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Some magic lasts forever

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“Do we really have to walk? What’s the point of having magic if we don’t use it?” Your satin slippers are caked in mud within the first few minutes of the trek through the woods. You wave your hands wildly around your hair, you batting off the mosquitos that have collected in the damper parts of the trail.

Your guard —your kidnapper, really— stomps ahead of you, not acknowledging your complaints.

You’re really not a whiny kind of princess, not in the slightest. But when a grumpy knight shows up to your hiding place, basically drags you out of there without any explanation, and forces you to take a hike through the fucking woods: Yeah, you can be a bit bitchy.

It takes an hour before he speaks to you again, this time uttering his name —“Sir Bakugou Katsuki”— so quietly you barely hear him. You were calling him something decidedly not-as-nice, but his soft correction left no room for you to refute.

Bakugou Katsuki.

Of course, you knew of him growing up. You both lived in the castle, for god’s sake. While you were off learning “ladylike” things like sewing or how to use your magic in the daintiest of ways, he and Prince Izuku were taught by the best in the land.

Maybe if someone had taught you math or fucking sword fighting, no one would have had to send you away for your own safety.

Before Bakugou trounced into your cottage, proclaiming to be there to rescue you, you had been living on your own for six years.

Of course, someone would bring food —having magic didn’t give you a green thumb— but you were never allowed to leave and they were never allowed to stay.

As for safety? You scoff now, remembering how you didn’t once encounter any sort of danger during your exile, barely even using your wand for the last two years.

Speaking of… “Why now?” you call out, carefully lifting the hem of your dress to step over the next puddle. “Why am I being called back to the castle?”

You might’ve thought he didn’t hear you if his back hadn’t straightened at the sound of your voice.

“Bakugou. Sir,” you whine pathetically, trying to get his attention. You huff when he suddenly stops in his tracks, making you dodge to avoid running into his back.

His scowl sends shivers down your spine but you hold strong. He’s not really that intimidating

“What the fuck do you need?” He grunts. “This place is warded all to hell, ya can’t use any magic here.”

Bakugou moves to keep walking, but pauses when you blurt, “Why don’t you lift the spells?”

“Are you fucking kidding me, didn’t he tell you,” he waves his hand at you in irritation.

“Who tell me what?”

His raised eyebrow is the only indication of his interest in you. “Ya don’t know anything? And yet you still came along with me?”

“It’s not like you gave me much of a choice,” you scoff.

“Hey, I am a knight, I’d never hurt a lady—”

“Yeah, yeah, you can give up the act, Bakugou, I know exactly what you are.”

The eyebrow drops and his deep scowl returns to his face. “God, ya really are a bitch,” he mutters under his breath.

“Bitch maybe, but I’m your princess, and you will respect me,” you reply haughtily, proud to keep the waver out of your voice. “Now tell me why they need me.”

Bakugou drops another log on the fire, waving away the smoke that puffs up at his action. It’s been a long fucking day and he really wishes he could be spending the night back on his cot at the castle.

But no. Instead, he’s on babysitting duty, like a newly minted steward. He’s the chief of the king’s guard for fuck’s sake, and yet…

He’s the only one that Prince Izuku —Deku, he curses— trusts to collect and safely bring back his bride.

What an asshole. A beloved prince and a fucking squib; not that Bakugou hates him for his lack of magic, oh no. They were childhood friends, growing up together at the castle. Deku was thrilled when Bakugou got his magic and never seemed let down when his own never showed.

Bakugou promised himself he’d always protect Deku, but he’s regretting that now because saving Deku’s heart means breaking his own.

Your glare at his back sends tingles up his spine and he tries to ignore the migraine forming at the base of his skull.


You sniff, raising your chin to look down at him across the fire. “Would you like to explain now?”

“I don’t have shit to explain, I already told ya what I’m doing.”

“You telling me that the Prince sent you —just YOU— on a secret trip to find me so he and I could finally be wed doesn’t explain shit.”

A snort escapes him without warning. “Shit ain’t a very princess-y word.”

“Get talking, Bakugou, or I’ll really test these wards.”

It takes him a moment to gather his thoughts, but slowly, it all pours out. How a few lords at court have started plotting against Prince Izuku because of his lack of magic. How you were sent away, not for your safety, but because bigoted lords didn’t want your pure heritage ruined by marrying Deku. And when Izuku discovered the plots, he begged Bakugou to bring you home. Neither man was happy you were sent away in the first place, but they didn’t have the power to stop it.

