms from his opponent when he heard a click and felt something bulge against his abdomen. He lifted his head to meet the other's fear-plastered face and laughed. "You can't use your Da Garn Magnum on me when you can't even reach it. Here," he traced his free hand down the police bot's body. "Let me dispose of it for you."

"W-wait! Aaah!!" Da Garn moaned as Seven Changer grabbed something sensitive in between his legs.

Seven Changer froze and squinted his optics at Da Garn, who turned his gaze away from him in shame. Whatever he had grabbed didn't feel like a gun. It was metallic, yes, but also flimsy and...wet? Not only was that odd, but why did Da Garn make that noise? He shifted his gaze from Da Garn's face down to where his hand was, and saw that the smaller bot did not release his Magnum gun, but rather a really thick cord with electric blue blinking lights around its base. A liquid-like substance of the same color oozed from its tip. Curious as to whether it was a new weapon or not, he tugged once more at the thick cord, only to be met with Da Garn bucking his hips upward and making weird noises again.

"Mmh- aah!! That-" Da Garn breathed out as his face plating flushed a rosy pink color along his cheeks, "that feels so...good? What is it??"

What the hell. Looking at Da Garn's embarrassed face, his body...the way his chest heaved up and down, the bucking movement of his hips under him...Seven Changer felt a heated vibration run down the circuits within his own body from his chest to his abdomen his crotch plating. The same area that Da Garn found himself being affected.

Why was he reacting like this? Why was Da Garn reacting like that? It had to be a distraction. A contagious distraction. "I won't fall for this...t-this trick..." Seven Changer stammered. "I'll still rip it out!"

"P-please don't!" Da Garn cried out. "It's not a weapon! T-this is...I don't know what it is! I've never seen it before!"

Seven Changer's inner gears twisted with a pinch of delight at the sound of Da Garn's defeat and helplessness. He tried to ignore his own reactions and center his focus back on injuring what was supposed to be his enemy, for now. He let go of Da Garn's protruding member, waiting to see if the smaller bot was lying and would use it against him. He was not expecting Da Garn to keep thrusting his hips and cry out loud.

"W-wait, ah-! I don't t-think you had to let go!"

"What the hell are you saying? You know you're just making yourself look weak, right? I'm keeping my guard up, unlike you!" Seven Changer shifted himself to slam his waist down over Da Garn's crotch.

"A-AH! Stop it, Seven Changer! Don't do that!"

Seven Changer growled when the feeling of Da Garn's wet cord clashed against his crotch plating. The heat within his circuits began to burn, and it was becoming unbearable. He had to do something about this unexpected sensation. His optics immediately set their sight on the exposed cables on Da Garn's neck. He removed his mask as he crouched down to sink his teeth into the cables.

"Aaah! W-what are you doing?!" Da Garn moaned again in that mix of pain and pleasure that the taller bot found himself amused by.

When he finally felt that Da Garn was in no state to fight back, Seven Changer released his hold from the smaller bot's wrists to wrap both of his arms around his lithe yet toned body. The burning sensation still wasn't waning off. It drove the larger bot's mind crazy. He held onto Da Garn as he met the other's hip thrusts with his own aggressive movements. Just a few seconds later, Seven Changer heard one of his ports click. He released a relieved groan when what extended from him met the heated breeze of air around him and Da Garn.

Da Garn whimpered as he attempted to sit up and felt his jaw drop when he saw that the other bot had a cord like him, although his was teal with white lights. It was also thicker and longer than his own. Even in that part, he still has an advantage over me... Seven Changer laughed at him when he was caught staring at the other's cord with envy, causing him to flush again.

However, there wasn't complete maliciousness in that laugh, for once. It was more relaxed, teasing, playful...Wait, I shouldn't be falling for this. Da Garn thought. I can't trust him, but... Observing the other's exposed face, tattered with scratches along his cheeks and jawline, he couldn't deny how attractive the other looked like this. Had anyone ever seen Seven Changer without his mask before? Was he the first one to see him like this?

Suddenly, Da Garn felt the urge to do...what was it the humans called again? He wanted to smash his lips against those of Seven Changer, he wanted to caress the other's scars as he did so. He especially wanted to have those fangs on him again. Da Garn found himself crawling on all fours before settling himself on Seven Changer's lap. His cord still aching and wet, he brushed it against Seven Changer's cord as he wrapped his arms around the taller bot's broad shoulders. I shouldn't be doing this... He hesitated before continuing.

