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Moment of Weakness

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The stars were out for the night. With the moon illuminating the grassy valley down below the cliff they slept on it made a beautiful, peaceful area. 


Yajiro’s mind was racing more than usual tonight. Even with the peace surrounding the two travelers the swordsman was busy with his growing feelings for the blonde sleeping soundly next to him.


He looked over towards Rushuna softly snoozing on the thin blanket they shared. The next town they stopped at he was looking for a tent and pillow. He didn’t want her to catch a cold. Simple thoughts weren’t the only things running around in his head. There was no denying the attraction to her pretty face, her shapely body, and…


Yajiro sighed in frustration. No point in continuing to think about it. Best to get sleep and have energy. Hopefully he could sleep in a bed tomorrow.




“Hmm?” the male rolled over to look at the now smiling blonde.


“Yatchan… thank you for the meal.”


Was she dreaming of him?


It made his heart thump a bit faster. Even more so when she rolled on her side, pushing up her bouncy chest. Yajiro turned away to stop staring at them. He was still reeling about hearing his nickname coming from her sleeping. Maybe she feels something for him too-


“Yatchan, come closer.”


“Heh?” Small hands reached out towards the turning swordsman, successfully pulling his face into her chest!


“It’s warm.”


“Oh crud! Don’t panic Yajiro! You’ve been in this situation before… NO YOU HAVEN’T!! Get yourself out of this!!” Yajiro started to panic, but as his nose took in her female scent he melted into her embrace. His nose sat in between her inflated balloons and relaxed against her chest. He was losing the fight against Rushuna, and he was totally fine staying uptop plump boobs. Peace was returning to his mind, and sleep and Yajiro found each other.




“Yaaaaa! It’s a beautiful morning! I’m ready to eat and bathe!” Rushuna cheered once they were walking on the road again.


“I couldn't have said it better myself!” Yajiro cheered out alongside her. He even whistled!


“Yatchan seemed excited to get to the next town.” Rushuna giggled at his high spirits, but the swordsman smiled bigger seeing her smile. One of the many things he liked about her: nothing could keep her from staying positive. Unless there was no food for more than two days.


Breakfast came in the form of early morning risers of the dairy farm the travelers came to. Fresh milk was offered alongside eggs and bread. The two travelers enjoyed their meal and were given some more on their travels.


“Milk will taste even better after a soak in the hot springs!” Rushuna jumped at the thought.


Yajiro did like the sound of something delicious to drink after a hot bath, but would Rushuna mind sharing it with him?


Reaching a new town the swordsman immediately noticed attention to both of them as they made it through the town’s tall gates. Some of the women were flirty, waving at him, but some of the men were fascinated by Rushuna’s buxom chest. How could you not? She was a special breed. 


He caught a glimpse of one group of men especially as they passed. The nasty snickers and one making grabby hands. 


Yajiro slipped his arm over her waist, pulling her closer to his side before walking faster into the city.


The inn they made it to was short staffed and Yajiro was very gracious to help out with some of the heavy lifting. Rushuna was assigned to help with dining for the dinner crowd. Brushing away the flirtatious ladies at the door Yajiro stayed focused on cleaning dishes and mopping, but when he sees Rushuna keeping her distance from a rude drunk-


A dinner plate was broken against the guest’s head before getting kicked out. 


Rage immediately boiled and welded up inside having witnessed Rushuna being treated rudely and with disrespect. The bastard had the nerve to touch her-


“He got off easy!” Yajiro yanked off his clothes after the dinner rush and stormed into the bathing rooms. Dunking himself in the waters the steam grew thicker with the heat still cooking from his body. He tried to calm down, truly he shouldn’t have startled the owners like he did, but the brute’s hand slapping her ass like she was some common whore-


Yajiro stood tall and roared like the tiger he was known for! Then he stopped. Why was he getting so worked up for? 


Rushuna was a trained gunslinger, she could handle her own, even thugs.


