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Tony swallowed and kept looking out of the window of the speeding car. He didn’t need to look at Gibbs to know that the man was glaring at him again, he could feel the piercing blue gaze burning holes into him without needing to see it. He didn’t understand it. He’d played his role to perfection if the response from the patrons in the club was any indication, and their suspect had reacted to him as expected, trying to make Tony his next victim, and was now in the back of the other car with Ziva and McGee on their way to the Yard to book him. Tony knew better than to expect praise from Gibbs for a job well done, but had at least hoped for one of those pleased little quirks of Gibbs’ lips that let him know Gibbs was satisfied with him. Instead, he had been the recipient of Gibbs’ death glare ever since he had gotten off the stage and the arrest had been made. He sighed.
Gibbs was furious, not with Tony, but with himself. He’d known this would be a bad idea from the start, but it was the only option. McGee or he himself didn’t fit the part, and Ziva was the wrong gender, so Tony had been the one to go undercover. At a male strip club. Gibbs shook his head. Why did his team always get the weird ones? They were the lead team, of course, but surely this could have been handled by one of the other teams? Why couldn’t this weirdo have started his “I drug and rape male strippers”-spree while they were off rotation? But naturally the MCRT had caught the case, and so, after four victims, it was Tony who had eventually gone undercover to draw their suspect out.
As always when Tony went undercover, Gibbs’ gut clenched with worry, and he went over the arrangements to protect Tony several times. McGee and Ziva had nodded and wisely kept their sighing and eye-rolling to themselves as Gibbs went through it with them yet again. They didn’t know what made Gibbs so anxious about this, after all they were all experienced agents and Tony certainly could take care of himself, but Gibbs was the boss and they didn’t want to risk his anger. In the end, all their precautions were unnecessary. Their suspect had been so entranced by Tony’s act that he had gotten sloppy in his approach, and they had easily been able to catch him in the act of slipping the drug into Tony’s drink. Analysis by Abby would prove that it was the same strain of drug that had been used on the victims, linking their suspect to the crimes without doubt. McGee and Ziva's only regret was that because they had been monitoring the suspect and the surroundings, they hadn’t been able to catch much of Tony’s act. The response from the crowd told them it must have been worth watching.
Gibbs had caught Tony’s act though, every second of it, and that was the problem. As part of the operation, he had given himself the job of being the eyes on Tony at all times, in part because he didn’t want either Ziva or McGee seeing Tony strip, but also because he had known that he wouldn’t have been able to keep his eyes away from the man even if he tried. Staying close to Tony until it was his turn to get onto the stage, Gibbs had then retreated to the dark corner from where he could keep a close eye on him without being too obvious. As the music started and Tony appeared, Gibbs swallowed.
Tony was dressed in a white uniform that fit him like a glove, showing off all his muscles. When he started to dance and sway his hips, everything was outlined clearly, and Gibbs did mean everything. And then Tony had started to strip. As Gibbs watched the pieces of clothing being removed and carelessly thrown to the floor, exposing more and more of Tony’s skin, Gibbs felt himself getting aroused. By the time Tony finished and collected his discarded clothes, Gibbs was achingly hard. Keeping his eyes on Tony, Gibbs still managed to shoot death glares to all the leering and cheering bastards in the crowd, not even trying to keep his possessive growls to himself. He watched their suspect move in on Tony and tensed, but McGee and Ziva had everything in hand and within a minute it was over. As the other two quietly led the rapist away, Gibbs grabbed Tony’s arm and dragged him to the car, practically shoving him into it, growling. Tony looked at him in question, but the expression on Gibbs’ face obviously told him it would be best if he stayed quiet, because the normally so talkative agent didn’t say a word the entire trip back to the Yard.
