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Goomo's Dilemma

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(Goomo's POV)

Hi there, my name's Goomo. How do I begin? It might be better to cut to the chase. Last time you saw me, I was 6. Bello and I had the strongest friendship, despite it being kinda rocky at times. Now, we're still friends, but not as close.

That's because I've found new interests, and he still is interested in the same stuff he was 3 or 4 years ago. I've actually lost count..

However, now we can finally talk about the main point. It all started 2 weeks ago.

I was visiting Mina, and she told me about this new experiment she needed help with. She told me it was a ‘good luck potion’, I personally was excited to see how this would work.

So, I drank the pink liquid out of a bottle Mina gave me, and it tasted kinda yucky. Thankfully, the taste was easy to drown out.

Then, I began feeling a bit, strong. Stronger than I ever had felt. As if I could lift 50 mattresses at once. I then left Mina's lab, and forgot about the good luck potion. That was until I went to play a game of catch with Bello, Rita and Ongo.

That was when, while playing, Bello catched the ball before I could, but then I ran to catch it. Not knowing Bello already did. We then collided, and when I opened my eyes up, I was right on top of Bello, and felt his penis rubbing against mine.

That was so embarrassing to me, I ran to my house/airship, and had to take a short little flight across the planet just to take my mind off of it.