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Short smut with Billy

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you were running into the woods, panting with sweats passing down your chin. you were at you limits but you couldn't stop.

you're currently being chased by your Co workers. THOSE type of Co workers. you could hear their footsteps crunching on the dead leaves.

"GET BACK HERE Y/N!" one of them yelled.

you don't really know the reason why they are chasing you but you guessed it was because one of their friend disappeared.

and they're was last seen with you.

"I DIDN'T KILL HIM DAMMIT!" you yelled between your heavy breaths. your right waist starting hurting.

one of them starting throw rocks at you. you got hit at the back of your knee but kept going.

"ADMIT IT ALREADY!" and the rock hits at the back of your head. you feel onto the hard ground and tried to crawl away but was pushed down by a feet.

"little bitch, that's what you dam get." then one of them takes a grip on your hair.

"I knew you were a slut the moment you joined our group. especially towards Mark, what the hell did you do to him?!" he yells beside your ears.

"cool. I am a slut! but not a dam abductor! who the fuck do you think I am?!" you yelled back, getting blood falling down your head towards your face.

the man gritted his teeth.

"You want me to fucking kill you right now, RIGHT HERE?!" he yells again before releasing your hair.

"wait- dude you're too much!" one of the friend interrogated.

"Oh shut up! this whore isn't going no where without more injuries." he pulls his pocket knife out.

you looked back at him with fears. you close your eyes quickly.

three loud bangs was the only thing you could hear. and you felt liquids on your back. you slowly opened your eyes.

you look at your back and three deceased bodies was the only thing you see in pool of blood.

"now that was unexpected. " a rough voice said, you turn your head towards the voice. it was a tall man wearing blue overalls with a clown mask.

you looked down and saw he was holding a revolver. you tried crawling away quietly but flinch when he looked straight into your soul.

"u-um.. are you gonna kill me?" you asked looking down nervously. the man slowly shake his head.

"this is enough for dinner." he shrugs before coming near you. you let out a small 'dinner..?' before he nods.

"since you saw me, you're coming with me." he pulls you in and carries you in a bridal style. you blushed.

"Last time I checked serial killers aren't that soft?" you asked him before wrapping your hands around his shoulder. he feels buff.

"no. you're just lucky." even through his mask, you could tell he was blushing a bit. you chuckled.

"I'm Y/N, you?"


he smack his lips onto yours. Well he lifted his mask before that of course.

he's still uncomfortable showing his face.

you both were on the couch, wanted to watch some shows on the TV after he treated your injuries.

but now you guys are desperate for eachother's touch. you kissed him back before wrapping your arms around his neck, bringing him closer.

he then pull your shirt up, throwing it onto the ground. he looks to your chest, drooling over it.

"ooo, someone's staring." you tease him, grabbing his attention and making him blush hard.

"am not."

you went to sit on his lap, your chest being close to his face. he starts licking the left breast, playing the other breast with his other hand.

you softly moans, feeling a boner under you.

you then suddenly was pushed down to the couch, your hips was up on the air, and your pussy was wet for more.

you hear him unzips his overalls, revealing he was wearing a white tank top underneath the whole time.

he licks his two fingers before putting them into your vagina. he earns a soft moans from you, making his boner twitch.

"I'm sorry Y/n but.." you let out a small 'hm' before realising he slammed into you fully. you let out a moan with your eyes wide opened.

your hands clenching on the couches arm resting for balance support.

your stomach feels like it was full. before anything, he thrust into you hard. slamming again and again into you, leaving you breathless.

"Billy!" you moan his name, receiving love bites on your shoulders from him. he grabs you by the arm and pulls it behind you.

"Y/n.." he moans into your ears, making you clench on his dick. the room was filled with skin slapping mixed with pants.

"I'm cumming..!" you yelled out before cumming. he then sloppily thrust into you a few more times before letting it out on your back.

you dropped onto the couch, trying to breath normally. you chuckled before turning to see Billy.

he's panting for air too.

he looks at you with concerns, trying to check if he accidentally injured you anywhere else.

"I'm fine Billy, I'm fine." you warmly smile at him, earning a small blush on his cheeks. you sat up and sat close to him.

he flinched before you grab his chin, forcing him to look into your eyes. you chuckled.

"..what?" he ask softly, grabbing your other hand into his.

"your just so, cute." you kiss him passionly.