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August, 2005

Bella Swan hastily made her way into the vehicle, one that just a few months ago, she never would have dreamed of sitting in. She had buckled in her seatbelt before the blonde vampire sat in the driver’s seat, driving at a speed that was far too fast. Bella closed her eyes and thanked that her father was not patrolling the streets of Forks, Washington tonight. Or any police officer because no police officers were on duty after dark. This was a small town and nothing interesting happened here. That’s what Bella thought before she met the Cullen family.

She had no clue that Rosalie had looked her way on their drive. “I know you’re clumsy, far more than any other human I’ve met, but please tell me you don’t get carsick, too.”

“No worries, I don’t.” Bella replied, leaning her head towards the right. Perhaps if she kept her eyes closed, the two of them would arrive at their destination sooner.

Rosalie was the only one from the entire Cullen family that made her nervous. Not even Edward caused those nervous butterflies anymore she received from at the beginning of their relationship. Was it because Rosalie was the only one who hadn’t truly accepted her?

When she had asked Bella to accompany her tonight, truth be told, Bella was hesitant in accepting. She dreaded the idea of spending a couple hours alone with the vampire, in the dark and in the middle of practically nowhere, who borderline hated her guts.

Upon making her aware of her hesitations, Rosalie could see her point. She wouldn’t have asked this of the human she was convinced Edward only saw as food if she had another option. But when she heard of the sunflower field that blooms this time of year in the Olympic Peninsula, Rosalie knew she had to see it before the family was forced to move once again because of the idiotic decisions of Edward.

The only problem was that the only sunflower field that was open to the public in this small, godforsaken town was only open during daytime hours. She wanted to see the sunflowers, but couldn’t if seeing them meant she would expose her immortality to the whole town. Her beloved Emmett came up with the brilliant idea of going to the field in the dark.

However, the patriarch of the family insisted that she could not go alone. Rosalie knew the history of their family with the werewolves. He, along with the other family members, insisted she could not go alone in case of an attack. Every other member was too preoccupied, nervous, or downright refused to go. Even Emmett couldn’t attend with her as he was busy studying to keep up appearances in the town.

This left no other option but Bella. Rosalie didn’t despise her, despite what others may think. She considered her the luckiest of them all to still have her mortality. She could never understand why she would be so quick to give it up. The blonde-haired woman wasn’t exactly proud, but she had no other choice but to sneak Bella out to see the field.

“Rosalie, wait.” The human breathed out as Rosalie parked the vehicle, trying to catch up to her walking speed. “I just wanna know why this is so important to you? I mean, I don’t mind this, but why all the urgency for flowers?”

“You don’t understand!” It came out harsher than she intended. She hated herself for the way she caused Bella to flinch at her tone.

She shook her head and stopped in her tracks, turning around to look at Bella. “When I was a human, my favorite thing in the world was seeing the sunflowers bloom every season like clockwork. In every part of the world we go, I enjoy seeing them bloom if I can. It reminds me that there is still a bit of mortality around me.”

Bella Swan watched as she continued to walk along the path until she easily swept under the gate to the flowers. Was it silly that Bella considered herself lucky that Rosalie shared something so deeply personal with her, even though Rosalie hated her? Or did she hate her? Was envy the true enemy here?

With much difficulty, she eventually caught up to the vampire. She could barely see without the sunlight’s help, but she could make out the vampire’s figure crystal clear. Not much could be seen by her eyes, but she could see Rosalie walking at a human pace throughout the rows of yellow flowers below her. Rosalie touched each one’s petals, humming to herself in appreciation of the beauty of them.

“You know, I thought your favorite flower would have been a rose. With your name and all.” Bella said, trying to crack a joke to subdue the intensity of the last thing Rosalie said to her.

To her delight, she smiled at the comment instead of rolling her eyes like usual.

“That’s what my husband thinks." Rosalie said after a few brief moments of silence. “He buys me a bouquet of roses for every occasion, it seems like. I’m grateful I found him, but it’s too difficult to talk about life before him. I would appreciate it if you didn’t mention what I told you?”

Bella wasn’t sure why, but she felt like all the breath inside of her lungs had escaped her when the vampire looked up at her. All she could see was gold as their eyes met for a moment, the same sensation as when she first met Edward.

Edward. What would he think if he knew what she was doing at this late hour and what she was thinking about?

“Oh, um, sure.” She said as she cleared her throat, forcing herself to break away from the gaze of the vampire who had left her breathless. “Of course, Rosalie. Is it okay if I wait in the car?”

Rosalie only nodded, then turned her attention back to the flowers. Only then, the human slipped on a bit of mud leftover from the previous day’s rain. Thanks to the vampire’s speed, she could catch Bella before she had fallen onto the dirt path and injured herself. How would Rosalie explain this to the family, including Edward? Sorry Edward, your girlfriend broke a bone because I kidnapped her to see the flowers?

However, out of shock from the sudden weight of Rosalie catching her before the disastrous fall, Bella leaned back with a yelp and took Rosalie to the ground with her. How silly it was, the vampire thought, to fall because a human had pulled me down with her.

“Oh god, Rosalie, I’m sorry-” Bella spoke, looking up and down at Rosalie’s clothing to determine if any mud or dirt got on her clothes. There was no way she could afford to replace them.

“No, it’s fine.” She was surprised to hear herself speaking so smoothly, as if she was comforting someone she cared for. She was even more surprised to see Bella looking up and down her figure.

Rosalie knew she was considered an attractive woman. She knew it even when she was just a fragile human. Men made this known, even now. But a woman looking at the immortal being like this? That was unfamiliar territory, but she discovered a feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She was ashamed, yet intrigued, that she liked it. Ashamed that she never felt this way about Emmett looking at her.

Before she even thought twice, the blonde woman leaned down and sealed the gap between them with a soft kiss. The warmth from the human’s kiss was like a drug. It took all her strength not to take it further.

To her surprise, Bella only deepened the kiss, and she felt her fingers run through her hair. Rosalie’s hands left the ground between Bella’s head and used them to explore the sides of the human’s body. Hearing her moan made Rosalie feel as if she was truly the most beautiful woman on Earth.

The human became aware then of what situation she was in and pulled away far too soon. “R-Rose. What does this mean?” She knew that both of them felt the spark between them. It was undeniable.

“I don’t know.” She looked down into her eyes. “But I’m willing to find out.”