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slow & sensual

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Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or The Vampire Diaries.



The sensual music was pumping loud in my ears, and the freedom from the toxic relationship with Edward was coursing through my veins.

Today, I wouldn't think, today I would just do. Let loose, let my hair down. Have fun.





I reluctantly entered the club that Alaric dragged me to. I didn't get why we couldn't just stay indoors and he could weep his heart out while I pretended to listen over a glass of bourbon. Elena has been giving me whiplash with all her indecisiveness between me and Stefan, and at this point, I'm not too sure i'd even like to be an option. He loves her, he really does; and yeah she's a cool girl or whatever but I could never give her the kind of blind worship she needs and I don't know if she'd be a right fit for my needs.


Shaking my head free from these thoughts I head on over to the bar and decide to switch it up and get a few shots, maybe this could help get my mind off the whole Elena-Stefan situation. It's funny how Alaric dragged me here and three seconds in, he disappears. I'm about to down my shots and head home when I see the most sensual, sexy, and striking woman I've ever seen slowly moving her hips on the dancefloor. Her mahogany hair flows down her neck in waves and her slender form has just enough curves to make a man weak in his knees. She's a siren in a black dress. A goddess. She turns her head and that's when I knew that even wild horses couldn't keep me away. Her eyes were almond-shaped with deep brown eyes and her pouty lips were just asking to be a bit. Her face was so innocent yet so sexy. It's like her body was calling to mine the way I lasted less than a millisecond to down my shot and stalk up to her and firmly wrap my arm around her moving hips. Fuck, she smells divine. She smells like sweet peonies and vanilla with a hint of vodka and something indescribable which has me salivating for her.


I feel her gasp before I hear it. She turns around swiftly and stumbles straight into my arms and fuck if it doesn't feel like she belongs there. Here. With me. In my arms.


Her eyes meet mine and everything falls into place, it's like I know her already. She raises an eyebrow a little in and my dick grows hard. I know she can feel it, I want her to. Her eyebrow only raises higher and her pretty pink lips twitch into a small smirk that lights up her eyes. Cheeky minx.

"I'm Damon. What's your name, Beautiful?"

She laughs a little "Bella. My name is Bella."

"Wanna dance with me, sweetheart?"


She pauses for a second then smirks and steps impossibly closer, she wraps her arms around my neck and grinds her hips into mine sending shockwaves through my body. "I'd love to."


We stay like that for what seemed like hours but were only minutes, looking into each other's eyes and trying to get at close as possible. Dancing with her to the slow sensual beats of the music is all that's on my mind. Nothing else exists and nothing else matters. Only the feel of Bella.


Fuck, this girl has my stomach in knots. I trail one hand down to her ass slowly cupping her through her soft satin dress and let my fingers brush up against her smooth skin. I feel her shiver in excitement but before she can get used to the feeling I quickly and harshly turn her around till her back clashes with my chest. We've barely begun and she's panting, her skin is flushed a delicious pink and her pulse is racing. All very very good signs of the things to come.


I push my dick against her ass wanting her to know just how much I wanted her. I wrap one arm around her waist and trail the other till it rests lightly on her neck. Her hand immediately joins mine, and just when I thought I may have taken it too far, she presses down on my hand increasing my pressure on her neck. Fuck, fuck this is so hot. I can't control my body when I know she wants it just like I do. Rough, hard, and sinful.


With one hand wrapped around her neck and my nose in her hair, I trail the other down from her waist to her thighs, slowly inching into her dress and pulling up the fabric with my arm. She shudders against me. My hand hasn't reached her pussy but it's already wet. I inch my hand upwards and lightly trace her soaked panties with my fingers. I can feel her smooth pussy lips through the lacy fabric. I move her panties aside and push two fingers in her tight pussy while I trace little circles on her clit till I see Bella biting her bottom lip to keep from moaning.


"No, sweetheart, that won't do. I want you to moan out loud. You can't hide those sweet little moans from me."


Her eyes which were shut till this moment, open and she slowly shakes her head. "Not here Damon" she whispers but her eyes are alight with lust and excitement. Minx. My fingers haven't stopped moving, if anything they're pushing harder and deeper into Bella. I slip my hand out of her and lick her sweet juices off my fingers.


"Hand me those panties sweetheart and I'll take you home where you can scream my name as loud as you want" I whisper in her ear letting my lips brush against her lobe.


Her eyes flick up to mine and she slowly traces her hands up her thighs and pauses but at my stern look, she pushes her panties down and eases them off her heels in front of the entire club. No one is watching but Bella flushes a deep red. She hands me her panties and I can't help but bring them to my nose to smell her musky scent.


I lean back down to her ear and whisper "good girl." Without pause I throw her over my shoulder and lead her out of the club, ignoring her little shrieks and smacking her ass on the way out.


"That was for not listening to me" I smack her ass again, and this time I'm rewarded with a deep moan. "And that was because you have a sexy ass."