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That Look

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It wasn't just any look. It was a command.

Nie Mingjue's gaze made Jiang Cheng feel hot all over.

Like he was being stripped naked.

Like he wanted to drop on his knees and do whatever the man sitting on the couch would tell him to.

Nie Mingjue looked at Jiang Cheng and to the space right between his thighs. There was no question that he wanted Jiang Cheng to be right there.

"Come on. Don't be shy now," Nie Mingjue coaxed, his voice dripping with unbridled lust. And power.

Jiang Cheng walked closer towards him and knelt. He put his face against Nie Mingjue's thigh and rubbed his cheek gently against the man's slacks.

"Good boy," Nie Mingjue praised him quietly and then he tilted Jiang Cheng's face to look at him. To see how those eyes were glazed with submission.

"Are you ready for more?"

"Yes, master."


Jiang Cheng had been waiting for this. All the training was leading up to this moment and it was exactly what he needed.