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If You Must Mourn (Don't Do It Alone)

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Nick stands there, just staring down at the body. Even as the blood oozes towards him, finally touching his boots, he does not move. First, there is silence. Everyone is in shock; they never thought this is how it would end; most of them, especially Rosalee, kept holding on to hope. Then, Nick is vaguely aware of a voice. He cannot tell what it is saying; he does not really care either. But it is a familiar voice, a comforting voice.

“Nick,” the voice says. “Nick!”

It is not until there is a hand on his shoulder and the voice is right by his ear that he remembers who it belongs to.

“Nick,” Trubel says, almost pleading. “Nick, look at me. Say something. Please.” Her voice cracks on the last word.

Finally, Nick moves. At first, he just turns his head towards her. He looks right at her, but does not see her; he’s still in a daze. But the more he hears her voice, the more the haze at the edge of his vision clears, until his body finally gives in and steps towards her.

Everyone stands around the room just watching them. No one knows what to say. No one knows what to do. Monroe looks down at Rosalee, who cannot stop crying. He reaches out and pulls her close to his chest; she tucks her head under his chin and sobs into his jacket. Hank and Wu exchange nervous glances, and Hank keeps looking outside, checking for Renard’s SUV to pull up.

Nick feels as though his body weighs a ton, like he is going to crumble under the weight. He leans towards Trubel, who does her best to support his weight. Eventually, she pulls him towards the sofa -- one of the few clean spots left in the room -- and holds him close. He buries his face in the crook of her neck, and she can hear him quietly cry. Her heart fills with guilt.

“I’m sorry, Nick,” she says. “I’m so sorry. She was… I…” She pauses, trying not to cry. “She was gonna kill you. I couldn’t let her hurt you anymore.” Her arms wrap more tightly around Nick, as if trying to keep him from running away from her, from what she did.

No one is sure how much time has passed, but then Renard is pulling up outside, and Hank and Wu meet him out front to explain what happened. Then, Rosalee pulls away from Monroe and runs outside, no longer able to stand in that room. Monroe, of course, follows her.

When it’s just Nick and Trubel left, he finally pulls away, sits up, and speaks. “I know.” He rubs his hands over his face. “And I’m sorry you had to. I’m sorry it ever went this far. I’m sorry I dragged you back into this. I’m sorry I ever dragged her into this.” He sighs and the breath comes out shaky. “You asked what we should do and I said ‘kill her.’” Nick pauses, considering if he really wants to say the last thing that is on his mind. “I guess I just thought I’d be the one to do it, or that maybe I would have some closure when it was done.”

“I’m sorry. I know you probably could’ve handled her, but I just couldn’t take the chance. She was so strong and you were on the ground and…”

Nick interrupts her, “Thank you.”


“Thank you, for everything. When I lost my powers, you were there for me; you were my eyes into this world. When I needed you to help Josh, you were there for him. And now, when I needed someone the most, you were here for me; you saved my life.” Nick looks away. He had had a moment with Trubel right before she left, when he gave her Marie’s truck, but this one is far more intimate – almost too much to handle.

Trubel opens her mouth to speak, but the words fail to come out. Instead, she closes the gap between them again and wraps her arms around his neck. After her parents died, she was not much of a hugger; she hated most physical contact that was not fighting. But since she has befriended Nick, she is warming back up it.

When Trubel hears the front door open, she pulls away.

“So,” Renard says, “what do you want to do about this?”

Nick shrugs. “I have no idea.”

“I do,” Trubel says, and Renard and Nick both raise an eyebrow. “All those people were here. They were royals and you arrested one, right?”

“Yes. Prince Kenneth is in custody,” Renard says.

“A lot of this is his fault; let’s make him pay for it.”

Renard nods, liking the idea. “What do you think, Nick?”

“I think it’s a good idea.”

“Alright, I’m going to tell Hank and Wu to go home and wait for the call from the station. I’ll take Monroe and Rosalee home and then go back to my place. You two, stay here. Theresa, you call the police and report the incident. Nick, act distraught when they get here. Stay out of the living room; you want it to look like you can’t stand to be in the house, let alone this room. Say you two were out catching up and that’s why you got home late. We’ll say there was someone here when you got home and you fought with them – that’ll explain the cuts and bruises. He had a mask on, so you couldn’t see his face to give a description.”

Trubel and Nick both nod, getting up and walking into the kitchen. When Renard walks out, he tells the others about the plan and sends them all on their way.

Trubel pulls her phone out of her pocket and finally notices the time; it’s after midnight. She dials 911 and follows the plan.

When they hear the sirens get close, Trubel kicks Nick in the shin, bringing tears to his eye, and then she presses a few fingers into one of her bruises, bringing tears to her own eyes. She pulls Nick close, and they hope like hell it’s all convincing.