Tony watched from the observation room as Gibbs conducted the interrogation, and he was starting to worry about Gibbs. His normally calm and collected boss was letting their criminal get under his skin. No one else would notice it, but Tony had been studying Gibbs for years and knew every tell the older man had. What he didn’t understand was what was getting to Gibbs so much. He knew Gibbs was protective of his team and the rapist was asking about Tony with a leering look, but he was also making a full confession. That together with Abby’s evidence would be more than enough to put him away, so he could ask about Tony all he wanted, there was no way this man would ever be able to get to Tony. But every time a remark about Tony was made, Gibbs tensed further.
Gibbs had seldom been more glad that an interrogation was over than he was now. The leering bastard had been disappointed that it was Gibbs who interrogated him, and complained that he would be more than willing to confess if Tony was the one conducting the interview. Gibbs had no intention of letting this creep anywhere near Tony, of course, but his constant remarks were getting to him. They were making a fierce possessiveness rise in his chest, and he had to stop himself from reaching over and slamming the creep’s head into the table, and growl at him to keep away from what belonged to Gibbs. If Tony hadn’t been watching, maybe he would even have done it.
When Gibbs left Interrogation, Tony joined him in the hallway and they started to make their way back to the bullpen. Tony waited for Gibbs to say something, but nothing was forthcoming, so he started himself.
“You okay, Boss?”
Gibbs grunted.
“Seemed like you were letting him get to you.”
That earned him another glare.
“Something on your mind, Gibbs?”
The warning was clear, but then Gibbs sighed and softened his tone.
“Go home, Tony. Your report can wait till tomorrow.”
Gibbs turned and walked away, leaving a bewildered Tony staring after him. Gibbs was letting him go home without finishing his report? Now he was really getting worried. When he arrived in the bullpen, there was no sign of Gibbs, but McGee and Ziva were collecting their things with curious looks on their faces. They looked at Tony in question, but he shrugged his shoulders and grabbed his own things.
“I don’t know, my Probies. Something’s up with the Boss, but I’ll be damned if I know what it is. But it’s late and if he’s telling us to go, I’m not going to complain.”
Following the other two into the elevator, Tony turned to press the button for the garage, and just caught a glimpse of Gibbs around the corner. Gibbs was staring after Tony, an odd look on his face.
As soon as his team had left, Gibbs sat down at his desk and started on his own report. But long minutes later he realized he was getting nowhere with it, and he gave up. He needed his basement.
Once he was safely hidden away in his basement, mug of bourbon in hand, he finally let himself think about what had happened. He knew himself well enough to have recognized that his feelings for Tony had been changing lately, for quite a while actually. He had no idea where it came from, nor how to stop it. He had always thought Tony was an attractive man, appreciated his quick mind and wit, and Tony’s ability to make him smile. He enjoyed most of Tony’s antics even if he couldn’t let it show, and always liked having him around, whether at work or in his basement, immersing himself in Tony’s babbling, liking his company. But where all this time it had been a feeling of friendship that warmed Gibbs’ chest whenever Tony was chattering away at him in the basement, for months now those feelings had been developing into something more, something deeper.
He missed Tony when the younger man wasn’t there, and when he was, Gibbs had had to fight the urge to pull Tony into his arms and kiss him. Gibbs thought that it was just an infatuation that would fade if he gave it time, but tonight had changed that. The aching arousal and fierce possessiveness that had settled in him when he watched Tony strip was something that he had only felt once before. He couldn’t bring himself to actively compare his feelings for Tony with those he had had for Shannon, but in his heart he knew they were similar. And that scared him, because it made him vulnerable. He hadn’t let anyone in, not like that, since he had lost his girls, because he couldn’t bear the risk of losing them and subjecting himself to all that pain again. But Tony had gotten to him at last.
