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Don't mess with crime lords.

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Don't mess with crime lords.

Chapter 1

Asami Akihito (24)
-Born Takaba Akihito
- Ex-criminal photojournalist investigator.
- Renowned photographer known for Sion photo art exhibition and charity work.
- Married to Asami Ryuichi.

Asami Ryuichi (37)
- Multi billionaire
- President of Sion industry
- Currently controls half of Japan and the underworld known as “King of the underworld”
- He’s a very dangerous man.

Yuri Magira (24)
-Known as Casino Lily engaged to Anthony Monte Carlo.

Lord Anthony Monte Carlo (34)
- He’s a multi billionaire. He is the President of Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas.
- Father is Lord of Monaco.
- Mother Isabella Giuseppe.
- Known to have connections to Sicilian Mafia from his mother’s side.

Ayase Yukiya (23)
- 1st year university law student.
- Officially adopted into Kanou household couple years ago.

Kanou Somuku (36)
- Multimillionaire businessman.
- President of a yakuza clan inherited from his father.
-A very ruthless individual.

Liu Tao (15)
- High school student.
- Adopted by his uncle Liu Fei Long
- Future leader of Baishe.

Liu Fei Long (30)
He's a multimillionaire businessman
- Present leader of Baishe.
- Possessor of the casino deed in Macau

Sasha Arbatov (23)
- born in Russia
- Architect student in Moscow
- Married to Mikhail Arbatov.

Mikhail Arbatov (30).
- Multimillionaire
-Ruthless businessman
- Leader of the Russia Mafia.
He closed the file with all ten names inside and a sick smile appeared on his deranged face. His man took a while to gather the information he asked for but he did it, it was unorthodox but precise. Who knew the delightful cocktail he saw that night in the Monte Carlo casino would bring such fame and fortune. The same night he lost everything at the poker tables.

He saw the five boys laughing and playing happily at a roulette table. Rumours were saying they all belonged to very important rich men. And they are here for a wedding.
That got his attention on the boys. Not one in particular but all of them. A sick plan started forming in his crazy mind. With the help of his newly found accomplice he accidentally bumped into him at the bar.

Najima Takuya was sitting drunk at the bar inside Monte Carlo Casino. He had just lost all the money he came to Las Vegas to gamble with.
Takuya Nojima, 32 years old son of Nojima Yoshihiko, ex-president of Public Entertainment Production. He had just finished a five-year sentence in Japan for attempted murder.

He was the one who try to kill Kyosuke Iwaki, the current president of the company.
After his release from prison he found out the one who helped the famous actor to take over his father’s company was the one and only Asami Ryuichi.

This guy was going to be his eyes and ears in Japan.

He stretched in his leather chair downing the last of his drink and closed his eyes. If he planned this right he will have everything he desires in no time. Power, fame and fortune. Something he craved for so long. He tried to gain it through gambling, extortion and even murder but so far nothing worked the way he wanted it.

But no this time it will work. He will gamble and play his cards right. A sweet opportunity like that, doesn’t come around twice and he have to take it now. After all life is a gamble on the poker table. You win or lose, live or die.

Years ago he used to be a well-known business man on Wall Street but his gambling addictions drained all his resources and was broke in no time. He was looking to find different ways to satisfy his hunger. And power, fame and fortune was exactly what he needed to satisfy his hunger.

Five bishounens would bring exactly that. All those multi-billions and multi millions were dancing in front of his eyes. His deranged mind was laughing louder and louder blocking the only shred of sanity left in him, screaming how dangerous this game would be.

Deciding it was time he called his right man in.

“Jack! Inside my office … now”

Five minutes later, a tall scrawny man with the face of a weasel walked into his office.

“Ya Smith you call me… what you want” he asked with a boring voice looking disinterested at his ugly manicured nails.

“I'm your boss.” He screams. “You answer to me with ‘Yes boss’ and never call me by my name dammit do you understand”
This time he really blew a casket seeing how disrespectful he was being treated by his men. But not for long once he gained all that power he will fire them … kill them all that is better... yes… yes kill them all... and hire better men to the job for him but for now he have to use this trash.

“Yes, boss” Jack answered with sarcasm.

“Get all the men ready. We are going to Japan. It is time to play.”

He rubbed his hands in anticipation thinking how easy it was going to be. His Intel brought good news to him this morning. Three of the key players left the nest and they are here in Las Vegas meaning their sweethearts were home alone and unattended.
What a good opportunity to strike and snatch the beauties right from their homes. Luck was in his side, two of the boys were currently in Japan .
He won’t have to go and fetch them from all over the world. Four boys in one place what of stroke of luck.

He gathers all his man, fifty to be exact, ten for each boy, fifty two counting Jack and himself. That will be enough he thought to himself. They booked a flight and 20 hours later they arrived in Japan.

What a joke. This delusional character he thinks he can take on not one but five crime lords, some of the richest and most powerful men in the world. Fifty two idiots were walking in the lion’s den.

That will be fun to watch.