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Ops there goes my life

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer I don't own Twilight Stephanie Myers does I only own the OC

? Pov
It was a hot summer day and I just moved to Texas. I am from a small town in New York that most people would not even know about unless you live there or have family that live there. I'm moving to Texas to go to college and to visit with my father he lives in Texas. Yes he knows I'm coming ,but one night I go out on my 21st birthday and my life turned upside down. How you might ask? Well I slept with a man that I did not know and I ended up pregnant with a man having no idea who he was. If I did I might not be in this place but he will never know as I won't tell him. I couldn't even if I wanted to. I didn't know how to contact him even if I wanted to. My father knows he asked me about the man and I tell him what I remember I show him the one picture I took of us together. My father says well I know who he is are you going to tell him? I told him no I can do this on my own just like my mother did. He said all right if you think so but what I did not know is that he's going to find out. My father told me the only thing I did know and that is he was a powerful dangerous man. Oh, by the way my name is Nikki and this is my story.
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