Rubbing his hands over his face, he blew out a harsh breath. He was in deep trouble. Not only had he lost his heart, but to someone who probably wasn’t even interested in having it. Could he admit his feelings to Tony? Gibbs was sure that Tony wouldn’t care that a guy was interested in him, but Gibbs wasn’t just some random guy. He was Tony’s boss and friend, and if Gibbs let his feelings show, that might make things very uncomfortable between them. It could even drive Tony away, and Gibbs couldn’t stand the thought of that. No, better to keep this away from Tony, keep it hidden, even if that would be difficult to do with Tony’s perceptiveness. Gibbs just had to make sure he wouldn’t give anything away.
Across town, Tony was thinking about Gibbs and his odd behavior. He was still worried, but also curious. Gibbs never let anyone get to him the way their suspect had that evening. Something was clearly bothering Gibbs, and Tony had a feeling it had to do with him. The way Gibbs had glared at him in the car back to the Yard, the soft tone of voice when he had told Tony to go home, the look that had been on Gibbs’ face when he watched Tony leave. And then there was one more thing. During his striptease, Tony’s eyes had found Gibbs in the agreed darkened corner, and despite the dark Tony had clearly seen the look in Gibbs’ eyes. It had been possessive and filled with desire. Tony knew desire when he saw it, especially when it was directed at him. He just hadn’t ever expected he would be seeing it from Gibbs.
Seeing that look again in his mind’s eye, a shiver of pleasure ran over his spine. If he was right, and by now he was pretty sure that he was, something had changed in the way Gibbs felt about Tony. He had been noticing little things over the past couple of months, little looks Gibbs threw his way when he thought Tony wouldn’t see it, a softening of his voice when Gibbs spoke to him in private, but those had not been enough to tell Tony exactly what was going on. But going back over everything he had seen and noticed tonight, Tony felt more and more certain that Gibbs wanted him. And Tony was more than willing to let Gibbs have him, had been for years. He had spent countless hours over the years fantasizing about what it would be like to be the focus of Gibbs’ desire, and he could only imagine one thing that would be even better than that. To be the focus of Gibbs’ love.
That was the ultimate dream for Tony, something he had always thought was unattainable, but after tonight he was starting to rethink that. Tony had loved the man for years, had wanted to belong to him in every way possible, not just at work, but at home too. And he wanted Gibbs to belong to him in return.
Tony smiled. He would keep a close eye on Gibbs, see if he could find any more signs, and then decide what to do.
Gibbs was slowly going out of his mind. For weeks now, every night he had vivid dreams of Tony, and every day his eyes automatically focused on Tony constantly, fuelling his desire further and leading to more vivid dreams. It was a vicious circle, and Gibbs found no escape. Tony gave him little smiles when he caught Gibbs’ gaze, looked at him from under his eyelashes, gave him little innocent touches, spoke to him in soft, husky tones. It was driving Gibbs insane. It was almost as if Tony was doing it on purpose, but Gibbs couldn’t believe that.
Nevertheless, Gibbs’ control was fading fast and he knew it wouldn’t take much for him to break and take what he wanted, what he needed. In the end, it was the reappearance of the white uniform that did him in.
Tony grinned when a man of similar height and build as Tony, carrying a clothing bag, stepped off the elevator and made his way to him in the bullpen. Getting up and giving the new arrival a one armed hug, Tony greeted him enthusiastically.
“Steve! Great to see you, man!”
“Tony! Looking good, bro!”
“Did you get it?”
Steve handed the clothing bag to Tony with a roll of his eyes.
“Would I be here if I hadn’t? What do you need it for anyway? Another undercover job?”
Tony’s grin broadened as he unzipped the bag and the white uniform appeared.
“Would you believe fancy dress party?”
Steve snorted.
“Fine, fine, don’t tell me. Just remember I’m giving you the clothes off my back here.”
“And I thank you for it. I’ll get it back to you cleaned and pressed as soon as I’m done with it.”
“Just promise me you won’t tell me how many hands grabbed at it to get it off you.”
Steve gave an exaggerated shudder, and they both laughed.
