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My heart is for you, always

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It was late. Shen Wei came home after he finished with his part time job. He had just prepared a simple dinner when Zhao Yunlan returned to their tiny studio apartment.

“Hi,” Shen Wei greeted him with a smile. “You’re just on time for a late dinner…unless you’ve eaten?”

“Hi.” Zhao Yunlan toed off his shoes and hang his bag and jacket on the wall. His shoulders slumped. “Dinner sounds good,” he said quietly.

It was obvious that his mood was a little bit off. Shen Wei quickly took out two bowls and set them on the table. Zhao Yunlan kept standing near the door, his mind seemed to wander off. He didn’t say a word which was unusual for him.

“Bad day?”

Zhao Yunlan sighed, walked towards Shen Wei and gave a quick peck on his cheek before washing his hands at their mini kitchen.

“Sorry. It’s been a long day.” He looked at Shen Wei and gave a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

Shen Wei knew that look and wrapped his arms around Zhao Yunlan’s waist.

“What’s wrong?” he asked quietly, waiting for his boyfriend to spill the problem that made him feeling down.

Zhao Yunlan embraced Shen Wei briefly and then pulled him to their bed. They sat down, face to face. Zhao Yunlan looked like he had a thousand stories to share but yet, he was solemn. His fingers fidgeted on his lap. Shen Wei brought a hand up and brushed Zhao Yunlan’s cheek with concern. Another hand held his fidgeting fingers.

“You can tell me anything,” he said soothingly.

“I met my father,” Zhao Yunlan said, eyes casted downwards.


“He’s cut me off completely from my funds.”

“But he knows that you need to graduate-“

“I don’t think he cares.” Zhao Yunlan put his head on Shen Wei’s shoulder and said softly, “I’ve checked. He really did it this time.” He lifted his head slowly, eyes now red and teary. “I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be.” Shen Wei reassured.

“I’ll figure a way.”

He felt guilty dragging Shen Wei into his mess. If they hadn’t met, this would be solely his problem. But if they didn’t meet, Zhao Yunlan might have been locked up in a jail somewhere after mixing with bad bunch of people.

In his head, Shen Wei digested the information and came up with several solutions. If he seek another part time job, they could probably make it through with their cheap rent. Alternatively, they could find an even cheaper place to stay. He could save some of his monthly PhD stipend to pay for Zhao Yunlan’s undergrad fees. He could ask his professors for more side jobs, something that’s a tad more better paid. They could also borrow money or—

Zhao Yunlan cupped Shen Wei’s face gently.

“You’ve done so much already, Xiao Wei. I won’t let you work until you break.”

He kissed his younger lover chastely.

“I want you to concentrate on your PhD and do your damn best like you always do with that smart brain of yours.”

Shen Wei nodded.

“I’ll get an extra shift but I’ll study harder and make sure that I don’t flunk my finals.”

Shen Wei brushed Zhao Yunlan’s tears away and kissed him back.

Maybe he needed some comforting and tension relief so Zhao Yunlan deepened the kiss and gently pushed Shen Wei onto the soft mattress and continued to kiss him passionately.

He nibbled and sucked Shen Wei’s top lip and then his lower lip and when Shen Wei’s mouth opened slightly with a soft moan, Zhao Yunlan slipped his tongue in and explored.

They kissed languidly, Shen Wei closing his eyes and Zhao Yunlan running his hand through Shen Wei’s soft hair.

When Zhao Yunlan pulled back, Shen Wei blinked and opened his eyes.

Zhao Yunlan stroke his hair lovingly.

Dinner forgotten, Zhao Yunlan asked softly, “Can I have you tonight?”

Shen Wei replied with action. He pushed himself up slowly and took off his clothes and then arranged himself on the bed.

Zhao Yunlan stripped and after he dimmed the light, he slotted himself between Shen Wei’s legs and covered him with his weight. He kissed him again until Shen Wei’s lips were red and swollen.

Then, he kissed his jaw, his neck and shoulders and nibbled on his chest. When he arrived at Shen Wei’s nipples, he sucked hard one after another, again and again and again until Shen Wei couldn’t help but arched his back for more and moaned.

