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Shen Wei woke up with his body ached in places he didn’t even know it was possible to ache in. The night before, he gave himself to the love of his life. Just barely turning 18, he was a nervous wreck when they began. Well, it’s not like he was ever taught about the birds and the bees. However, as he grew up, he was advised by the few people closest to him (three to be exact including the one that was currently embracing him in bed) that this was something that you saved for someone special. There was no need to rush. He could wait until he’s older or after he tied the knot or else, he might regretted it. He looked up in the dark at the sleeping man he was snuggling with and pondered. Regret? No. There was definitely no regret. There’s always a first to everything in life. Why not share it with someone that you really care and love dearly? Shen Wei pulled himself up slowly from his boyfriend’s shoulder and gave him a lingering kiss on the cheek. As the sky was still black, he snuck back into the warmth and drifted back to sleep.


Zhao Yunlan constantly reminded himself that he needed to wait until his lover was absolutely ready. He could feel that Shen Wei’s heart was pounding so he asked again, “Are you sure?”

Underneath him, Shen Wei nodded. He gave Zhao Yunlan that rare beautiful smile that was only reserved for him.

“Ok,” he whispered and returned the smile. “Then let me take care of you.” Zhao Yunlan peppered his face with kisses. First, his eyes. Then, his temples before exploring Shen Wei’s mouth with his talented tongue. They kissed for awhile before Zhao Yunlan’s hand travelled downward and gave a gentle tug and some strokes to test the water. Shen Wei whimpered. His breath grew shallower. There was an overwhelming sensation coursing through his nerves that he had never experience prior. He gripped Zhao Yunlan’s arm tightly.

Zhao Yunlan took pity on him and discontinued his ministrations. In a husky voice, trying to control his own desire, he said, “Turn around. It’ll be easier, I promise.”

Shen Wei blinked and obligingly turned slowly. He shivered when he felt Zhao Yunlan trailed more kisses from his neck to his back, nipping and marking Shen Wei at random places like a piece of artwork while his hands caressed him. It was a soothing sensation and Shen Wei felt more at ease until naughty fingers slid between the sheets and pinched one of his sensitive nipple while his bottom was marked.

“Hnghh!” The feeling was yet again too much and Shen Wei squirmed. His skin was tingling from all the attentive touches and nips.

Zhao Yunlan hushed him softly. “It’s ok. It’s ok.” He brushed the perky nubs and soothed the fair bottom cheek where he had sank his teeth in with licks. “Sorry if I hurt you,” he whispered. Shen Wei mewled.

Zhao Yunlan proceeded to pay attention with Shen Wei’s chest, rolling his nipples lightly and kissed the smooth expanse of his back and nibbled on the shell of Shen Wei’s reddened ears. He worked his way from the top down, ensuring his lover was wet enough for the next stage.

Shen Wei moaned into the pillows. He felt like he was floating in bliss that he didn’t hear Zhao Yunlan flicked a cap opened until a cold sensation arrived at his entrance. He flinched and bucked his hip.

“Shhh.” Zhao Yunlan murmured for him to relax as he stroke his thigh soothingly.

Shen Wei gasped and clenched involuntary as the first finger breached him.

“Are you ok?” Zhao Yunlan paused, careful not to harm his beloved and was ready to stop. “Tell me if it hurts,” he said, brows knitted.

Silence and then Shen Wei muffled a no. Zhao Yunlan decided to coat more lube and took his time opening up Shen Wei. With mutual understanding, Shen Wei tried his best to bear down on Zhao Yunlan’s finger stretching him. Moments passed. One and then two fingers. Shen Wei became more pliant to the new intrusion and by the time that he felt at ease with three fingers, he turned to Zhao Yunlan.

“I think I’m ready,” he said softly. His lashes wet with tears.

“Ok.” Zhao Yunlan smiled and bent down to kiss him sweetly. He slid a hand underneath Shen Wei’s and stroke down south again, hoping that it could distract him from the possible impending pain as he pushed against the opening gradually. Sweat trickled from his temple as he curbed the urge to just ram in like a bull in a china shop. This was going to be a precious memory for both of them and he didn’t want to hurt Shen Wei.

But the pain was there although Shen Wei tried his best to relax against the burgeoning pressure. He groaned into the pillows, afraid that he was making too much noise.

Zhao Yunlan paused and caressed Shen Wei’s thigh gently. He peppered more kisses on his lover’s lower back. When he deemed that Shen Wei’s breathing was more relaxed, he inched in slowly and slowly. The strained expression on his face was from all the effort of not exploding and squashing his lover underneath him.

When he was finally buried to the hilt, Shen Wei felt a deep, warm sensation inside of him and sighed. They made it through and Zhao Yunlan moved forward to cover Shen Wei with his weight.

“Are you ok?” Zhao Yunlan asked gently, brushing Shen Wei’s hair lovingly.

“Give me a moment?” Zhao Yunlan hummed a yes and stretched out on top of Shen Wei, letting him accommodated to the girth inside of him.

It didn’t take long before Shen Wei whispered, “You can move now.”

Zhao Yunlan started unhurriedly, rocking his hips gently. The only sound present was the bed creaking and their shallow breaths. When Zhao Yunlan increased the momentum gradually, Shen Wei felt like he was going to burst. His gasps turned to moans and his body trembled from the sheer pain and pleasure. This encouraged Zhao Yunlan to move faster. As he piston into his lover, he ran his fingers up and down Shen Wei’s length, trying to match the other rhythm. It was messy and uncoordinated but Shen Wei was now crying out into his pillow from ecstasy, his vision blurry. The bed creaked in quick staccato as Zhao Yunlan kept on going with his fast pace until Shen Wei finally shuddered with a soft cry and clenched hard around him. That was Zhao Yunlan’s undoing and after a few more thrusts, he emptied himself deep within Shen Wei with a groan before collapsing on top of him.


The room was still quite dark when Zhao Yunlan sensed Shen Wei moved up from his shoulder and gave him a lingering kiss on his face. When Shen Wei snuggled back and later stayed still, warm breath slow and steady against his neck, Zhao Yunlan pulled him closer and kissed his forehead. Tomorrow was another day to face the world. But now he had Shen Wei, he knew that he was going to be okay.