“I gotta run, Tony. Call later?”
“Sure, man. And thanks again!”
As Steve departed, Tony ran his hand over the crisp white uniform. He knew he would look good in it again, and smiled in anticipation. He had decided tonight would be the night.
The head slap hit with such ferocity that it made him drop the bag onto his desk, a pained squeak escaping his lips. The softly hissed words were accompanied by a steel grip on Tony’s arm, already dragging him towards the elevator before the words had left Gibbs’ mouth.
“With me, DiNozzo.”
It was a good thing that the elevator arrived quickly, because Tony could already feel bruises starting to form on his arm from the stranglehold of Gibbs’ fingers. Tony was shoved inside, and Gibbs pushed him against the wall, holding Tony’s wrists against the wall next to his head, and holding Tony’s body in place by pressing his chest against Tony’s. The possessive soft growl of Gibbs’ voice had instant effect on Tony, and he felt himself get hard immediately.
“No one is ever going to see you in that uniform again, and no one is definitely ever going to see you strip out of it again. You are mine, Anthony.”
Tony tried to hide his happy grin, he really did, but he had as much success with that as with hiding his arousal.
“No one?”
“No one.”
“Not even you, Jethro?”
Gibbs blinked. Tony pressed his hips forward, rubbing himself against Gibbs, who breathed deeply when it registered what he felt. Tony was amazed he could keep his voice from trembling with the desire raging through him, but his tone was deep and husky.
“I was hoping I could come by your place tonight. Maybe put on a little show for you. You seemed to like what you saw that night at the club.”
Tony moved his hips again and saw Gibbs’ eyes darken with want. Then he felt an answering hardness pressing against him as Gibbs moved his hips as well.
“And I was always yours, Jethro, always yours for the taking.”
Gibbs’ gaze searched Tony’s eyes, trying to read him.
“Just for fun?”
“If you just want some fun, I can do that. But I was hoping for something a little more serious.”
“How serious?”
“Deadly serious.”
Gibbs stared at him for long moments, and Tony saw his pupils dilate when Tony bucked his hips again.
“I don’t share, Anthony.”
“Neither do I, Jethro.”
“We do this, you belong to me and me alone.”
“I always have. Just like you belong to me.”
Then Gibbs’ possessive stare softened a little, and he slowly moved in. Tony held his breath in anticipation. Gibbs smiled, and then their lips met, a gentle caress, a soft nibble, a delicate nip, and Tony opened up for Gibbs, those lips seducing his into giving access, and Gibbs’ tongue slowly entered Tony’s mouth, a first taste, a tender brush of tongue against tongue, before Gibbs retreated and it was just lips on lips again, retracing the path taken on the way in. When they broke apart, Tony sighed with pleasure and opened his eyes to find Gibbs eyeing him hungrily. Tony smiled. Gibbs grinned, and then he pounced.
This time it was the possessive, deep, ferocious kiss that Tony had expected earlier, Gibbs’ mouth claiming him and owning him, and Tony was helpless against it. Gibbs’ body pinned him to the wall, and he didn’t release Tony’s wrists, controlling him completely. Tony loved it and moaned his pleasure and desire into the kiss. It lasted minutes, but Tony was so lost in it that it could have been hours, or even days, and when Gibbs at last broke the kiss, Tony was dazed and his eyes had trouble focusing on Gibbs again. When he finally did, and Gibbs saw that Tony was back with him, Gibbs growled a single word.
Tony whispered back with love.
Slowly, Gibbs at last released Tony’s wrists and created a little space between them, and Tony was almost disappointed. But they both knew that they had a few hours to go at the office still, and they needed to regain some semblance of normality before they stepped out of the elevator and faced the world again. It was far too obvious from their appearance what they had just been doing, so they took a few minutes to calm themselves, but it was difficult while they were in such close proximity and with the promise of more to come foremost on both their minds. When at last their breathing had calmed, Gibbs looked at Tony.
“I was already planning to, remember?”
Gibbs smiled.
“You were really coming to strip for me?”
Tony grinned.
“I saw how it affected you in the club, but then you didn’t do anything about it. I was hoping to get you interested by a little private show.”
