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Everybody Loves Paul

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Everyone Loves Paul

By: I Should Be Sleeping (AKA: Moar Sleep)

Disclaimer: I own nothing.


“Goodness! You must be starving! Have more darling!”


Hermione Jean Granger watched with tired resignation as her mother buttered another scone for her husband, feeding him by hand as if he was a child. In all honesty he could be at times, but Paul was perfectly capable of feeding himself. He was a grown man with a wife and a child on the way.


“Son, you grow bigger each time we see you. Such a strong lad. You still up for watching the game down at the pub tonight with my mates?”


“Of course Dad! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!”


Large honeyed eyes rolled heavenward as she sank further into the couch of her parents sofa, located in Kent. Her feet were swollen and she was only four months along. All she wanted was a bit of peace, but her parents had come home early from their dental office and had immediately bombarded her husband with treats and talk about sports.


They absolutely adored Paul.


And Paul, the shameless wolf, knew it and soaked up the attention gladly. Her mother would spend hours in the kitchen creating delicious baked goods and her father got someone to hang out with, talk sports and show off to the rest of his friends.


“Oh him? That’s my son-in-law Paul! Built like a rugby player and could take all of you on and win.”


Her father practically glowed as he finally got that son he always wanted.


Even bloody Harry and Ron loved him!


Paul was ridiculously athletic due to his shapeshifting ability. Add to that his penchant for adventure, inability to get drunk and a reckless behavior that both Harry and Ron had yet to grow out of, and he was one of the boys.


In fact, Harry had texted Paul earlier because he had bought a new phone and did not have her number memorized.


Let that sink in for a moment.



Harry James Potter, her friend since they were eleven years old, could not be arsed to remember her number, but her husband? Not even an Obliviate would allow the man-who-may-be-hexed-by-an-annoyed-pregnant-witch to forget Paul Oberon Lahote!




If she did not love him as well, she probably would have been jealous with everyone falling all over him, but that large wolf was just too wonderful. She also wanted her child to know their father, so that was another reason she could not just be done and leave him to his growing fan club.


“Hey babe. Are you alright? Do you want me to rub your feet again? Your nose is scrunching up in your cute, slightly discomforted look.”


Hermione felt a smile curl on her lips as her mother placed an adoring kiss on Paul’s head while her father grinned widely.


Sweet Circe this man was everything and she thanked all tribal Gods and fate for pairing them together! Her parents loved how he doted on her and she was a sucker for his large brown eyes and never-ending concern for her.


Tears started to roll down her cheeks and Paul looked horrified as he jumped to her side.


“Baby girl? Are you ok? Are you hurt? Mom! Dad! Call the ambulance!”


“Oh darling. She is just hormonal, and you are being wonderful,” her mother said as she too started to tear up.


Her father placed a hand on his shoulder from his kneeling position in front of her. “Son. You are an amazing man, and you will be a fantastic father.”


Paul looked up at her father, his deep brown eyes humbled by his words. “Thank you Dad.”


“They’re right Paul. These are happy tears because I am so blessed to have you!”


The Quileute native simply reached down and placed her dainty foot upon his lap before massaging the aching arch in a very soothing way. Hermione practically melted further into the cushions and let out a pleased sigh.


Everyone loved Paul and he was most deserving of that love and then some.