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You lose, so do as I say

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It was a simple bet and Ainosuke lost.

On purpose, actually. Not that he doubted Reki's skills. They were neck and neck in their beef at the skate park and he saw how Reki had been improving in terms of speed and tricks. But he wanted something from Reki.

He craved Reki to have his way with him.

"You lose. Now you've got to do what I say," Reki teased when they got back to the parking lot.

"Here? Now?" Ainosuke asked. He wanted Reki's hands on him already!

"Yeah? Only if you're not chicken, Mr. Shindo." Reki had a mischievous grin on his face. Over the years, the younger man's smile had grown brighter and irresistible. Too irresistible that Ainosuke wanted to kiss his boyfriend already.

"Oh? What is it that I should do to serve you, my King?" Ainosuke teased. He inched closer and tugged at Reki's belt loops playfully.

"I think you can read my mind..." Reki said as he put his hand on top of Ainosuke's, then guided it toward the zipper of his loose jeans. "You know, we've never done anything naughty at the skate park... It's already dark and no one's here anymore..." Reki winked at Ainosuke, knowing exactly the effect he had on the older man.

"Oh Reki, my darling... I thought you'd never ask." Ainosuke's fingers quickly found the zipper tab and pulled down. His mouth practically watered at what was to come—and he was sure to make Reki come so much because of him.