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Optional Main Female Character Scenarios 🔞

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She looks too adorable in her pajamas (actually, your pajamas) that you just can’t leave her be. She sits with her legs crossed beneath her as the book her tired eyes scan over rests in her lap, and all you can focus on is the way the strap of her baby blue top has fallen from her shoulder and how her teeth nibble on her bottom lip when she concentrates.

“Take a picture. It’ll last longer.” When she teases you, your eyes widen, not realizing she noticed you even while reading the chapter in her novel. A light-hearted giggle follows the words, her eyes shifting to you with a lick of her lips. “Like what you see?”

A smile spreads over your lips before you answer. “Of course.” Then you sigh, all grins fading as her brow wrinkles. “But…”

“But?” She asks, brows now rising.

“But…” The word lingers on your tongue for a moment, eyes rolling up in thought. “Well, you’ve been reading for a while, and…”

“And?” she asks again, snickering.

“…and I’m a bit bored. A bit lonely. Mostly cold and needy.” It’s true, and the pout on your lips confirms as she closes the book to toss to the coffee table in front of her, making sure not to knock over her empty mug that used to be full of hot chocolate.

“So, what should we do about that?” she asks, reaching to tug lightly against your flimsy, grey t-shirt. You follow the pull until your lips brush against her own with her breath hot against your cheek once she tilts her head.

“I had a few things in mind.” A sly grin forms at the corners of your mouth a second before her skin is pressed to your own, warming your entire body with just one touch as the smell of lavender fills your nose.

Once her back falls against the sofa you have ample room to fit snug between her parted thighs, soft moans beginning to be shared between you both as her fingers wrap firmly around your neck. You can’t help yourself, touching her is what you have been dying to do, so your palm presses to her thigh before slipping low enough to earn a whimper from her lips.

When your fingers press to her clothed center, her lips leave yours once her jaw falls open, another soft moan escaping her to fill your ears. You can’t help but to grin, slipping your fingers up and down to tease her through her pajamas, seconds before her hands lower down to your chest. Taking you by surprise, cold fingertips find their way beneath your shirt, brushing over your skin until her thumbs begin to tease two hardened nipples.

Your back arches to push your chest into her hands, inviting her to do as she wishes while you begin to tug on the elastic of her thin pajamas pants. Her fingers pinch and squeeze your nipples ever so lightly, drawing out a few gasps while making it difficult to concentrate on getting your hand between her thighs once again, yet you succeed after a moment to slip your palm over her slit, feeling the dampness of her growing arousal against your skin.

Her  actions halt for a moment, getting lost in the way you touch her as her eyes flicker before fluttering to a close and her breaths catch in her throat. Your palm is replaced by two fingers slipping up and down her slit, teasing her gently beneath her pajamas while thankful she decided to forget her panties for the evening.

A steady stream of soft, delightful moans spill from her lips as you raise your body for a moment to take in her slacked jaw and eyes screwed shut, all the while reaching with your other hand to tug her loose pajama pants down her hips, giving yourself better access. Once the elastic is resting against her thighs, you finally notice the glistening of her juices against her skin, realizing how worked up she had become.

A smirk forms as you dip your head back down to her lips, silencing her noises of pleasure for a moment while pressing your fingers to her clit. Bliss fills her in the form of small circles against the swelling bud, drawing out each whimper against your lips she releases. It doesn’t take long for her moans to be accompanied by her rolling her hips to meet the friction between her thighs, and your patience begins to wear thin as you notice her struggling to clamp them around your hand.

“I can feel you getting so, so wet,” you tease her, lust dripping from every word as the ache between your own thighs grows. You’re not sure how much longer you can hold on, loving the way her face twists with pleasure and her body begs you for more, yet needing a release of your own just from watching her.

The moment you slip your fingers from her clit to ease inside of her, her legs tighten around your body, trembling as a subtle gasp hits your ears. Your mouth lowers to her jaw, pressing kisses here and there until your teeth scrape lightly across the skin of her neck, earning a breathy whimper of your name. By the time you’re curling your fingers inside of her you had already moved to her chest, thankful her top with the loose straps has already fallen off her shoulders to provide easy access for your lips to wrap around her hardened nipple after lowering the fabric just a bit more.

“I wanna-wanna come,” she exhales, hips moving against your hand in slow rolls once your thumb presses to her clit. Her nails dig into your side, letting you know just how good you’re making her feel even if her symphony of moans are enough validation. “I’m getting… getting close.” She becomes so breathless as you tease her nipples with flicks of your tongue while drawing her end closer, fingers curled inside of her to hit her most sensitive spot and thumb circling her aching, swollen clit.

You know she won’t last much longer, making your desire to fill her with pleasure rise as your mouth lowers down her body, pulling your hand from between her thighs only momentarily to earn a dissatisfied moan in return. However, once she catches on as you begin to peel the pajama bottoms from her body to toss to the floor, she remains content until the moment your tongue slips between her folds to taste her juices.

