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Summary: Kanji doesn’t quite get why nipples matter until Naoto shows him.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Rated: M

Warnings: Nipple play


Dedicated to tumblr user vgfeather


At twenty, Kanji though nipples were extremely weird. He didn’t get them or their purpose: they were two, eraser sized pieces of flesh attached on his chest, two aberrations on what would have been a smooth surface.


“Why do we have these? We ain’t cows!” Naoto rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time, playfully pushing Kanji.


“I explained it to you, Kanji,” Naoto began. “There’s a completely scientific-”


“I ain’t here for science!” Kanji exclaimed. “I’m just sayin’ they’re weird.


“Kanji, they’re-”




“I have them.”


“So not so weird.” Kanji did like Naoto’s after all. “Well, kind of weird.”


“Mother use them to feed their-”


“Real weird.” Kanji cringed and shuddered. “Really weird.”


Naoto pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. “Just… Let me show you,” she said. “Stay still, okay?”


Leaning down, Naoto pressed her lips against Kanji’s chest, hot breath making Kanji’s chest rise and fall quickly. His cheeks colored bright red and he found his head lolling back, back arching to press towards Naoto’s mouth. “Want me to stop?” Naoto asked, voice muffled.


“Nah,” Kanji panted.


Naoto’s lips parted, and she slowly flicked her tongue across the hardened nub, wetting Kanji’s shirt. He responded eagerly, closing his grey eyes and drinking in the warm sensations.


That is, until she bit down hard.


The sensation of Naoto’s teeth sent a shock through Kanji’s body, like a set of cables were jacked right into his spine, sending tingling jolts of lightening through his body. He cried out, nodding for Naoto to continue, and she did, eagerly abusing the other nipple until they were clearly prominent through the shirt.


Kanji’s jeans tented, tight across his abundant erection, and when he looked at Naoto, he saw dark eyes, and noticed that she’d undone the top of her shirt to reveal her breasts.


Which had nipples that he was really curious about.


“S-See now?” Naoto panted. “That’s why.”


“Fuck yeah,” Kanji replied, whistling low. “Can we do it without a shirt?”


Naoto chuckled and nodded, shifting so she was on top of him, straddling his hips and slowly grinding against him. “Of course we can.”