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Catfishing Gone Horribly Right

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Emma can’t believe it worked. She matched with her dad. Granted, she had set up the profile with the explicit intent to do so. She’d stolen some pics from the internet of some slut showing off her curvy body for attention – perfect for getting any man’s attention. The bio is some basic bimbo bullshit about wanting an older man. Then all she had to do was limit the search range to her dad’s age and swipe left till she found her target.

hey handsome ;D


only hi??

Got to start somewhere.

Emma already feels like she’s run into a brick wall. Her dad is totally not good at this. Perhaps she doesn’t need to worry about him seeing women.


And what would you like to do?

i don’t know. something fun

Do you know what I’d like to do?

no. tell me

Do you really want to know?


I’d like to pull your top down, bend you over in an alley, and then pound you so hard your face ends up pressed against the wall as your tits sway beneath you.

Emma is stunned. To think her dad would go in so hard and dirty so fast. She doesn’t know what to respond. If she should respond. Is this going too far? Nah. Too far would be actually setting him up for some actual fucking. This is just a dumb, harmless prank.

that sounds so hot

tell me more

I want to fuck your pretty little mouth. Slam my cock down your tight little throat. Then push your lips down to the roots of my cock as I blow a big, fat load of cum straight into your stomach.

you really got that big cock?

Only one way for you to find out.

This is probably going too far. Though she can’t help but feel so curious if her dad can back up his claims.

come on. show me!!!

I don’t send “dick pics”.

i show you mine and you me yours

You first.

Emma goes to the profile of that slut she stole the pics from. Skimpy clothing. Skimpy clothing. Why doesn’t the slut have any nudes? Perhaps she could take a pic of herself. She did have a body very similar to the slut. But sending nudes to her own dad. That is going too far, right? Then why does she feel so hot and excited about the prospect? Must be because this is a naughty prank and she is going to be in so much trouble if he finds out! If. It’s fine as long as he doesn’t find out.

Emma strips down and lies down on her bed. Some generic white sheets for background so it doesn’t give her away and no face. There. A nice nude to send. And sent.

She regrets almost immediately. Not that she can take it back now.

Half a minute later she gets a pic of her dad’s cock on his hand. She knows how big he and his hands are. The cock is huge. Then as Emma stares at it another pic arrives: this one of him holding his erect cock. It’s downright massive. How can it be so big? How did he manage to hide it? It wouldn’t even fit in her mouth. It’s too big. At least not without scraping it with her teeth. Probably. She’d have to jerk the rest of the cock with both hands and… Why is she even thinking this type of filthy stuff? Why is her mouth watering? Why is she feeling even more excited? This has to stop. But she can’t give up the prank now. She’s already sent him a nude. A little sexting would be harmless in comparison.

Think you can take it?


She can’t take it. Or maybe she can. He would stretch her pussy something fierce if he managed to get it in. If he managed to get it in.

Want to try?

This is getting too much too fast. She can’t set him up for a date that is never going to show up. That will blow her cover. She needs to stall.

i need to go. talk tomorrow?

Alright. See you.

Emma looks at the time. Dinner soon. She goes down to prepare it. This is something she does every day. It should be normal. But this time it feels very different. She’s standing there in the kitchen, wearing only a t-shirt and panties along with an apron, cooking food for her dad suddenly gives the sense of being a depraved housewife. It would be very easy for him to come in and grope her ass or tits. Or fuck her from behind.

Why is she thinking such fucked up thoughts? This is all a dumb prank. She’s catfishing her dad in order to keep from him meeting other women. By having him think he’s chatting up a young woman. Close to her age. That looks kinda like her. And she sent him a nude. That he might be jerking off to right now.

Too far. This has gone too far. Yet the prank has only really begun and it would be such a waste to abandon it now. Especially after all the work to get the match. Besides, it’s fun. This whole ordeal has her belly full with butterflies. It wouldn’t hurt to keep going as long as no one gets hurt or finds out, right?

“How’s it going?” her dad says as he comes into the kitchen.

“Dad! I…” Emma exclaims and swiftly turns her head to his crotch, half expecting him to come in with his cock out and fully erect, ready to give her a good pounding. But he is only wearing his dark grey sweatpants that he likes to wear at home. Still, now that she actually knows what he is hiding, she notices the long, fat bulge going down the left leg of his pants. He can’t be wearing any underwear.

“Sorry. Didn’t think I’d sneak up on you like that,” he says.

“It’s fine.” Emma turns her eyes back to the cooking. The image of the bulge in his pants and the pic of his cock on her phone however linger in her mind.

“Alright.” He then goes to sit down and wait patiently for dinner.

Emma meanwhile struggles to keep it together. Good thing this is a meal she’s done hundred times before. Thoughts on Daddy’s cock keeps stealing her attention. So fat. So long. Would she ever be able to take another cock if it fucked her pussy?

She finishes cooking and serves the dinner. Still her thoughts struggle to maintain any decency. This is wrong. They’re related. Why does that only make her more hot and bothered?

They eat in silence. Emma hopes she doesn’t look tense. She can’t take any questions right now. Luckily her dad doesn’t seem to notice that anything is off. Or if he does, he hides it very well.

After dinner Emma runs up to her room and takes out her phone. She has to see it again. It can’t possibly be that big. Yet there it is, the long and fat shaft resting in his hand. There’s no mistake. So what? It’s just a big cock. She’s seen plenty of men with big cocks just like that on the internet. But this cock is in the same house as her. So close. Also, it made her.

The image of her dad slamming his fat meat into her mom’s pussy before plunging in balls deep and dumping a fat load into her mom’s womb flashed through her mind. It filled her with both a sense of revulsion and bizarre curiosity.

Mom liked to fuck dad. And half of Emma comes from her mom. So it would be natural for that half to also want to fuck dad.

This is stupid. Though it would explain her fucked up thoughts.

Emma needs to clear her mind. She goes to the web and starts watching some basic hardcore porn while masturbating. No incest. Just silly stuff like a housewife fucking the pizza delivery boy and a man fucking the babysitter. Then in one video the woman down on her knees and the man takes out his cock right in front of her face and she exclaims “Oh Daddy!” Emma orgasms right on the spot. Without having realized it, she has gone in on a step-daughter video. That’s what she gets for not reading the video title properly. 

Why must she be like this? Why can’t she be normal?

Exhausted and ashamed, Emma puts away the phone and goes to sleep.