However, as he locked gazes with Seven Changer, whose threatening aura was now replaced with a gleam of lust equal to his own, Da Garn closed the gap between them, causing both of their internal circuits and gears to tremble with electricity.

The shock alarmed Da Garn, who quickly parted from the kiss. He bowed his head down, hands falling and trembling against Seven Changer's chest. "I-I'm sorry...We shouldn't be doing this..." He was lying to himself. He needed to attend to his feelings now, but he still felt guilty doing it with his enemy.

Seven Changer lifted Da Garn's chin with a finger, meeting the other's worried optics with a gentle gaze. He didn't want this to end just yet either. "No one has to know." He protectively wrapped an arm around the smaller bot's thin waist, waiting for a response, craving his soft lips again.

Da Garn shivered at the gentle embrace and gave in. He lifted his hands back up to cup Seven Changer's face, rubbing his thumb tips over the rough face scars.

Seven Changer let out a small wince at the touch. Yet, the tenderness of the other's fingers felt soothing, and he nuzzled into them before pressing his lips against Da Garn's. They held close to each other, taking in the pleasing static vibrating through their bodies. Seven Changer bit at Da Garn's lip, the soft metal feeling so welcoming and irresistible.

"Mmmh, Seven Changer..." Da Garn mewled between kisses. He spread his thighs open as his cord twitched once more. He wanted the other bot to touch him there again. "Seven Changer, I-, aahh-" His mind gears grew dizzy with how much the taller bot kept licking and tugging at his lips. It was invigorating. "Seven Changer, please-"

The multi-changer bot released himself from his partner's lips, looking down between the two of them. There was more liquid dripping from the tip of Da Garn's cord. He decided to move his hand down to grip at the wet, throbbing member, earning a moan from the police bot.

"A-ah yes, please, there, don't let go-"

Seven Changer kept a grip on the cord, unsure what more he had to do. He now felt bad for pulling too hard on it earlier, but what else could he do to satisfy Da Garn? All he could do was stare at the both of their cords, still bewildered by them.

"Seven Changer!" Da Garn growled as he moved his cord in and out of the other's grasp. "I- ah!" He repeated the movement. "That. Aaah-, that feels so good..."

Seven Changer felt his face plating heat up at Da Garn's desperation. He responded to the other's movements by moving his hand up and down along Da Garn's cord as suggested, causing the other to continuously moan and wrap his legs around him. The sight was doing things to his own cord. It needed attention, too. Luckily, his hand was large enough to grasp both his and Da Garn's cord, and damn did the strokes feel good.

"Ohh, Seven Changer-, ah-," Da Garn bent forward to rest his head against the larger bot's chest, "Don't stop, h-hahh-" he clutched his hands on the back of the other's shoulders.

Seven Changer grew impatient with his current pace and immediately started stroking the both of them rapidly. It felt so much better, especially with the way Da Garn's moans ringed in his audial circuits.

Da Garn found himself unable to control his breathing, engrossed by how Seven Changer was touching him in such a rough yet pleasurable manner. He continued to thrust his cord in sync with the hand stroking him, allowing his fluid to mix with the one now oozing out from his partner's cord. Suddenly, his hips lunged forward violently in response to another pool of heat forming from within the circuits of his nether regions. It was rushing into his cord as if he were about to release something. "Ah-, Seven Changer, I'm-" The police bot was unable to finish his sentence as a burst of electric blue liquid squirted from his tip. "AAH! I-it's coming out s-so much...aahh..."

Seven Changer tightened his hold on the smaller bot, who nearly fell over after his release. He peered at Da Garn's face to see that his golden optics had flashed and dimmed. "Da Garn? Are you alright?" Shit, this was not supposed to happen. How am I going to face Lady Pinky? How do I tell Yanchar about this? Seven Changer looked around frantically. Did I knock him out? I still had the upper hand, after all. Maybe I can report back as completing my mission without mentioning the later details-

"Hnn, what happened-" Da Garn said as he came back to his senses.


Da Garn's audial fins tinted pink at the tips and lowered at Seven Changer's dumbfounded expression. "Ah- I'm sorry about that. I-"

"Consider the challenge over." Seven Changer removed the police bot from his lap. "I won. I have no more business with you for today." He stood up and turned around with a groan, clenching his thighs together to hide his dissatisfaction. He looked over his shoulder to sneak one last glance at Da Garn, admiring the state he put him in. It made his cord throb again. Dammit, I can't go back like this. I have to relieve myself right now! In a flash, he had pinned Da Garn with his back to the ground, capturing his lips once more.

