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"Time for a story" Drabble Series

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„And now it is time for you to say your wedding vows.”

Oliver turned around to face the few people they had decided to invite to this special moment. When they had finally agreed to get married, they had right away concurred on the fact that it would be a small wedding with only their closest family and friends there.

When Oliver looked to the faces of their loved ones – Donna Smoak, Roy and Thea, Diggle and Lyla with Baby Sara in her lap and finally Laurel – he couldn’t help but smile. Even though it was a small ceremony, it was still perfect because finally his dream of marrying the one woman he had loved for so long came true. And he still couldn’t really believe it. It felt so unreal even if right.

“When we decided to get married,” he started smiling, “I suggested that we should write our own wedding vows because, let’s be honest, we don’t lead normal lives, so we need unique vows. Then Felicity” – he glanced to where she stood in her long white dress beside him – “had an even better idea. So we decided that we were gonna write five promises we want to hear from each other.”

With that short explanation he turned back to Felicity, who was reaching behind her where she had put a piece of paper that she then hold out to him. He took it, his fingers slightly trembling when he unfolded it.

“Okay, here we go,” he began before starting to read out whatever she had written down for him to promise her. “Felicity, I promise to always see my partner in you. To always see my best friend in you. To always see the love of my life in you. To always see the most passionate lover in you.”

He looked up at Felicity, whose face suddenly turned a dark color of red. She was staring at him in shock. It was obvious that she hadn’t known he was going to say those words, and it was even more obvious that she was beyond embarrassed by them.

“It says here,” Oliver hurried to say while Felicity ripped the paper from his hands and read the foreign lines he had just read out loud. He saw her eyes fly over those words again and again before throwing an angry look at his sister.

Thea just laughed and held up her hands in innocence. “Come on, everyone here walked in on the two of you having sex at least once. And we’ve lived together for a while. I heard you. It had to be said.”

While everyone else joined in his little sister’s laugh, Oliver just rolled his eyes before looking back at Felicity whose face was even redder than seconds before. She gave the paper back to him. Oliver took it, smiling at her in reassurance to apologize for his sister. Although he had to admit that Thea may have a point in this. They’ve had a lot of sex in a lot of places. And there had been a lot of people walking in on them…

Anyways, Oliver continued, “I promise to never lie to you. I promise to keep you safe from kangaroos in case they ever try to take over the world.” – Again there was laughter – “I promise to always accept your pregnant-like carvings for mint chocolate chip ice cream even if you’re not pregnant. And I promise to kiss you breathless whenever I feel I have to end your babbling.”

He smiled when he pressed a kiss to the letter, read it once again in silence and folded it before he put it in the inside of his blazer. Breathing in deeply, he gave her a different piece of paper that she took in her hands and unfolded without taking her eyes off of him. He smiled at her brightly.

“Oliver,” she began, tears already forming in her eyes, “I promise to love you even when you put on what I call ‘your angry face’. I promise to balance your silence with all my sweet babbling. I promise to hold you tightly and stroke your hair lovingly whenever you have a nightmare or even just feel the need of it. I promise to always be the light your life. And I promise to-”

She stops, her gaze lingering over those last words he had written down. Then she lifted her eyes from the lines and looked up at him, already blushing again. Oliver couldn’t help the amused smile spreading all over his face. When he had written that last promise, he had known that she was going to blush and even the thought of it had made him smile.

“I’m not going to read that out,” she whispered, shaking her head slightly.

“But you have to,” Oliver grinned. “It was your idea. Remember?”

Felicity glanced at their friends and her mother.

“Lyla, I think you should cover Sara’s ears,” she said and waited until Lyla did so before she continued, “And I promise to pull your head out of your ass whenever it is stuck there because of your unbelievable stubbornness and then kick your ass really hard until sanity is finally getting into your brain again.”

For a moment nobody said a word. Felicity was grinning at Oliver although the red color was still all over her face. Oliver just mirrored that grin filled with so much love it almost made Felicity cry.

She knew why he had chosen that promise. The fact that Oliver usually refused to pull his head out of his ass had been the reason it had taken so long for the two of them to finally be together in the first place.

It was Thea – again – who was the first one to reply to that last promise Felicity was kind of forced to give Oliver.

“That is a good promise,” she shouted, clapping her hands. “Who’s going to bring sanity to my brother if it isn’t wifey?”

Everyone joined in her laughter and even Felicity felt herself relax although she just said those gross words on her wedding day.

Every embarrassment was forgotten when they were finally declared husband and wife, and Oliver didn’t even wait till the sentence was ended before closing the distance and pressing his lips to Felicity’s in a passionate kiss.

They both knew they would definitely keep those promises.