“None of ‘em know I’m here with you so we have some surprise,” he continued. “Deku’ll meet us outside the gates and I’ll marry you both right then.”


Bakugou whips his head to face you, ears already reddening with anger. “What the fuck do you mean, no?”

His heart studders as you wipe moisture collecting in the corners of your eyes. “I say no, as ‘no, I won’t be married by YOU or outside of the gates’.

“I will become queen like always intended, inside of Izuku and I’s home,” you continue, standing and straightening your skirts. “You will stand by his side and we will have a traditional ceremony.”

“There isn’t time for that—”

“I say there is,” you interrupt and his mouth snaps shut at the power behind your words.

You’ve never needed magic to display your authority, or your dominance, Bakugou muses as you lay on a blanket on the other end of the clearing. He thought he’d escaped your spell at one point.

But some magic lasts forever.

He always knew you belonged to Izuku. Even without magic, Deku was the crown prince, next in line to be king. As much as Bakugou wished he could court you, or give you daisies he picked in the gardens, he’d never be able to.

So he watched, from afar under the guise of protecting his prince. His eyes watched your every step while you walked with Deku in the courtyard.

Your eyes sparkled under the sunlight.

Bakugou understood he was an idiot. Why be obsessed, or fall in love, with someone he couldn’t have.

He tried pushing himself away while you were still in court, never allowed himself a moment for you to be alone together. He’d dismiss your words or try to openly stare at other girls in an attempt to force a different crush.

But you had stolen his heart with your wide eyes and breathless laughter.

When the lords had announced your departure, his chest felt empty. He and Deku let out twin exclamations of outrage, surprising himself with his feelings. Deku hadn’t said a word about it, but he must have realized they were both in love with the same girl.

“We’re gettin’ closer; we’ll stop soon so ya can send your dumb owl post,” Bakugou grumbles. “Shit’s gonna blow up in our faces if that letter gets read by the wrong person.”

“We won’t get caught, you pessimistic asshat.” You roll your eyes at his raised eyebrow and continue. “Izuku and I have a code, he sent me letters all the time while I was away.”

Ice spreads through his veins. Letters? He could have written to you? Why did Deku never tell him?

“I’ll let him know my plan and it will go smoothly.”

Right. You never were his to write to.

36 tense hours later, Bakugou stands in front of Deku, fixing his jacket a final time.

“Tell me about her, is she the same as when she left?” Izuku’s eyes sparkle with excitement. “She’s not mad, right, that we didn’t get her sooner? You said she wasn’t.”

Bakugou tugs on one of Deku’s curls, shushing his rambling.

“She’s not mad at us, nerd, but she’s ready to take out the lords,” Bakugou chuckles darkly and Izuku nods in sober agreement. Taking a step back, Bakugou checks his wand in his arm holster and turns to the door.

“Wait,” Izuku calls, softly.

Bakugou pauses but doesn’t turn around. He’s been on edge since you both arrived and snuck in through a secret passageway he barely remembered from your childhood. Your insistence to be married in the castle courtyard about killed you all. But you had spent some time practicing your magic while away.

He was impressed by your spellwork to keep everyone with bad intentions out. Would the spell take his traitorous heart into considerations? Bakugou flexes his fingers, hiding his worries from his prince.

Deku crosses the room and places a hand on his shoulder.

“I will probably thank you for the rest of our lives, but I’ll always owe you for bringing her back. Saving my queen,” Izuku whispers and Bakugou knows he’s tearing up.

“The kingdom’s queen, our queen,” he replies. “You’re not the only one who loves her.”

Silence rings between the two men as Bakugou tenses from his slip.

“Then I’ll have to never let her slip away from me again,” the prince mumbles, opening the door and leaving Bakugou behind.

Bakugou probably shouldn’t have drunk so much, because why else would the hallway be spinning when he was damn sure he was standing still.

You looked like Nimue come again when you entered the hall for the wedding and he couldn’t take his eyes off you.

But neither could Deku.

Every second of this night, Bakugou is reminded of how much he’ll never be able to hold you or see you look at him with adoration in your eyes. He’ll have to love you from afar forever, indebted to Deku and to you as his queen.

As much as it kills him.

Because all Bakugou can do is watch the flowers across the hall of the king’s chambers wilt and bloom, wilt and bloom with each pleasured sigh that escapes from the crack under the door.