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Thinking of You

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‘There appears to be an air raid warning. Dr Mottershead, Lady Agnes, if you’d like to take cover?’

‘Yes of course Prichard’
Keeley replied, as she followed Alex down the stairs, both stopping at the bottom as they waited for Adrian to finish his scene and the director to shout ‘cut’.

They’d filmed this particular scene a total of five times, which had taken them just over an hour, but as it was the last day of filming, they’d been working non-stop for 9 hours in order to get all of the scenes completed to perfection.

As the director shouted ‘cut’ the two woman breathed a sigh of relief. Keeley turned to Alex and smiled.

‘It’s been a long day!’

‘It certainly has!’ Alex laughed in reply. ‘I could do with a drink to be honest, especially as Salome is staying at her friends tonight, so I’ve got the house to myself.’

‘Well I’ve just got to pick Myles up from his Dad’s but I can come round later if you like. Ill bring a bottle of wine to celebrate?’

‘Yeah that sounds great. You bring the wine and ill get us a takeaway. What do you fancy? Chinese?’

‘Perfect’ she smiled as she walked to her car. She couldn’t explain why, but the thought of spending a whole evening alone with Alex was making her stomach flutter slightly. She’d felt like that around Alex a lot recently. Her face lit up when she saw her and her heart almost skipped a beat when she smiled. It was mad. She’d never had feelings like this for another woman and she was happily married. She mentally scolded herself. They were just good friends, right?