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Passengers Downtime

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Mars was not one to bother with foreplay and as such simply had his hand down Keith’s pants as he straddled him on the couch. Keith, however, merely hummed under him and took his time. “Giving Lynn a better show,” he always said. Mars was happy to let Lynn use his senses, able to hear her touching herself in time with Keith’s touch on his body even without the Conductor’s enhanced hearing. His body was as indifferent to these hungers as it was to the need for food, but though neither gave him the sustenance violence did, they were pleasant enough diversions with friends.

Mars and Keith moved together with the easy familiarity of years of practice. Erick had been known to join in, but his attention was fixed to Hazel, who had awkwardly seated herself on another couch, closer to Lynn, rather than retreating to her room entirely this time. She sat as still as possible, only her eyes flitting back and forth between Mars and Keith, Lynn, and Erick. Her thighs rubbed together through her jeans unconsciously. Erick sat on a chair in the kitchen, trying in vain to pretend he was paying Hazel as little attention as he was the other Passengers, fussing with a cup of tea.

Not Mars’ problem. He would only be gruff and make things even more awkward. If she joined in, that was on her, or on one of the others to encourage her if they chose. He concentrated his attention on Keith, his current project, instead. Mars may have been an unrefined lover, but Keith was always willing to be loud in his appreciation of being touched. He was pretty sure he’d heard a mug in the kitchen crack with one of his lurid moans.

Keith returned the favor by getting his shirt off and brushing his teeth across the peaks and valleys of Mars’ pecs, mouthing his nipples wetly and messily, his tangled blond hair ticking his skin. Lynn made a faint but pleased sound as a result, one hand up her shirt to compliment the one between her legs. He’d never touched her, despite his... fondness for her. She said he could if he wanted to but it did not do anything for her in and of itself, so he found it more efficient to fool around with one of the others and let her enjoy it vicariously. The shape of the body mattered little--nerves were nerves and in about the same places for getting off in most people.

As such, Mars was surprised to hear Lynn’s voice reaching out to Hazel. “You could come over here if you want. Or not..”

“Don’t feel pressured, my dear,” Keith called over without pulling away from Mars’ chest.

“I’m not a blushing virgin.”

“We know that, so no need to push yourself into anything you find distasteful to prove your toughness to us.”

Hazel swallowed visibly in the corner of Mars’ eye, then slowly made her way to the couch Lynn was half-sprawled on, sitting a distance away that propriety would usually entail. Lynn casually moved her hand from under her shirt to lay on Hazel’s thigh. She left it there for a while, waiting for Hazel to relax minutely from her on-edge posture, before beginning to knead soothing strokes into the muscle.

Hazel leaned over to kiss Lynn, not because of a deep romantic attraction to the other woman, but because she was the sort of person who had internalized that that was what you did during sexual intimacy, and Lynn did not object. Lynn closed the distance between them, letting their sides press together against the couch. Mars overheard part of a whispered conversation between them; “Do you want me to…?” “If it feels… can’t feel it myself…”

Keith watched them carefully over Mars’ shoulder, still taking advantage of Lynn’s use of Mars’ senses as well as Hazel’s. Lynn’s hand creeped up Hazel’s hip and then her side, under her shirt and then under her bra, and Keith bit at the nub of Mars’ nipple in time with her efforts. Both Lynn and Hazel purred in satisfaction, and Mars arched his back unconsciously.

Lynn had Hazel’s pants down to her knees and her head between her legs, making pleasant wet sounds, by the time Erick made his move. He left the kitchen finally and made his way to sit down on the final cushion of the couch the two women occupied. Hazel tensed when she saw him, despite Lynn’s distraction. Erick held his hands up non-threateningly and kept them to himself as he sat down.

Lynn gave them both a knowing smirk and pointedly repositioned Hazel so her head was resting against the edge of Erick’s leg. Hazel and Erick smiled at each other, softly and as if in a daze, not touching any further but gazing into each other’s eyes, and Lynn returned to her work.

Meanwhile, Keith finally had gotten Mars’ dick out and was giving it long, teasing strokes. It would have made him impatient, if he got impatient about sex. He continued to pump Keith’s erection in the confines of his pants, a wet spot growing on them.

Keith made a truly beautiful noise as he came; not even a moan but more like a ringing chime. Or at least that was how Mars’ brain tried to make sense of what his ears had heard. It was less a sound than a feeling, a wave passing through him, making his toes curl with nowhere further to go. He didn’t notice he had come in Keith’s hand too until he saw Lynn pull away from Hazel, wiping slick juices from her mouth with the back of her hand.

Mars reached over to the end table for a handful of tissues for the two of them. Left to his own devices, he would have gone outside to smoke a cigarette, but Keith shifted their positions to wrap around him like an octopus. “Let me bask in the afterglow, Mars.”

Mars grunted and settled back. This did not feed the Warbringer spirit like violence did, but this was not alien to it; this was something comrades frequently did during war. He closed his eyes and let himself nap to the sound of Keith’s incessant humming.