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Charlie Swan Headcanons

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• Fishing trips are to be savored when you’re in the company of Charlie
• He’s a chill guy and lives to relax by the lake, fishing rod in hand, listening to the sounds nature offers
• Charlie’s got so much on his plate being the police chief and all he just needs a break once in a while
• The first time he asked you to go with him you’re taken aback
• To let you into his private life—something he shared with very few people?
• It meant a lot to you to know Charlie trusted you that much
• Best believe he has a reserved spot right by the water in the middle of a deep forest—a place he shares only with you
• You leave early morning, misty fog settled on the roads
• Forks is hardly ever sunny and always a little chilly
• You make sure to pack extra lunch because Charlie will forget the sandwiches
• But not the extra bait
• Or the tackle box
• Conversation never dulls when you’re around Charlie
• You’ll spend the majority of the day teasing him or cracking jokes
• Or laughing at his dry sense of humor
• Charlie never seems to get the ‘big catch’ but with enough dedication he’ll end the day with a few decent fish to make dinner with
• The day you caught your first big bass you could swear Charlie was more proud than you were
• The picture still hangs above the fireplace in his living room