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Bring it Bitch

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Your shoes echoed through the hall as you made your way past the little people in your way. You take a deep breath as you get let into the room. You nod at Felix and Demetri before stopping in the middle of the room. "Sir, a letter has come in for you from Carlisle," you say, in the direction of Aro. "Please, read aloud," he says, turning away from the long table with one of the many books that are stacked on the tables. The others seemed interested, but their noses stayed in their books.

You nod and proceed.

"We inform you of the transformation of Bella, Respectfully Carlisle."
Aro closes his book with a loud smack, following. "Well, it seems they do know the rules after all," you hear Marcus mutter. "Seems so, brother," Aro responds, his voice slightly sour as he desired something else.

"Is that it?" You hear an annoyed voice from the right of you. You turn to see Caius, most annoyed. "Did you want something more?" You talked back. His book met the table with a loud slam, and his eyes burned into you, to return the look. "Don't test your limits, human," he says, moving as if you were his prey and target. You could hear Felix and Demetri getting giddy at seeing you both getting nippy.

"Bring it, bitch." Caius flashed in front of you, his face a hair away from yours. "ENOUGH!" Aro shouted, letting it echo loudly through the room. Caius's eyes didn't pry from yours. "I've had enough, brother!" "I order you both to stop pickering." He doesn't stop there. "Starting now, you two must spend the next few days together." "I can't handle the both of you." He says, then walks out before Caius, or you could object

Turning to look at Caius in the eyes, a low growl comes from him as he takes your hand and walks off to the other side of the castle. "I'm not going to defy my brother's words, so we are just going to stay on this side of the castle till the week ends," he says, finally opening the door to a room. The room was full of paintings, books, and a big bed. Everything screamed Caius. "Sure but why did we have to be in your room" You complain "Silence human"

In the few minutes in his room, you lay on the bed. 'For a vampire, why is his bed so comfortable?' thinking brought your eyes up, then to Caius. His eyes met yours, though quickly he looked away, shifting in his seat. "Caius, why do you have such a problem with me?" You ask, getting up from the bed to sit on the end of it facing him. "I could ask you the same human" he growls back.

"Stop! Stop with the human stuff. I swear you act like you weren't a human too. " Your hand grips the bed in an attempt to find some grounding. He scoffs, looking away, "You know, I'm right. I don't get why you act this way. "You know, I'm not going to be here for long," a grim response following your anger. "Not if I can help it," he whispers, loud enough for you to hear.

In a flash, he stands, towering over you. Looking up, you could see emotions mixing in his eyes; his face stone-cold like his hand that started to softly caress your cheek. You flinched at his cold hand, but soon it felt as though it was the only thing that could give you warmth. "I don't have a problem with you. I hated the thought of bickering with you, but it was the only way that I could hear your voice." Everything he said slowly made your head go crazy.

"You could have just said you wanted me," you said, as you got closer to his face. "I could have, but seeing you all hot and bothered made me want you more." His eyes never left yours. He had now leaned on the bed with his knee. His lips slowly met yours, and it was as though you had kissed ice. Your warm lips melted his ice lips.

His hand traveled down to your waist, his other supporting the back of your neck. Heat filled your body as his hunger for you burned as he pulled you into his lap. His hands explored your body, having stopped at your hips. As your hips moved, making him bite down on your lip, a small drop of blood made its way into his mouth. You both stopped. His eyes were now pitch black.

You started to shift in his lap to get off, but his grip made you stop, "It's okay, don't stop please." His voice sounded as though a growl and a whine were fighting in his throat. Furthermore, you did so. His lips softened as he laid you down on the bed. His hand continues to squeeze and caress your body. His cold temperature felt euphoric against your warmth.

Your hand ran through his hair, tugging and playing with it, making him moan. Your other made its way to his belt, unbuckling it as you could feel his cock twitching against you, wanting out. As you finally unzipped his pants, he stopped you. "Patience love"


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