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the magic that binds us

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"Jane." Thor's voice was hoarse and breathless. He strained at the glowing magicked ropes that tightly bound his arms behind his back. He had been stripped naked--again--this time in Brunhilde's chambers. "What are you and my friend here planning to do to me?"

Brunhilde smiled slowly and glanced at Jane. Then she sat on the edge of the bed in front of the kneeling god of thunder, stroking his blond hair back from his face. "I can think of a few good ideas." Her hand moved to the side of his jaw and Thor swallowed hard, trying to slow his breathing.

"You like this, don't you," Jane asked softly, walking in a circle around Thor until she was by Brunhilde's side. She leaned close to him. "That we managed to take those ropes from the court where you were captured so we could tie you up like this again."

Thor's face flushed and he strained again to free himself. He was visibly very hard and unable to conceal it. He was silent.

"No?" Jane asked. "So stubborn."

Brunhilde brushed Jane's hair from the back of her neck and laid a kiss there. "I say we ignore him until he decides to admit what he wants."

She began unfastening Jane's armor. Jane leaned in to kiss her, hard. They fumbled to discard their breastplates, and Jane's hands were on Brunhilde's face again, cupping it as they kissed, her lips now on Brunhilde's neck-- "I know what I want," Jane murmured, pulling Brunhilde's shirt off and kissing her breast, her nipple--until Brunhilde let out a loud, desperate gasp.

"What do you want," Brunhilde managed, clutching Jane's head as the other woman kissed down her stomach, her hands on Brunhilde's breasts.

"To taste you," Jane said, looking up into Brunhilde's eyes.

Thor watched and struggled in vain, eyes wide and dark with arousal as Jane made short work of Brunhilde's pants. The naked Valkyrie lay back on the edge of the bed, already breathing hard as Jane kissed softly up the inside of her thigh. Her breath was warm on Brunhilde's skin. She slowly pressed her tongue between Brunhilde's folds to her clit, her hands stroking Brunhilde's hips, her thighs.

She loved Brunhilde's soft moan when she began, and the taste on her tongue that was unique to her lover. With every stroke of her tongue, she took Brunhilde apart a little more. Brunhilde began to moan as pleasure built inside her. Her hips quivered and rocked forward. The strokes of Jane's tongue became firmer. Brunhilde cried out, clutching at Jane's shoulders, her forearms, anywhere she could reach her. With her tongue still pressed to Brunhilde's clit, Jane looked up at Brunhilde in the throws of pleasure, moaning, mouth open, and inserted two fingers inside her. Brunhilde cried out and Jane swore she heard Thor groan in frustration behind her.

"Please," Thor said. "Let me..."

Brunhilde arched her back, rolling her hips into Jane's mouth, on the edge of orgasm. "What...what do you want?"

There was desperate need in Thor's voice. "To pleasure you."

Jane didn't let up, and Brunhilde held on for dear life, clinging to the strong forearm that held her hips down on the bed. She came hard with Jane's fingers inside her and Jane's mouth against her clit, filling her with pleasure like a wave that crashed over her.

She lay there gasping and breathing hard as Jane turned to Thor.

"You've decided you like this?" Jane asked.

Thor huffed and pulled at his bonds. When Jane lifted Thor's chin and kissed him, the god of thunder eagerly kissed her back until she pushed his head back, one hand on his throat.

"Please, lady Jane." Thor lifted his chin so Jane could stroke more of his neck. He closed his eyes. "Fine," he growled. "I'll admit I like this. I like being at your mercy. If only you'll let me pleasure you, both of you, however you want."

Brunhilde propped herself up on her elbows, smirking, still feeling melted from her orgasm. "I like the sound of that."

Jane ran her hands over Thor's shoulders and down his chest. "So do I," she whispered. Thor trembled as Jane's hands massages his straining bound arms, tightly tied behind his back. He tried not to moan as one of her hands moved down and gently stroked his cock. "Do you have any brilliant ideas?" she asked in his ear.

"Yes, lady Jane," Thor managed. His chest rose and fell as he breathed hard. "I want to pleasure you with my mouth until you come."

Jane couldn't help but smile, a little breathless at the passion in Thor's voice. Brunhilde got up and stood behind Thor, maneuvering him over to the bed, still on his knees. Jane shed the rest of her clothes and spread her legs, taking a handful of Thor's hair and tugging his head closer.

