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Feel alive again

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A little kiss.

A little touch.

A little bit of whispering.

It made Wen Ning feel things.

Normally he didn't feel anything. But with Jiang Cheng, things were different.

With Jiang Cheng straddling Wen Ning's lap and his breath upon the fierce corpe's neck, there shouldn't have been anything.

Or maybe Wen Ning's memories of his teenage crush on the man made him feel alive.

"Sect Leader Jiang—"

"We're past formalities, A-Ning," Jiang Cheng chuckled. His lips hovered along Wen Ning's jawline before his eyes met the other's.

"I know... But..."


"I like calling you that..." Wen Ning said it quietly then bowed. If things were back to when he was a teen, he would have had such red cheeks.

Jiang Cheng's finger traced a line from Wen Ning's temple to his jaw and then along his throat. After that, he tilted the fierce corpse's chin so that their eyes could meet.

"Then call me that. But first, I want you to—" Jiang Cheng whispered a set of instructions, on how how he wanted to be touched, how he wanted Wen Ning to pay attention to him.

Wen Ning's swallowed audibly. He would do everything Jiang Cheng asked. It was his pleasure to serve his most admired Sect Leader Jiang.