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Hugs are no longer enough

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Hugs are not enough anymore, Chu Shuzhi thought as he held Guo Changcheng in his arms.

The more they spent time together, the more he wanted to feel Guo Changcheng closer to him. To hold his hand. To inhale his scent. To feel his skin. To know if touches gave the man goosebumps.

"Changcheng..." Chu Shuzhi said quietly, his hand gently cupping the man's cheek.


"Can I..." Chu Shuzhi paused and leaned closer so he could whisper the rest of the question, "kiss you?"

Guo Changcheng's eyes widened but he didn't move, nor did he say no. He quietly nodded his head and then closed his eyes.

He's too damn cute, Chu Shuzhi thought as he observed that Guo Changcheng had his lips puckered up and ready.

The first kiss.

A soft placement of his lips on Guo Changcheng's. A light touch. But it lit up something inside Chu Shuzhi that he gave the man another kiss. And another. Until he felt Guo Changcheng's arms slide up around his neck.



"Can we k-kiss like the one in the m-movie...?" Guo Changcheng's cheeks were flushed but his eyes were on Chu Shuzhi's lips.

"How about we go inside then we can?" Chu Shuzhi suggested, with bated breath. He knew he should pace himself but whatever Guo Changcheng wanted to do, he would be more than willing to have it with him.