"I like having him tied up like this, I think we should do it more often," Jane said to Brunhilde, looking into Thor's eyes. Brunhilde smiled broadly. "You really like being restrained, don't you?" Jane asked softly.

Thor kissed her thigh. "Though I was slow to admit it, yes." At Brunhilde's urging he buried his face in between Jane's legs. Jane held the back of his head, remembering just how good he was at this slow but constant onslaught with his tongue. His blue eyes met hers and Jane could feel that Brunhilde's gaze on her as well-- she looked up and watched Brunhilde massaging Thor's arms and holding his head down. The look on Brunhilde's face was one of completely unabashed desire, and it made Jane even wetter. Thor moaned low in his throat as he ate her out and Jane cursed loudly. The fact that he enjoyed the feeling and the taste of her, and the way he looked between her legs, shoulders tensed with the effort--

Everything built and built, Brunhilde keeping Thor firmly in place, though she didn't need to, for he seemed to not need oxygen and was intent at the task of making Jane orgasm. At last, as Jane moved her hips more desperately against him Thor pressed the flat of his tongue harder and faster against her, and at that point Jane thought she would nearly burst. She felt her body shake uncontrollably. As the pleasure came rushing through her and receded, Thor's mouth was gentler, still bringing her through it and savoring every second.

Her orgasm left her lying there, breathless.

Brunhilde smiled, looking at Jane's languid form collapsed on the bed, and squeezed Thor's shoulders. "I think I know what I want to do now," she said, circling to Thor's front and kneeling down in front of him. When she kissed him, she could taste Jane on his mouth. "I want to fuck you."

Thor closed his mouth, though his chest rose and fell faster, and his face grew redder. "How do you plan to do that, lady Valkyrie?" he asked, feigning disinterest.

"With this," Brunhilde said simply, pulling the silicone strap-on from the box under the bed and fastening it to her hips. She stood up in front of the kneeling god of thunder.

Jane managed to get up, still recovering from the intensity of Thor's mouth on her clit. She moved behind him, massaging deep into his trapezius muscles at the base of his neck. "Do you like the sound of that?"

Thor closed his eyes and let out a breath. He licked his parted lips.

"You have to tell us what you want," Brunhilde pointed out. She brushed her thumb over Thor's lower lip and he opened his mouth eagerly, capturing her finger. When Brunhilde withdrew her thumb Thor heaved a breath.

"Yes, I want you to fuck me." Thor's voice was deep and raspy. He glanced up at Brunhilde, then down at the strap-on attached to her hips.

"Open your mouth," Brunhilde said. Jane gently tugged Thor's head back by his hair and he let out a surprised groan, letting his mouth fall open. Jane held Thor firmly in place as Brunhilde slowly pushed the tip of the strap-on between Thor's parted lips. The size of it forced Thor to open his mouth wide and to Brunhilde and Jane's surprise it made him moan too, deep in his throat. Brunhilde slowly thrust her hips forward, the rhythm reminding Jane of how Brunhilde would begin to fuck her, before she made Jane beg for it harder. Brunhilde thrust slowly into Thor's mouth, deeper and deeper until he breathed hard, saliva running out of the corner of his mouth. Brunhilde pulled all the way out, allowing him to catch his breath.

Jane tightened the bonds on his arms, forcing him to arch back and gasp. "Fuck," Thor managed, before Brunhilde thrust the strap-on back into his mouth, turning the rest of his curses to moans.

"Who knew the god of thunder liked being bound and sucking cock," Brunhilde murmured with a smile. "Fucking fantastic."

Jane knelt behind Thor, kneading his back muscles, them his impressive thighs. It was a beautiful sight, Thor tied up and gasping, trying to manage Brunhilde's strap-on.

"I want you to fuck him," Jane whispered, begged. What Brunhilde was doing to him was already making her wet.

Brunhilde released Thor, who gasped raggedly, mouth wet. "What a treat this is going to be," Brunhilde said. "I want you in the side of the bed."

Thor stood up and let Brunhilde push him down on the side of the bed on his stomach. He grunted as she maneuvered him how she wanted him.