Zhao Yunlan travelled south and kept on kissing Shen Wei’s creamy skin and when he reached the juncture of his thighs, he sucked on his balls and then moved up to Shen Wei’s hardened length, pearly cum visible at the tip.

Shen Wei was already squirming while Zhao Yunlan stroked his flanks. He was trying really hard not to moan loudly as the rented room had thin walls, so he bit his arm when Zhao Yunlan sucked him hard.

“Mmmpf!” Shen Wei panted. He ran his fingers through Yunlan’s hair and pulled accidentally when his boyfriend swallowed deeper.

“Please…” he murmured, breath hitching as Zhao Yunlan continued sucking vigorously.

Shen Wei had to hold Zhao Yunlan’s shoulders to stop him before he came.

Zhao Yunlan eventually stopped. He gave the slit a gentle lick and then looked up at Shen Wei who was panting. His chest, neck and face were red, his eyes droopy.

Zhao Yunlan climbed back on top of him and let him tasted himself as they kissed again passionately. Shen Wei cling to Zhao Yunlan tightly.

The bed creaked as Zhao Yunlan rutted against Shen Wei.

“Can I come inside you, Xiao Wei?” Zhao Yunlan whispered while he nibbled Shen Wei’s ear.

Shen Wei, looking quite debauched himself, nodded sharply.

“I’ve got you,” Zhao Yunlan said while he lubed his lover extensively.

When he curved his fingers and pressed at the precious spot, Shen Wei bucked and mewled.

Zhao Yunlan’s long fingers moved in and out at a slow pace while hitting Shen Wei’s favourite spot repeatedly until Shen Wei whimpered.

“Please…” he begged. “I need you,” he whispered. The foreplay had gone too long and Shen Wei felt like a tight coil ready to snap.

Zhao Yunlan prepped himself and placed a pillow underneath Shen Wei’s bottom.

The first push always gave a slight burn. Shen Wei whimpered and gasped as Yunlan drove forward gradually. As he slid in deeper and deeper, Shen Wei’s legs wrapped around Zhao Yunlan’s hips and he folded his arms around his neck.

They were pressed together like nothing could separate them.

Zhao Yunlan rolled his hips gently.

They kissed again but more teeth and tongue and then Zhao Yunlan sucked Shen Wei’s perky nubs before thrusting hard without warning.

Shen Wei cried loudly, thin walls long forgotten.

This riled up Zhao Yunlan so he pounded his lover to the mattress.

Shen Wei felt like he could see stars as his inside was burning with pain and pleasure. He tried to meet Zhao Yunlan’s thrusts but his lover had another idea.

Zhao Yunlan rolled him slightly towards his stomach while continuing his assault. The changed angle hit Shen Wei’s prostate and his spine tingled with extreme pleasure.

As the pounding got faster and faster, Shen Wei had to turned his head into his pillows to dampen his broken ‘ah, ah, ah’ moans.

The pleasure rose and rose until it was too much and as Zhao Yunlan piston into him, Shen Wei exploded with a soft cry without touching himself.

He shuddered, tightening around Zhao Yunlan. As his body became limp and he was nearly drifting, he could feel Yunlan rammed into him even faster, chasing his own release. With one final deep thrust, Zhao Yunlan poured his seeds inside Shen Wei with a groan and collapsed on top of him, catching his breath.


When Shen Wei returned to the land of the living, he was already cleaned and Zhao Yunlan’s chest was pressed against his back, his arm wrapped around his stomach.

Realising that his lover was awake, Zhao Yunlan kissed Shen Wei’s nape and embraced him tighter.

“Thank you for being with me,” he whispered.

Shen Wei rolled so that he could see Zhao Yunlan and kissed him.

“I’m yours, always,” he replied with a gentle smile.

Just like his thoughts the first time he made love to Shen Wei, tomorrow was another day for him to face the world but as long as Shen Wei’s by his side, Zhao Yunlan knew that he would be okay.

They snuggled together and drifted to sleep.