A growl escaped Gibbs again.
“You bet it will be private.”
Then his tone softened.
“And I’m definitely interested, Anthony.”
“So, I’ll bring the uniform then?”
The amused sparkle in Tony’s eyes made Gibbs grin.
“Oh yeah, you most certainly will.”
Luckily, when they at last got out of the elevator, McGee and Ziva still hadn’t returned yet, and their two teammates were completely oblivious to Steve’s visit, the reappearance of the white uniform and the subsequent exchange between Tony and Gibbs.
The remaining hours of their shift were pure hell for both of them, but while everyone could clearly feel the anxiousness rolling off of Tony, no one but Tony felt the same thing coming from Gibbs. Neither could help throwing glances at each other all afternoon, Tony’ gaze filled with want, Gibbs’ with possessiveness. Catching the looks flying back and forth between the two men, McGee and Ziva tried to figure out what was going on, but they weren’t as good at reading their boss and his second as they thought, and they figured Tony had done something to upset Gibbs in their absence and was begging Gibbs for his forgiveness with his glances and Gibbs was refusing.
“Go home, people.”
When at last it was time to leave, Gibbs released them and put away his files before he would go upstairs for a last short briefing with Vance. Sometimes he hated being the team lead. He wanted nothing more than to drag Tony home and keep him naked in his bed for the next three days they now had off, but his responsibilities weren’t over yet. Thankfully he only had this one briefing to do, and then he could rush home to where he knew Tony would be waiting for him. As he was clearing his desk and his team were grabbing their things, Gibbs listened to the conversation between them.
“Three whole days off! Finally!”
McGee sounded gleeful and Ziva nodded in agreement.
“We do deserve it after the long weeks we have been working. I am going to sleep and then sleep again.”
Tony grinned at her.
“Spending three days in bed, Ziva? Want some company?”
Gibbs suppressed a soft growl.
“Not from you, Tony. I will do very well without you.”
“Oh, I wasn’t talking about me, my little Probette. I have other plans. But I happen to know of a certain security guard who would be more than happy to join you…”
At Ziva’s glare, Tony grinned wider. They had been teasing her about the obvious infatuation one of the young security guards had caught for Ziva, and they couldn’t help but laugh every time they saw him mooning over her, much to her annoyance. McGee grinned too, then tried to steer the conversation in another direction before Ziva would really get mad.
“What kind of plans, Tony? I was going to ask if you wanted to watch the game together tomorrow.”
“Thanks, McGee, but I can’t. I’m all tied up for the next three days.”
At that moment, Gibbs passed by him on his way upstairs. Tony was the only one who caught the words growled softly into his ear.
“That can be arranged, Anthony.”
Tony froze and his breath hitched, and he stared after Gibbs openmouthed. Then he shivered in desire.
“Tony? You okay? What did he say?”
Puzzled at Tony’s reaction, McGee wanted to make sure everything was alright between his friend and their boss. Tony blinked, and got himself under control. Then he threw a blinding smile at his two Probies and grabbed his things.
“I’m fine, McNosy. Just the boss being funny. See you later!”
And then he hurried to the stairs and down to the garage, his coat and bag strategically held to conceal the instant arousal Gibbs’ whispered words had caused.
Tony was pacing the floor, waiting for Gibbs to finally arrive. He had forgone a quick trip to his own apartment in his anxious anticipation of finally being with Gibbs, and had driven straight to the older man’s house. He had put away his things, carefully hanging the clothes bag so the uniform wouldn’t get wrinkled, and then grabbed a beer from the fridge and settled on the couch. But twenty minutes later his beer bottle was empty and his patience wearing thin, and after taking another beer had started pacing.
Thirty minutes. Forty minutes. An hour. Still no sign of Gibbs. Tony had taken out his phone to check for messages a dozen times by then, wanting to but deciding against calling Gibbs every single time. He was starting to get desperate, taking out his phone again, when at last he heard Gibbs’ car pull up. Tony was at the door in an instant, grabbing Gibbs and pushing him back against the door as soon as Gibbs was inside, Tony kissing him deeply while holding him tightly. Gibbs groaned into the kiss, gripping Tony’s hips and pulling him close, until at last they broke apart, resting their foreheads together.