Da Garn wrapped his arms and legs around the larger bot, fighting back voices telling him that he should be against this. He couldn't get enough of the taste of the enemy, he craved more of his touches.

Seven Changer parted from the kiss with a lick of his lips. Smirking at Da Garn, he sat back up to grab at his still aching member, motioning with his other hand for Da Garn to come forward to him.

Da Garn eyed the other bot suspiciously until he caught sight of the other's cord. He gulped, unsure how he would attend to Seven Changer's...largeness- as he enjoyed earlier. He went forward and bent down, taking the thick cord in his hands. He massaged the flesh-like member up and down, causing the taller bot to let out a relaxed mumur. However, something about the white liquid caught his attention. It looked...nourishing...Da Garn lowered his head down and began to lap at the tip of Seven Changer's cord.

Seven Changer bucked his hips at the feeling of Da Garn's tongue collecting his dripping fluid. "Oh, s-shit-, that, ughh, that feels good..." He wasn't prepared for the even better feeling of Da Garn moving from the tip to the base and back up to then engulf his cord in his mouth. "Oh, god-," he moaned and arched himself. "Da Garn, that feels incredible, please-, go deeper!"

Da Garn nearly gagged when the taller bot arched and shoved his cord further down his throat. "Mmph-" He relaxed when Seven Changer rested a hand on his head, guiding him to suck him off as he desired. His liquid tasted creamy, and he savored it as he bobbed his head up and down the length at a steady pace.

"That's it, Da Garn...take more of it for me...ahh-"

With the way Seven Changer called out his name with longing in his voice, the police bot clenched his thighs together as he felt his cord pressurize again. He removed one hand off of the other's cord to reach for his own member and stroke himself. Looking up at the other, he gave one long lick at the still hard member before swallowing it again. "Mmmh-, S-Seven Changer..."

The fullness surrounding Seven Changer's cord was overwhelming. Wanting to be more in tune with Da Garn's movements, he increased the force of his own thrusts into the other's skillful mouth. "A-ahh, yes, Da Garn, don't stop! Mmh-, I can't believe you could be this good..." His cord swelled, anticipating his turn to release himself. He bucked into Da Garn's mouth a few more times. "Gh-, ah-, Da Garn, I'm gonna come in you-" he choked a breath. "I want you to take it all in! A-AAHH!"

Da Garn stayed where we was, taking in the bursts of liquid. Afterwards, he removed his mouth from his partner's cord to swallow down the substance, only to be met with more of it squirting onto his face. "Ah-!"

Seven Changer smirked at the scene before him. Who knew Da Garn had such a dirty side... He pressed Da Garn on his back again, holding the smaller bot's legs open to expose his once again hardened cord. "Touch yourself and come for me". He demanded.

"Y-yes..." Da Garn blushed and reached down to continue stroking himself. "H-hhah-, S-Seven Changer-" he moaned. "I-, w-what could this mean..."

"I don't know." Seven Changer leaned forward to kiss Da Garn, getting a taste of himself on the other bot. "But I'm enjoying it." He moved his lips to peck at the other's jawline.

"Mmh, m-me, too..." Da Garn arched his back, nearing his second release. "I-I'm about to come again...aahhh-"

Seven Changer sat back up to get a view of his effect on his "enemy". Da Garn moaned his name out loud as more blue liquid busted from his cord onto his hand, torso, and chest. Incredible. He nuzzled his face against the other's cheek while caressing him with a hand.

Da Garn collected his breaths, finally relieved of the aches from earlier. He met Seven Changer's lips with his own.

As the two bots exchanged kisses and gazed at each other, they internally questioned their relationship with one another. Seven Changer was the first to part from the kiss. He brushed a fingertip along the other's cheek. "Things won't be this way for long."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see." Seven Changer stood back up and set his cord back in its hatch. "Like I said, no one has to know. But, I suppose we may have more in common than I thought."

Da Garn covered his own cord and quickly stood up to catch up to the taller bot. "If that's so, then why are you doing the things you do? You can be honest with me. I promise I won't tell anyone."

Seven Changer let out a soft laugh before turning to face Da Garn. "I know you won't, but it's just not for me to say. Until next time, Da Garn. Thank you for the excellent match. I'll consider it a draw, after all."

Da Garn blushed at the remark. The last he saw of Seven Changer for now was his gentle smile before he masked himself and flew away. He stood in reflective silence for a moment, still finding the other bot completely confusing. He didn't doubt his ability to please him, though. His circuits flushed with embarrassment as he changed back into his vehicle mode and drove back home, undeniably looking forward to his next encounter with Seven Changer.