Jane sat on the bed next to him. She had had no idea, years ago when they dated, that the god of thunder might like to be tied up and held down. She put on hand firmly on his arms where they were crossed over the small of his back and Thor groaned and flexed against her.

"Lady Jane," he said. "Tell her to fuck me already."

"You need to be patient," Brunhilde pointed out, as she put lube on the strap on and positioned herself behind Thor. Her hands rubbing his hips made him shudder. "Have you ever been fucked like this before, by a man or woman?"

"None of your business, my lady."

Brunhilde pulled Thor's head back by his hair. "It is my business right now. Very much so in fact."

"I like that," Thor said, with the raising of one brow and a bit of a smile at Jane. "Pull my hair a little harder."

Brunhilde abruptly released him. "Not until you tell me how much experience you have with this sort of fucking."

Jane touched Thor's jaw, and then let her fingers ghost over his neck.

"I've never been fucked like this before," Thor admitted, looking into Jane's eyes. "Despite wanting it."

"Good," Brunhilde murmured. "I'll start slow." Jane watched Thor's eyes close, his mouth opening as Brunhilde slowly entered him, very gently, allowing his body to become used to what she was doing to him. Brunhilde ran her hands up and down his back, urging him to relax. Thor eventually opened his eyes, gasping, to make eye contact with Jane.

"Lady Valkyrie," Thor managed, his deep voice catching in his throat. "What are you going to do to me?"

Brunhilde smiled and shared a look with Jane. She leaned close to Thor and whispered in his ear, "First I'm going to make you beg for it. Then I'm going to fuck you hard."

Jane held the front of Thor's throat with her hand, tilting his face up to kiss her. Thor flexed again the ropes again.

"And you, Lady Jane, what do you want?"

"I just enjoy seeing you tied up," Jane admitted. There was something so hot to her about her and her lover being so petite while Thor, taller and more muscular than both of them, was bound and bent over the side of the bed, vulnerable to whatever Brunhilde wanted to do to him. She had no doubt that without the bonds he would willingly stay in that very position as if bound. But she sensed that he liked fighting against the magicked ropes, as Brunhilde fucked him.

Thor groaned loudly, arching his back. Brunhilde thrust into him harder now, her thighs slapping against him, as Jane held his face and watched his arousal build. His brow was knit together, he panted and groaned and gritted his teeth and opened his eyes to look breathlessly at Jane, his golden hair a beautiful disheveled mess on his shoulders. She kissed him hard.

"Please," Thor rumbled. "Harder."

Brunhilde took hold of the glowing ropes and used them for leverage, driving her hips mercilessly into Thor, breathing hard. She looked absolutely gorgeous as she looked up to meet Jane's eyes, a half smile on her lips, and Jane felt the heat of that look deep inside her.

Thor cursed loudly and cried out again and again until Jane kissed him open mouthed and his moans were stifled in her mouth. Jane knew how good it felt when Brunhilde used the strap-on on her as she was now using it on Thor-- that just when she was sure she couldn't take it any harder, Brunhilde would push her even further into the depths of pleasure.

Thor looked completely gone, his lips parted and wet, eyes falling closed. "Lady Valkyrie," he groaned, "you're going to make me..."

"You love this, don't you," Brunhilde panted, as she kept thrusting, her thighs hitting and moving Thor's body forward with every hard thrust. "That I'm going to make you come while you're bound, without even touching your cock?"

Thor gritted his teeth, letting Jane hold his head back by his hair, her fingers pulling at the roots of it. His whole body tensed as he came with a loud groan. Brunhilde caressed his hips gently as they all caught their breath. Slowly, she pulled out, and then made short work of taking off her harness and freeing Thor from his bonds.

She massaged his stiff arms, warm and tingling where the magic ropes had touched them.

"Fuck," Thor breathed, lying down on his back.

Brunhilde smiled widely and climbed on the bed with Thor and Jane, wriggling herself in between them. "I have to say, you can really take a pounding." She breathed out a long sigh.

Thor let out a small laugh, and let his arm fall gracelessly on the bed over Brunhilde's leg. "You can really dish one out." He glanced up at them and smiled. "I was in over my head the moment the two of you set your eyes on me."

Brunhilde nestled against Jane's shoulder and tilted her head back for a slow kiss. Then she looked at Jane and raised a brow. There was a mischievous smile on her lips. "I say we keep him."