“Where were you?”
Tony’s voice was plaintive, and another quick stab of arousal shot through Gibbs that Tony was this desperate for him. He softly growled back.
“Sometimes, I really hate Vance. Uses a million words to not say anything.”
“I was worried.”
Gibbs opened his eyes and searched Tony’s gaze for a moment, then in a swift move reversed their positions so Tony was the one pressed against the door. Gibbs took Tony’s face between his calloused hands and kissed him softly.
“I was never gonna change my mind about this, Anthony.”
That got him a smile, and he knew he had guessed correctly that that had been what Tony was worried about, not that there had been an accident or something. Reassuring Tony even further, he kissed him again, then whispered against his lips.
“Nothing is going to keep me from you. I will fight until my last breath to get to you. You’re mine.”
Tony gave a small nod.
“And you’re mine.”
Then Tony grinned part mischievously, part hopefully.
“Are you really gonna keep me tied to the bed for three days?”
Gibbs laughed then, and his eyes sparkled.
“Why don’t we start slow and build up to that? I want to feel your hands on me too.”
And of course, Tony took that as an invitation to start kissing Gibbs again and caressing and groping him everywhere Tony could reach. Gibbs didn’t mind at all.
They had moved to the coach and Gibbs had insisted on dinner before they went any further. Again Tony was plaintive at the delay.
“But why? I’m only hungry for you, Jethro…”
Gibbs grinned and kissed Tony again before he softly growled into Tony’s ear in between nips on his earlobe.
“Because I don’t want to interrupt the long hours I’m gonna need to make love to you properly when your stomach starts rumbling later.”
Tony’s breath hitched and his eyes darkened with desire again at that promise.
“Order pizza, Tony. And if you’re a good boy and do as you’re told, I might just give you a little treat while we wait for the food to arrive.”
That made a small whimper escape from Tony, and he had to clear his throat a couple of times before he managed to find his voice again to place his order over the phone. As soon as Tony ended the call, Gibbs pounced. Pressing Tony back onto the couch, Gibbs stretched out on top of him, covering Tony’s body completely. His lips this time were demanding and almost rough, and he took Tony’s mouth deeply, thrusting in his tongue in a promise of how he would thrust into Tony elsewhere later. At first he let Tony explore him with his hands, but after a while Gibbs grabbed Tony’s wrists and pinned them to the armrest above Tony’s head, holding them in place in the tight grip of one hand while Gibbs used the other to pull Tony’s shirt out of his pants.
He felt Tony’s arousal twitch against his own when Gibbs pinned him down and smiled into the kiss. Tony really seemed to like Gibbs restraining him, and Gibbs liked it too, and when Gibbs let out a soft growl of pleasure at that again, he felt Tony shiver with desire. The muscles of Tony’s abdomen twitched against Gibbs’ fingers when he reached under Tony’s shirt to stroke the bared skin, and Gibbs felt himself grow even harder. Gibbs loved responsive lovers, and Tony was responding very gratifyingly to every move Gibbs made. Continuing his deep devouring kisses and still holding Tony’s wrists pinned down, Gibbs positioned his legs over Tony’s in a way that made it almost impossible for Tony to move, earning another moan. Then he reached his other hand between them again and in a skilled move undid Tony’s belt and pants, sliding his hand under the fabric so he could finally take Tony in hand.
Gibbs was controlling him completely and Tony was loving it, his craving for the man mounting with every move Gibbs made, and he couldn’t have stopped the pleading and mewling moans from escaping his throat even if he had wanted to. Tony was always vocal, and it was no different when making love. He could barely move, and when he felt Gibbs open his pants and close his warm, strong hand around Tony's hardness, it only excited him more that he was completely at Gibbs’ mercy. Gibbs started stroking him slowly, monitoring his responses to Gibbs’ touch closely, and within short minutes Gibbs had already discovered exactly how Tony liked to be touched, what drove him crazy fastest.
