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let me be the arms you call home one day

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Rin is so very warm. His embraces are tight and fierce, like he's scared they'll end up at each other's throats again if he lets go, and while Yukio has no plans to relive those days he can hardly blame his elder brother for being anxious. And after a moment's soothing, that ferocity relaxes into sheer unadulterated affection. Rin purrs, wraps his tail around him, lets flickers of flame dance across their intertwined arms to chase away the chill that likes to nestle into Yukio's heart, and every time the warmth soaks into him feels like a miracle all over again.

Hugging Ryuji feels like certainty. He's the only one in the group who's even taller than Yukio, and something about the feeling of a strong shoulder under his chin makes Yukio feel viscerally safe. Ryuji likes to rest his own head on Yukio's shoulder and gently press their cheeks together, rubbing soothing little circles into his back. Long hair escapes from where it's tucked behind Ryuji's ear to fall gently across Yukio's face, veiling away the tumultuous outside world for a few precious moments.

Renzou is exhausting to be around sometimes, true, but holding him is revitalizing. His arms fit snugly around Yukio's waist, clasping just tight enough to be reassuring but not confining, and he's not afraid to ruffle Yukio's hair or console him with a casual squeeze to his shoulder after a hard day. Around Renzou, Yukio's facades automatically fall; they have nothing to hide from each other anymore. Those graceful fingers carding through his hair feel like redemption - hard-fought and hard-earned, together.

Konekomaru feels small and fragile in Yukio's arms, but the dragoon knows better. The little aria has a firm grip, and doesn't like being treated as delicate - when Yukio hugged him for the first time, careful not to crush him, he'd protested that he wasn't made of glass. Nowadays, though, they've figured each other out, and Yukio can confidently loop his arms beneath Konekomaru's shoulders, pulling the smaller boy in close. Dextrous calligrapher's hands clasp at the small of Yukio's back, a shaven head rests comfortably on his chest, and everything is okay.

Shiemi's arms are familiar around him, bringing him back to his youth at Southern Cross. She's all softness at times like this, in every sense of the word - the soft curves of her body are so comfortable to nestle into, her soft voice reassures him, even her hair is silky soft. That softness in someone he knows firsthand is also incredibly strong inside and out used to leave him envious, but nowadays that envy has softened to admiration. She effortlessly balances those two sides of her nature, just like he's been learning to do. Once his student and now his teacher, she holds him so tenderly, and, warm and safe, he knows he has someone to turn to when he needs to fall apart.

Izumo's hugs are as fierce as anything else about her. With how keen she is, it's not rare that she's among the first to realize when he's feeling down, pulling him aside and clutching him close to her at the next opportunity she gets, making him promise not to hide from his friends this time around. And he smiles fondly, resting one hand on her head and the other on her back, and promises.

Shura's like a sister to him. They've got inside jokes and playful barbs, and in the end they'll always have each other's backs. When she holds him it's gentle and lazy, a moment for them to just stop and breathe. She pats his shoulder or his cheek, ruffles his hair sometimes. Usually her arms are loose around him, careful not to make him feel confined, but if he pulls her in closer she responds in kind. Every time his affection wins out over his pride and he stoops down an inch or two, lets her stretch up to kiss his forehead the way Shiro used to when he was a little boy, feels like victory.

In Rin's arms, Yukio is all tenderness. He's big and sturdy enough to lean on, and he knows just the right way to scratch Rin's head. And he hums, wrapping them both in the familiar melodies of Southern Cross's hymns. Rin's always purring within moments, and more than once he's nearly dozed off there in his brother's cozy embrace. Those strong and steady arms around him are a promise - they're not going to lose each other again.