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I love you stranger

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Trixie has a plan, but life doesn't care about. Since she was a little girl, Trixie knew what kind of life she wanted and she is willing to work for it. She dreams about the moment her worries about money are going to cease, and she will be touring de world with her music hand by hand with her perfect lover. So far she just have work and a lot of it. Knowing exactly were she is going to be every moment of the day, gives her a strong sense of comfort. Two works plus dance classes and making Youtube videos, sometimes is not enough to keep her mind out of the darkness. Tonight, she should be celebrating her 23rd birthday but instead she took another gig.

        Roses, orchids, peonies and lilies, the venue is dripping with flowers. The stage and the dance floor are illuminated by at least a thousand candles. The party is surrounded by photographs of the grooms and people she recognized from magazines and media even if she can't name them. It's just the engagement party and the display of wellness and romanticism it's over the top. Trixie grew up thinking that a full collection of McDonalds's Barbies and her guitar was a good amount of richness. Today is one of those moments when she realizes that life has never come easy for her. She is tired, hungry and feels lonely. She only has time to allow this kind of thoughts because the lucky couple hasn't arrive yet. They are already half and hour late and Trixie was supposed to play for just an hour.

"I am sorry darling. Apparently the grooms are stuck in traffic. They are going to compensate your time. Meanwhile feel free to look around"

"Thank you Mallory"

      At least she is going to earn a little more tonight and she has being thinking about visiting the fountain at the back of the garden. This year she didn't have a cake to make a wish but maybe the old penny on the fountain will do the trick. She walked between people dress in designer clothes, waitresses and photographers. The bar seems to be the only point of interest at the moment.

     Trixie felt like the statue of the fountain was calling her, like she needed to see it as close as possible. It was the statue of a woman, probably a greek goddess, holding a torch and a key. The sound of the water is even sweeter and calmer because of all the red and pink roses covering it's surface. The delicate flowers seemed dancing on the water like trying to cast a spell. Trixie's gaze was fixated on them when the appeared to open and revealed the most mesmerizing imagine she had ever seen. There was a woman sitting at the other side of the fountain, looking down, completely lost in her thoughts. A beautiful woman, with long blond wavy hair, long black lashes, prominent cheek bones and red full lips. Her albatross skin shined with the reflection of the water like she was made out of stars. She wasn't dressed like the rest of the guest in fancy clothes, she was wearing a simple black dress with long sleeves and sinful cleavage on the back. Her arms and back were adorned with intricate black outline tattoos. Trixie wanted to memorize her and see her eyes up close.

     Between the enchantment and her own thought, Trixie didn't notice the exact moment the mysterious woman disappeared. Suddenly the singer felt nervous and tried to ground herself by looking on her purse for a coin. She was there to make a wish after all.

"Looking for something?" A sweet voice said behind her invading her skin with chills. Trixie turned around immediately looking like a child that has being discovered doing a mischief.
"Oh!..Ah..I was looking for my wallet"
"You know today dinner is on the grooms right?" Said the beautiful blonde with a half smile.
"Yes, I..I'm sorry is just something foolish..really"
"Tell me Barbie, I'm curious" Those eyes, there they were. Two beautiful blue gems looking at her and making her feel absolutely helpless.
"I just wanted a penny to.."
"Make a wish!"
"Magic is a serious matter darling." The girl said showing a big smile with her perfect white teeth. "Mind if I ask you if there's a special reason?"
"Today is my birthday..and my name is Trixie"
"Fitting!" The girl approached a little bit more to her. "Talulah, fountains are not for birthdays. Wait here"

    Trixie couldn't tell if she was making fun of her or just smiling in a mischievous way. But she was intrigued by the girl and flattered by her apparent interest. The curiosity about the other was mutual. But before she couldn't say anything else the blond was gone, almost running in really high black stilettos. Trixie felt disappointed and turned again to look at the fountain thinking about her wish. She always wishes for the same thing since she was sixteen and her world was far form a good reality. Suddenly her wish didn't feel right anymore. In that moment she just wanted to talk with the blond and solved the big mystery of who she is, what she likes, what she dreams of or wish for, anything else about that beautiful creature.

"Here you go Tamara" said the blond with the brightest smile, offering Trixie a little vanilla cupcake with white frosting and a pink sugar rose.
"This is..thank you" Trixie smile at the cute gesture.
"Just don't tell the grooms that I stole a cupcake before dinner. Wait! Hold it!"
Trixie took the cupcake with both hands protecting it like a delicate treasure. Meanwhile the blond took something out of her purse, a bright red lighter with a letter "K" imprinted in gold.

"This should work. Make a wish Barbara"
"I don't even know your name.."
"Not relevant"
"It is..please"
"Today is about you!" The blond insisted with a light touch to Trixie's hand. "Katya you can call me Katya. Now blow Toby! Make a really good wish"
Trixie didn't closed her eyes to make her wish, instead she looked directly into Katya's eyes that were blue as the midnight sky and shining like if they contained the moon in all it's glory.

"Happy birthday Tracy"
"You know my name, you just refuse to say it. Why?"
Katya looked at her with a playful look and bite her lip. "I'm not going to say it until I can call you mine"

    That quote was shoot directly into Trixie's heart and made her whole body shook with anticipation. She didn't know how or who closed the gap between them, but the next thing that she felt was Katya's soft lips on her. Katya was filling the space with life and magic. It was a kiss short and sweet but somehow engraved passion in all her body.

    But the universe is tricky, of course such a precious moment couldn't last long, not for Trixie. Life just doesn't work that way for her. An anguish scream pulled them apart. There was a tall slim woman running and looking for Katya. Trixie didn't now what happened, she just saw the other woman whispering something to Katya, and suddenly the energy of the night was dense. Katya's smile felt down, her eyes turned dark and full of panic.

"I'm sorry Trix'

Was the last thing Katya said to Trixie before running away. Suddenly the mood of the party was grim and quiet. Trixie tried to follow Katya but was stopped by the organizer.

"Trixie, sorry girl. They just told me to end the party. Here is your full paycheck and a compensation for the wait. Please make sure to gather all your stuff"
"What happened?"
"I don't know, maybe one of the grooms got the cold feet."
"Oh that is so sad"
"It's more common than you think. Have a great night honey. And if you want to take home some dinner ask in the kitchen for a doggy bag"

Trixie looked at her hands holding the only evidence that her perfect moment has been real. And that's how her birthday number twenty three ended between magic and confusion.