Breathy curses and gasps and whimpers fill the air as you part her thighs with both palms pressed against her heated skin, tongue circling her clit to draw out every single noise of pleasure she tries to hide behind a bitten lip. From the way she trembles against your hands, you know she’s getting closer and that’s when you decide to allow her to linger on the edge of ecstasy for a moment as you lower your motions to her dripping center, tasting her juices to watch her squirm while she becomes impatient.

“P-please,” she mutters a moment before you lick back up to her clit and circle the swollen bud once again. You focus all your attention on getting her off while watching her come undone before you. A final gasp fills the living room, her thighs tighten around you where even your hands can’t keep them apart, and her hips push against your eager mouth while you never stop sucking against her clit until the moment her body slacks before you.

You pull away grinning, wiping your mouth with a satisfied smirk as she lays breathless before you. You lick your lips of any remnants of her arousal before lowering yourself to kiss her lips once, and in attempting to pull away, she clutches your t-shirt just like before to pull you back in for seconds. A soft moan vibrates her skin from your lips, allowing her to taste herself on your tongue a few seconds before settling on your heels.

However, as she regains her mind and energy, a devilish grin forms on her lips, only a second before she’s rising to pull her flimsy top from her body to toss aside and leave her bare. She pushes you against the sofa before attacking your lips playfully, soft chuckling between the kiss while taking you by surprise.

“Clothes off,” she commands, though still slightly shaken from the pleasure once she begins to pull your t-shirt over your head, followed by her tugging on your thin pajama shorts.

You sit before her in nothing but a pair of skimpy, peach-colored panties, and she is quick to tug them aside with her finger hooking into the base of the fabric as she peppers kisses over your lips, cheek, and jaw. Your body melts into the couch, allowing her to have her way as her lips ghost over your neck the moment she reaches to tease your slit with a single finger.

“You’re already soaked, baby,” she informs you with a satisfied groan following, as if you weren’t aware how worked up you had gotten yourself pleasuring her. The ache between your thighs already warned you how much you would be dripping by the time she touched you, yet it came as a surprise to her.

Your only reply is a soft whimper of her name, hips pushing toward her to ask for more. The need for release grows and your entire body flushes with heat, desire, lust, once her fingers press to your clit.

“Tell me what you want,” she orders you, “let me hear you say it.”

She’s getting cocky, you think, knowing after reaching her end she is in a position to be, yet you can’t deny her request.

“Make me come,” you gasp, eyes shutting tight, head lolling back, “please. With your tongue.” Dying to receive the same treatment, you push all pride aside seconds before she dips her head lower, opening your eyes long enough to see the wicked smirk on her lips before her tongue darts out to lick a single stripe up your slit.

Your hips jerk in response, thighs threatening to close if it weren’t for steady palms pressed against them.  She repeats the motion, earning soft moans in return when her tongue finds your clit to slip up and down, if only to tease. However, you find it hard to care when bliss fills you instantly, loving the way she knows exactly what you like as she performs slow, steady circles around and around.

The same stream of noises slip from your lips you previously earned from her, gently rocking your hips against her tongue to get lost in the pleasure she offered. Your hands lowered to cup your own breasts as soft whimpers of her name mixed with curses filled the room, feeling her tongue quicken with its pace around your clit.

Just as you’re slipping away to heaven with her mouth against your skin, she surprises you by lining up two fingers to ease them inside your clenched walls, curling the digits a moment later. A gasp spills from within, back arching from the sofa as your hands lower to entangle fingers into strands of her hair.

She realizes your end is near as she continues to gently pump her fingers against the spot that has you seeing stars, tongue working against your clit before her lips wrap around to lightly suck the swollen, aching bud. Your jaw slacks. Your body trembles. Your eyes remain shut tight and the noises you release fade into silence as the first rush of bliss swells and surges through you.

Every limb, finger, and toe tingles with electricity and she never pulls her mouth away as you ride out the pleasure against her tongue and fingers. Moans and gasps and whimpers pour from your lips a moment later, getting lost in the ecstasy, getting lost in the moment, and getting lost in the way that she knows to love you best.

When she finally pulls away, you’re left breathless and motionless on the sofa, other than your thighs still quivering as the remnants of pleasure trickle through your body. Your mind is a mess and between your thighs even more so, knowing the both of you need a hot, relaxing shower to come down before bed.

“So, still bored, lonely, cold, and needy?” she asks with words taunting you with every syllable and a teasing grin. You quickly shake your head, chuckling while staring up at her behind sleepy eyes.

“Of course not,” you quickly reply, leaning forward to grip her by the waist and pull her close. “Well, maybe a little cold. But that’s nothing we can’t fix together.”

Her lips lingering on yours after you finish speaking sparks the warmth you need inside of you with a kiss, knowing that whatever the problem is - whether you’re bored, lonely, cold, or needy - she is always the remedy.