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Major Pleasures

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Jasper growled in approval and moved his hand to firmly grip her neck, the other he placed behind her on the mattress.


Because she wasn’t going anywhere.

He had her exactly where he wanted her.


Feeling a bit triumphant, Jasper boldly opened his mouth to let his tongue swipe across her bottom lip.

Apparently she was not expecting that because she gasped and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue between her parted lips.

He heard her moan in her throat and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he explored the inside of her mouth.

But before he could do anything more, a flash of lightning and a loud rumble startled them both into pulling away from each other.


Then darkness descended.


There were a few seconds of silence.


Then Ciara whispered, “The power went out.”

“Yes. Yes, it did.” he whispered back.


More silence.


We should probably go fetch some candles,” she continued while pulling on him, wordlessly letting him know she wanted him back on her.

Jasper granted her wish and brushed his lips over hers, “Yes. Yes, we should.

He wrapped an arm around her back and pulled her closer, making her spread her legs wider to accommodate his hips.

Pressing his hardening cock between her legs while he claimed her lips again felt so damn good that it made him want more.


So much more.


He heard her whimper softly as she hooked her feet behind his back and kept him in place, pressed against her.

A growl made its way out of his throat and he couldn’t help but tilt her head backwards by gently tangling his fingers in her hair, pulling it down.

He also unconsciously started grinding against her, making them both groan at the friction.

She cupped his face and pulled back a few inches, opening her dazed blue eyes but not making eye contact with him.


Ah, so her sight still wasn’t accustomed to the dark yet.


“Are weare we going to...?

Her breathless whisper shot straight to his groin and he involuntarily bucked against her with a moan.


Were they?

Could they really?

Was he strong enough to keep his control?


With regret, Jasper realised that he was not quite there yet.




As he pulled away, her accepting disappointment mixed with frustrated arousal hit him full force.



He couldn’t leave her like this.

So what could they do...?


Yes, that’s it!


“I think...” he mused quietly, looking at her resigned face, ”that perhaps... we could do other things. Other than the ‘main event’, so to speak.”

She perked up a little at that, “... yeah? Like what?”

Jasper took a deep breath, then he leaned down, moved his lips to her ear and whispered,


“Show me how to please you.”


Ciara whimpered, tightening her arms around his neck.

The scent of her arousal got stronger.

He let his thumb draw light circles on her hip while he waited for her response.

Then, she suddenly pressed her forehead to his, shuddering as she breathed out, “Alright.”

Jasper nodded with a small grin and leaned back a little, making her fully sit up with her legs bent, her arms still around his neck.

He let his hands wander to the hem of her hoodie, “Mind if I take this off?”

He felt her shake her head so he pushed it upwards, and she temporarily loosened her arms from his neck in order for him to pull the garment completely off her.

She immediately put her arms back around him and Jasper felt a burst of affection for her and couldn’t resist placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Then he proceeded to put his hands back on her hips, hooking his thumbs under the waistband of her sweatpants.

He didn’t make another move until he felt her tiny nod, then he pulled her pants–along with her underwear–down her thighs.

Once they were off, with Jasper having to move around her until he was kneeling beside her instead, he let his hands trail up to her tank top.

She didn’t protest when he slowly pushed it up her body until everything under her neck was exposed.

He then realised that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, his gaze locking on to her soft breasts.

The darkness couldn’t hide the sight of stiffened dark nipples, and Jasper brushed his thumb lightly across one, receiving a breathy sigh in response.


She then captured his hand and steered him impatiently downwards.


His eyes followed the path as their hands trailed down her chest, her soft belly, to just above the dark hair between her legs, her swollen clit and slit glistening with arousal below it.

Jasper breathed in her scent then and felt himself grow harder inside his jeans because damn, she smells even better now.

He opened his eyes (when did he close them?) and found himself caught in her blue, blue gaze.


So she could finally see him now?



He saw her pupils expand and she visibly swallowed, pulling on his hand.

When he felt his fingers slightly brush against her wetness, his lips parted on a sharp exhale.




“Slip one inside,” she whispered huskily, having not said a word since before he started undressing her.

He obeyed and inserted his middle finger to the last knuckle, meeting no resistance whatsoever.


Fucking Hell, she was wet.

And steaming hot inside.

Fuck, he wanted her so badly.

He wanted to bury himself deep inside her.


“Crook your finger,” she continued to whisper, her voice strained, ”Tell metell me what you feel!

Jasper moved along her upper walls, focusing on what she felt like underneath his touch.

“You feel smooth,” he murmured, glancing down to watch his finger slip in and out of her, “you feel hot... wet... so very nice...

She let out a quiet moan, squirming.

“Do youdo you feel anything not smooth?


He frowned.

Not smooth?

He stroked upwards again, receiving another moan.




He looked up at her, “There’s a different texture on this spot.”

Yes! There. Right there.

She sucked in a harsh breath, tightening her grip around his neck.

“Keep stroking upwards on that spot, Jasper!”

He licked his lips and did just that, keeping his finger crooked as he continued sliding in and out of her wet heat in a steady pace.

Pretty soon she was breathing quicker than before, letting out whimpers and soft moans.

Jasper felt her pull one arm away from him and then saw, in the corner of his eye, her hand move downwards.

His eyes followed and he was met with the arousing sight of her touching herself, her clumsy fingers rubbing and sliding on her clit.

He looked back at her flushed face in awe.

She panted, burying her fingers in his hair with a tight grip. “Jasper! I needI need more!

Without even blinking, he immediately slipped another finger inside her, not slowing down one bit.

Then he added a little more pressure.

She let out a gasp that quickly turned into a low moan.

It was like music to his ears, and he let out a pleased growl.


Because her pleasure was his pleasure.


Jasper glanced down at her heaving chest.

Leaning down, he licked one nipple with a flattened tongue.

He was given a surprised whine in return for that.

Jasper did it again, and let the tip of his tongue flick her nipple as he moved his face away.

She was panting harshly now and bucking her hips, which made him smile at her so lovingly as he watched her come apart with the help of both of their fingers.

“You are lovely,” he whispered tenderly, “I like seeing you like this.”

He pressed his forehead back to hers, flooding her with his affection.

“I won’t let anyone else see this side of you. You’re mine. My Starlight. My Ciara.

She whined, and he could feel her body tensing up. “Jasper!”


Let me see you shatter.


Come for me, darlin’.


Her mouth opened in a silent scream as she convulsed around his fingers.

Her whole body was shaking and jerking by the waves of pleasure crashing into her.

Jasper was adding to it, making it even more intense.

And he never stopped stroking her.


Eventually, her grip on him slackened and she started to slide down on the mattress.

Jasper quickly pulled his fingers out and caught her, keeping her caged in his arms as she was catching her breath.

Not wanting her to get cold, he gently lifted her to grab the blanket covering the bed.

Then he lovingly wrapped it around her and sat back down, with her in his lap, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

He could swear he heard her mutter something about ‘being a burrito’ before she grinned slightly, her breath back to normal.


“I’ve always wanted to try that.”

“Try what?” he asked curiously.

She ducked her head, “Stimulating that spot inside me. I’ve never been able to reach it with my stubby fingers.”

To prove it, he assumed, she wiggled her hand out of the blanket and presented it to him.

Her fingers were indeed short, way shorter than his, but they were so much more adorable.

He chuckled, intertwining their fingers.

“How fortunate that I am at your service then, whenever you want.

She groaned, embarrassment and arousal coming from her as she hid her face under his chin. “You can’t just say that, Jasper. You make me want to never let you out of my bedroom.”


Jasper grinned in satisfaction.


“That's my plan, darlin’.”