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A Twitch Stream Brought Us Together (TodoDeku)

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“WHOA! WHOA! MOMMY LONGLEGS IS COMING!” Deku screamed in fear.

His whole chat screamed emojis of laughter, feared comments, and occasionally hate comments.

“WHOA! Her leg is gone and- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” Deku screamed in pure terror as he saw something on his computer screen.

Deku was playing Chapter 2 of Poppy’s Playtime and died almost 27 times because of his own stupidity and fear. He loved Kissy Missy though.

“This game is so scary! Why would anyone play this?” Deku asked in pure terror, “I would because this game is so freaking amazing!”

Deku then started laughing and finished the game.

“Woooooo. That was a fun stream! What did you think, Chat?” Deku asked his viewers through his microphone.

‘LMFAO! His reaction to that scary ass hand!’

‘He screams like a girl lol’

‘L Bozo + ratio’

‘That game was scary! 😱’

“You’re right, Chat! The game was super scary but also really fun!” Deku claimed.

The chat went wild with questions about his face reveal.

“Now, Chat, we discussed this. I’m not revealing my face until I get a significant other!” Deku claimed.

Deku knew his fans were anxious to see his face because they wanted to know what he looked like. He claimed that his hair was green, his eyes were green, and he had freckles but that was it.

The chat wanted the full thing.

“I told you all, I’m not comfortable showing my face.” Deku claimed. Then… the hate comments started to pop up.

‘What a joke’

‘Ew. Is he a pedo or smth?’

‘Wtf is your problem, asshole, show your face already!’

‘Stop being a pussy and show your ugly ass face! >:(‘

Deku frowned and sighed.

“Haters back off.” Deku growled, “I don’t want you all to be rude.”

More haters started to appear and started to talk shit until a few fans stood up for Deku.

Deku sighed and thanked his fans for the support before ending the stream with his usual outro.

After ending the stream, Deku removed his headphones and rubbed his temple with his hands.

“Why can’t the haters leave me alone?” Deku asked himself, “I’m trying to have fun and they’re treating me like I’m a joke.”

He sighed.

“Maybe I should eat something.” Deku claimed, “I mean I already finished my homework and it’s 7:45pm so might as well.”

Deku stood up and stretched.

Deku is a 21 year old college student studying to be a physiologist at UA University. He was often teased for being a nerd and worked a part time at his good friend, Uraraka’s cafe called Floating Pastries where her pastries are and he quoted, “out of this world.”

Deku found some of his mother, Inko’s homemade Katsudon which he loved a lot. He placed the container in the microwave and smelled the food. He smiled happily and took it out as soon as the food was finished.

The green haired male waited until the food was cool before taking a nice, big bite out of his food. He hummed happily and smiled. His phone then buzzed as he got a text from Kirishima.

SharkTeeth: Hey, Midoriya! Did you finish your homework for your classes?

GreenAllMight: Hi, Kirishima! Yes, I did finish! Wby?

SharkTeeth: No, not really. Bakugou kinda forced me to sit in this dumbass chair and finish it. TwT

GreenAllMight: Well, tbh you deserve it. He’s your boyfriend and he wants you to pass!

SharkTeeth: Yeah I know. AH SHIT! HES BACK! LATER MIDOBRO!

GreenAllMight: XD Good Luck, Kiri!

Deku laughed as he finished his food and smiled. He put the container in the sink and walked to his room. He changed out of his clothes and into someone pajamas (a blue shirts and some black basketball shorts) before climbing into his bed.

“What a day!” Deku claimed with a smile, “Goodnight, World, let’s have another great day tomorrow.” With that, Deku turned off his lights and fell asleep.

~~~~IN THE MORNING (With Todoroki)~~~~

Shoto was awoken by the sound of his alarm clock. He sat up and turned it off before stretching his muscles. He popped his arms and fingers slightly.

“SHOTO! BREAKFAST!” Shoto’s sister, Fuyumi called from downstairs.

“Coming!” Shoto called.

The bi-color haired male slipped on a light blue button up, black jeans, and a pair black and white chucks. The male fixed his hair so he didn’t look like a hobo and washed his face.

Shoto the grabbed his bag and walked downstairs. He was greeted by his older brothers, Touya and Natsuo and his older sister, Fuyumi.

Touya, who prefers to be called Dabi, was being scolded by Natsuo about sneaking his boyfriend around.

“So what if I bring Keigo around?” Dabi asked.

“Tou, none of us want to be woken up by the sound of you two going at it like rabbits in mating season.” Natsuo hissed.

Shoto snorted and sat down at the table while Fuyumi shot him a death glare while serving breakfast.

“Enough arguing. Eat!” Fuyumi scolded as she sat down.

The four siblings ate their food and chatted while Shoto remained silent.

“Hey, Sho? Have you ever heard of a Twitch Streamer called Deku?” Dabi asked Shoto.

“I don’t watch Twitch, Dabi.” Shoto claimed, “Don’t have time.”

“Just watch while Natsuo drops you off.” Dabi claimed, “That way you won’t hear him mumble about a girl every seven minutes.”

“HEY!” Natsuo exclaimed.

“Fine. Send me a clip from his streams.” Shoto claimed as he finished his breakfast, “I’ll wait in the car, Natsuo.”

Shoto left and felt his phone buzz. The clip from the stream was sent to Shoto.

Shoto sighed as he plugged in his headphones and listened to what he thinks is a college student speak in a cheerful attitude to his audience.

The bi-color haired student didn’t notice how long he’s been watching until he felt Natsuo pull off his headphones.

“Earth to Shoto! We’re here!” Natsuo chuckled.

“I’m sorry, Natsuo.” Shoto mumbled.

“It’s fine, Sho. Have a good day, Fuyumi will come get you.” Natsuo claimed.

Shoto nodded. He found it embarrassing that his siblings had to drive him to and from school but his car was damaged no thanks to Dabi. The fucking prick crashed it on his way to get Keigo for their date night or what Shoto calls it, their “Sex Night”.

Shoto shuddered.

“Excuse me? Are you cold?” Someone asked.

The youngest Todoroki turned and locked eyes with a certain green haired male he knows as Izuku Midoriya, from their physiology class.

“Midoriya, good morning, and no. Im not cold. Just thinking of something… disturbing.” Shoto told Izuku.

“Oh! Okay then, Todoroki!” Izuku said with a smile on his face. Shoto gave a small smile back.

“Midoriya?” Shoto asked.

“Hm? Yes, Todoroki?”

“Do you know the streamer, Deku?”