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Life After Death

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They were all gone, except Alice, Rosalie, and Emmett. He wasn’t sure if the other witnesses and his pack were alive. But he knew Bella and Edward never came home.


It had been 17 years since he and Renesmee had escaped from the battle. Staying in Alberta and then back down to Illinois for the majority of their years.


Renesmee had grown at the age of 17 and never aged since. Just like her father. Her long bronze wavy hair had been ringlets during her younger years. He saw Bella in her, but he also saw more of Edward as she got older. Her display of kindness felt more reminiscent of him than Bella. Soft-spoken, not quite bold like her mother, and gentleness.


Jacob hoped she’d be like Bella and pass off any traits of Edward. The longer he stayed the more Jacob grew to accept it.


He noticed Renesmee distancing herself around him sometimes. Often she’d be alone in her room or spend time with her friends. Jacob couldn’t blame her. They move almost frequently. He knew she needed to be around someone like her, to experience what her mother could have taught her.


They stayed at the “The Carver Café” after she was done with school. Coming back to Forks sent a wave of melancholy in him. He was home.


Renesmee ate down her hash browns after a long day. Jacob felt guilt for being strict with her for drinking blood. She had drunk three cups of hot chocolate and was already full.


“You can eat some more” Jacob insisted.


“It’s alright I’m full already” she replied. She looks out from the window to see her new friends hanging outside. “I’ll be right back” she excused herself before Jacob could say anything.


Jacob drank his coffee as he watched her join the group. He smiled to see her finally be comfortable.


He had gotten word of Charlie being on a vacation with Leah and Seth’s mom. Jacob didn’t bring up their deaths once Sam told him when he came back to Washington, it was still an open wound for Charlie and Sue.


Jacob planned to visit once they come back.


There was a 70s muscle car that parked right beside his. He could tell that the driver was young, probably close to the same age as Renesmee.


The door opens and the young teen steps out. Jacob felt the time had stopped once he laid eyes on her.


She had long bronze hair, much like Renesmee, but with slight waves as if it had been braided. Straight pointed nose and feline-like eyes. A reincarnation of Edward.


Jacob watched her enter the diner and sat at the counter. Putting her bag on an empty chair beside her.


She was petite, maybe 5’2 to 5’3. Slim body, rounded shoulders, and hips.


Jacob grew speechless, he couldn’t take his eyes away from her. He humored himself if Edward had come back to find him at a right time.


He wouldn’t say it was uncanny, as he grew used to the vampire’s appearance, vibrant hair in full volume, and looks that can attract prey. But imagining Edward alive would be exactly like the girl before him. Naturally, bronze hair, flush on the cheeks, and some soft tan lines from the sun.


The girl had a brown knitted sweater on that had small lints as well as boots for the cold weather. She began reading from the menu before exchanging with the waitress.


Jacob wanted to talk to her. At least, make a new friend than reconnect to an old one. A part of him wanted to have something he wished he had between him and Edward.


Building up the courage, Jacob abandoned his table and walked up to the counter. Sitting beside the girl, he made glances to see her face is hidden from her hair.


Her eyes are a dark blue but with a hint of brown around the pupil.


“Oh- uh here’s the menu if you are…” she looked at him startled from the glances.


“Oh- sorry I didn’t mean to…” Jacob jumped on his seat. “I ate I just…” He cursed at himself for staring too longing.


Her voice was soft and raspy from the cold. There was a hint of shyness in her when she spoke.


“I saw you walk in and I just wanted to start a conversation” Jacob admitted.


“Oh, okay” her eyes grew wide and blinked from the awkward exchange.


“What’s your name?” Jacob began.




“I’m Jacob Black” he held out his hand.


She looks down and shook his hand before crossing her arms against the table waiting for her food.


“Are you new here?”


“Yeah, I had just moved from Maine” Edythe replied.


“Welcome to the West Coast” Jacob chuckled. “Why did you move?”


“Not sure if I should share my life with you” Edythe muttered to herself before replying. “I had just moved in with my parents… I stayed with Maine with my grandparents for a while”.


“So you were born here?” Jacob’s brows raised. It was beginning to remind him of Bella.


“Well, Seattle then moved to Forks… I ended up staying with my grandparents till my parents finished their school” Edythe explained.


“Same here, I was born and raised here. I had to move for personal reasons, and now I have someone’s daughter that I am taking care of”.




Jacob looked out to see Renesmee still talking to her friends. The waitress comes over and brings her food, a mushroom omelet. He quickly pays for the meal before wanting to speak to Edythe again.


“How old are you?” Edythe questioned.


“16” Jacob replied.


“What school do you go to?”


“I am not in any school” Jacob replied. He was beginning to worry that his life might not add up just from the look of question and suspicion on Edythe’s face. “I’m in the reserve, I don’t go to any schools out here”.


“Oh, I see” Edythe smiled as she began to eat.


Jacob felt relief wash over him realizing how he wasn’t careful about himself. From constant hiding, moving, and false stories made him want to be truthful for once after those years.


He glances at her as she ate, not wanting to disturb her. Jacob did find it off because of her spitting image of Edward, albeit a teenage girl.


“How old are you?” Jacob asked.


Edythe cleared her throat after chewing an egg. “17”.


Jacob realized it was the same year he and Renesmee escaped.


There was another group of teens looking through the window with taunting smiles in Edythe’s direction.


“Sorry… they are just classmates” Edythe whispered. Her hands pinched at the bridge of her nose in embarrassment.


“Are they bothering you?” Jacob questioned.


She nodded.


Jacob looked at them harshly till they left once they saw him. He knew he looked much older than his actual age by physicality.


He insisted Edythe finish her plate as he watches over her and Renesmee.


Edythe finished and pays for her meal. Jacob could only assume she wanted to go home right away after the other group’s presence upset her.


“Um- thank you for what you did” Edythe smiled. “They usually don’t leave me alone sometimes”.


“No problem, I do it quite a lot whenever someone is bugging my friend’s daughter. Do they bother you?”


“They just remark and make fun of anything I do. Doesn’t always bother me but they can take things too far” Edythe explained. “One time, one of them tried to get my ex-boyfriend to break up with me”.


“I’m- I’m so sorry about that”. It was growing to become more familiar.


“It was all forgiven”. She waved her goodbye as he returned it.


Apologizing felt right, even if they are completely in a new life. But he had a feeling Edward was listening to him.