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Whatever It Take

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Title: Whatever It Takes 1
Author: Christy
Rating: FR15
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these series....I'm just borrowing the situation for a bit. 
Genre: Gen/AU
Fandoms: Angel/In Death
Series: Part 1 of 4
Word Count: 517
Timeline: Set after the series for Angel and after all the books so far for Eve Dallas
Written For: twistedshorts Fic #17
Summary: Eve doesn't like the lack of information she's getting about her latest homicide.

Eve Dallas looked up from reviewing the body to see her partner heading towards her, a little green around the gills.  It wasn't often that a headless body was found in a recycler.

"Peabody, what do we have?" she demanded, standing up and wiping the Seal-It off of her hands with a rag.

"Victim, known as Merl Roberts, was from New LA and apparently opted for some cosmetic adjustments, judging from the deep green tint of the skin," she informed the Lieutenant as the walked back to Eve's ride for the day. Since her ride was on the fritz again and Maintenance was being their typical, to Eve anyway, stick up their ass bungholes, she'd had to take one of Roarke's fleet of cars to the crime scene.  And though she knew Peabody got a kick out of it every time it happened, it still embarrassed Eve to show up to a crime scene in a car that cost more than most cops made in a year.  But, she looked over at Peabody as she got in.

"Less guessing, more facts, Peabody," she reminded her as she pulled up the door to door list the on-scene officers had just finished doing.

"Well, sir, other than that, the only interesting thing I found out from the uniforms canvassing the nearby apartment buildings is that one of the tenants who couldn't be located at this time is currently doing a shift at the Down and Dirty."

Eve smiled at this bit of information.  "Really?  And who should we be asking our good buddy Crack for when we get down there?" she asked.

"Michaels, Faith.  She lives in 14A and apparently has been working at the club since before your bachelorette party," Peabody said with a grin, even when Eve speared her with a look.


"Hey, white girl.  What brings you 'round these parts?" asked the ebony mountain that owned and bounced the Down and Dirty- the only strip club Eve had ever voluntarily entered.

"Hey, Crack.  We're actually here about one of your girls."

"Oh?  Which one?  All my girls came in for their shift today, so don't know what some little Homicide girl needs to be up here for," Crack countered with a big grin.

Eve smirked.  "No, we just want to ask her if she saw anything outside her building the other night.  Her name's Faith Michaels."

"Faith?  She's my girl- closest friend I have in the world besides my little sister, God rest her.  She ain't afraid to crack a few heads herself when it's needed.  She's in the back.  I'l let her know and you ladies can just sit and watch the show til she's done."

Eve and Peabody opted to grab seats at the bar and sip on some coffee before Faith came out.  Eve could see how she succeeded in her profession- her whole tone, body language and attitude all screamed sex. Then she opened her mouth and Eve thought she'd definitely found a kindred spirit.  "So what asshole accused me of beating his ass this time?" she demanded as she sat down.