The feeling of Tony in his hand was delightful and Gibbs took his time gently stroking him, running his fingernails through the coarse hair at Tony’s base now and then, earning shivers and pleas for more. But Gibbs knew they had some time before the food arrived, and he was determined to enjoy himself while they waited. So he kept a close eye on his lover’s responses, and whenever Tony seemed to be coming closer to release, Gibbs pulled back a little. It was slow torture and Gibbs knew it, but Tony was obviously loving it. When Gibbs knew the food would be arriving soon, he finally showed mercy and started bringing Tony to his release with sure, strong strokes. Tony moaned, panted and strained against him, still held immobile by Gibbs’ hand and chest and legs, and when Gibbs devoured Tony’s mouth again and sped up the movement of his hand a little more, Tony’s body stiffened for a few moments, then shook wildly against Gibbs’ as he poured his release over Gibbs’ fingers.
Gibbs gentled his stroking and his kissing a little while Tony came down, but continued to hold him pinned to the couch until Tony’ breathing had calmed and he was able to open his eyes again. Giving one last stroke and one more kiss, Gibbs raised himself up a little so he could look into Tony’s eyes. Then he whispered softly.
“Good boy…”
This time, it was Tony who growled and strained up his neck so he could reach Gibbs’ lips and take another kiss. Tony would happily have started the whole thing all over again, but at that moment there was a knock at the door telling them their dinner had arrived. Gibbs grinned at Tony’s disappointed look, then released Tony’s wrists and got up, leaving Tony disheveled on the couch while Gibbs quickly washed his hands and paid for the pizza.
Staring after Gibbs while the older man went to get their food, Tony tried to get his mind back online. That had been amazing! Gibbs seemed to know exactly what Tony loved, and Tony smiled to himself that he had been right in thinking that Gibbs would be the perfect lover to give him what he needed. The way Gibbs had held him down, his possessive growls, the way Gibbs had teased him until finally giving him his release, and then said ‘good boy’… Tony shivered in lingering pleasure as he let it all play out in his mind’s eye again.
Gibbs smirked a pleased little grin when he found Tony still in the same position he’d left him in – wrists above his head, shirt untucked and shrugged upwards, pants open – as he returned to the couch with pizza, paper plates and napkins. He looked down at Tony, who gave him a soft smile that warmed Gibbs’ heart, and Gibbs’ eyes sparkled in amusement.
“If I had known that was all I had to do to get you to be this pliant, Anthony, I would have done it years ago.”
Tony sat up and swung his legs off the couch so Gibbs could sit next to him, then replied with a gentle smile.
“I wish you had.”
Gibbs brushed a hand through Tony’s hair for a moment.
“We have plenty of time left, my sweet boy.”
That made Tony smile wider, his eyes showing a pleased sparkle. While Gibbs opened the pizza boxes and laid out the plates and napkins, Tony quickly took off his tie and suit jacket, haphazardly tucked in his shirt and buttoned his pants, taking off his belt and putting it aside too. They ate in silence for a while, and Tony had to admit he was glad now that Gibbs had insisted on food, because he had actually started to get a little hungry. And then of course there was the promise Gibbs had made about making love to Tony for hours… and after what he had just experienced, Tony had no doubt that Gibbs could and would do exactly that.
The steaming slices disappeared into their stomachs at a quick rate, both because they were hungry and because they were in a hurry to continue their exploration of each other. When Gibbs had had enough to eat, he got up to get them some fresh beers, and Tony polished off another slice, washing it down with a couple of sips of the offered beverage. They sat back and sipped at their drinks, letting the food settle, before Tony cleared the remains of dinner away. When he returned to the couch, Tony didn’t sit back down, but instead kicked off his shoes and straddled Gibbs’ lap, taking Gibbs’ face between his hands and starting a slow seductive series of kisses. Gibbs leaned back his head against the back of the couch and let Tony take charge for now, responding to Tony’s kisses with relish while he slowly rubbed his hands up and down Tony’s thighs.

After a while, Tony pulled back a little.


"Yes, my sweet boy?"

"Do you even like me?"

Gibbs stared at his lover. He knew of Tony's insecurities, of course, but this quiet and almost fearful question still shocked him. Gibbs suppressed the anger he felt, knowing where this was coming from, and kept his tone soft.

"What makes you ask that, my sweet?"

Tony was breathing rapidly, but trying to hide it.

"I'll do anything you want, Jethro, I promise… But…"

Gibbs growled softly again as he interrupted.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, Anthony. Who was it that made you think you should? Give me their names and I'll find them and remove them, forever."

It was said only partly in jest, but Tony decided to take it as a joke, just in case. He chuckled.

"No… That's not… I mean…"

Tony seemed to be lost for words, something very unexpected from him. Gibbs waited while Tony took in a deep breath and tried to steel himself. Gibbs saw through him immediately, and his heart ached when he heard the next words.

"You can have me, any way you want. Just… please… don't hurt me… don't discard me… I couldn't take that… not from you. Please."

The seemingly self-assured man that had decided that he would come perform a striptease for his boss, who had stood in the elevator earlier that day and boldly pressed his arousal against a man he couldn't be absolutely sure would reciprocate, who had danced confidently on that stage in front of countless strangers and slowly peeled off his clothes to uncover his body to all those watching, had disappeared and turned into a worried, pleading little boy. And at last Gibbs got a true understanding of the depth of Tony's feelings for him, and he sucked in a breath, continuing his soft rubbing of Tony's thighs while he tried to calm his mind.

Tony closed his eyes and hid his face into the crook of Gibbs' neck, cursing himself for opening his mouth in the first place to let the words escape. He was being needy, and if there was one thing Tony had learned the hard way over the years, it was that no one liked someone being too needy. He wondered for a moment if it wouldn't be better to get his things and leave, return to the office to have his resignation on Gibbs' desk ready for the man when Gibbs returned to the bullpen, but when he made even the slightest move to pull back, Gibbs' hands grabbed him tightly and pulled him in again. At last, Tony heard Gibbs clear his throat a few times, and when he tried to pull back again in wonder to see if his boss was alright, he found a piercing but suspiciously shiny blue gaze fixed on him.

Gibbs thought quickly. Tony had been able to comfortably strip in front of strangers because they didn't mean anything to him, because both they and he didn't care. Tony had been able to contemplate a striptease for Gibbs because he knew he could have made a joke out of it if things went wrong, and had been able to let Gibbs feel his arousal in the elevator and earlier on the couch, because it had been Gibbs to take the lead and Tony could have said he was just following his boss' lead as usual. But this was something different. Tony was giving his heart away, giving it to Gibbs, and before he did that he needed at least have the words that told him that Gibbs liked him.

Liked him. LIKED him?? Gibbs would swear and prove to all the gods of every heaven and hell that had ever been thought of, and those that had yet to be thought of in future, that not only did he LIKE Tony - after all, who could resist? - but that he loved him. He loved this beautiful, insecure, confident, shy, witty, deflecting, honest, hiding, truthful, lying, infuriating, unstoppable, brave, utterly unbelievable man he was holding in his arms, and a deep calm settled over Gibbs.

No longer was there pain over the possibility of loss, every moment he could have with Tony would be worth it. There was no worry over difficulties that might be in their future, might try to tear them apart, every second he could get with Tony would be more valuable to him and would see Gibbs through everything that life could throw at him far more than anything had. Gibbs took in a shaky breath, then forced Tony to look at him.

"I love you, Tony, my Anthony, my sweet boy. I love you."

Tony stared at Gibbs for a long time, then let out a quiet breath. Then Tony schooled his features, assuming one of his masks, and Gibbs gently shook him, but Tony would not relent. Tony's eyes sparkled when he asked the question with a lascivious grin.

"Finally gonna take me to your bed, Jethro?"

Gibbs didn't rise to the bait. He stared steadily back at Tony, his gaze serious and true.

"Yes, Anthony. To sleep. Nothing else will happen tonight."

Tony looked upset, and trudged his feet up the stairs and to the bedroom, but after they had settled into bed together and Gibbs had drawn Tony to him, letting Tony bury his face into the crook of Gibbs' shoulder, they both ignored the silent, hot tears that escaped Tony's eyes and fell to Gibbs' skin.

As Gibbs tightened his arms around his sweet boy, he knew he was right. Tony just needed to be loved. And Gibbs was certainly capable of doing that. And he would prove it to Tony every chance he got.