Stomping out of the waters he quickly scrubbed himself before leaving the washroom altogether. Maybe a good night’s sleep will do his head some good. Opening the door to their guest room Rushuna was already asleep, both their travel clothes cleaned and folded for tomorrow. In their place was a simple yukata to sleep in. Tying on his robe he stared at the blonde beauty.


Each day was getting harder and harder to resist wanting to get closer. The urge of his deep seeded desire were clouding his visions at night. His eyes scanned down from her face to her incredibly not unnoticeable balloons that were her tits. Her robes do a terrible job keeping half her cleavage from being exposed. He still remembers their softness against his face the first night they met. All tensions leave his body when thinking about it before he remembers not to get distracted. He smacks his cheeks twice-focus! He had to be in control!


No matter his feelings for her, he would respect their friendship.


He climbed into the bed and kept his space, back towards her as to not outright ogle the cleavage, but once he pulled the covers over himself dainty hands pulled his head towards her plush chest again !




“Yatchan, good night…. ZzzzZzz…”


The anger he felt beforehand was quickly transferring over to lustful urges, which were just as powerful as emotional rage. Breathing in her fresh clean scent he groaned from thinking about what he wanted to do next. What he has been wanting to do for weeks!


Taking a peek at the blonde she was smiling in her sleep. She was at peace with him in her presence. At least that’s what her energy felt like with so much boobs in his face. Eyes set on the goal he slowly raised his hand… and rested a gentle touch to one breast.


Nothing happened.


He gently flexed his fingers to spasm squeeze. He did it again, and again… and then a longer squeeze against her soft flesh. 


Still nothing. 


He swallowed, his heart thumping as he took a chance, and pulled her robe open. One boob bounced free, and a bubblegum pink nipple greeted him. He quickly pinched his nose to not bleed over themselves.


So that’s what her whole boob looked like! With steady breaths he poked at the nipple in a dormant state. It quickly twitched and pebbles from the cold.


Rushuna groaned before rolling over, taking Yajiro with her. With one unrobed it wobbled like jello. Yajiro couldn’t take being slow anymore!


Pulling the other side away her chest was fully revealed, like a legendary treasure was discovered! He grabbed hold of her bare boob and went for a taste; a soft kiss before taking the fat nipple into his mouth. Rushuna only flinched but was still asleep to the assault to her breasts now with both out in the open. Popping off the wet nipple he marveled at her bouncy chest exposed for him to see.


“Crazy, I can’t even grab hold of them both-they’re so big! So juicy~” the swordsman chuckled at his traveling partner’s gargantuan melons in his hands. The elasticity in both tits felt wondrous in his hands. Their shape bounced back to normal with each strong squeeze, pull and tug. Rolling them in his hands was a dream come true, but now that’s been accomplished, how about a little more?


 “Rushuna, so soft and fluffy. You should be more careful senshi…” he moved a bit closer with a gentle whisper. “Wouldn't want you to get pulled around by some mean spirited man or anyone else using your good intentions….”


Licking his lips Yajiro crawled away from her chest only to adjust his robes a bit to be able to straddle the sleeping blonde. Light over her stomach he freed his junk, his shaft standing proud and red with neglect. That would change tonight. Spitting in his hand he lathered his cock with only a few strokes. He didn’t want to wait long for the next part. 


Scooping them up again by grabbing from the middle, Yajiro sighed dreamily from the plush and firmness, before shaking his head to concentrate. Lining up his tip he pushed through with ease-


The many nights he has spent jacking off in private to relieve sexual stress are over. To have the best set of tits at his disposal was a massive upgrade! Her melons looked delectable keeping his cock warm, barely his crown peaked from the top she was that big!


“Rushuna, Rushuna, you are a magnet to danger. Attracting eyes to stare at your beauty, physically and mentally. I believed my feelings were obvious, but even after this, how can I let any man come near you?”


His hips moved to a steady beat, gentle taps of his pelvis popped against her underboob. He didn’t need to push hard on her breasts at all! They were so plush her skin felt wonderful with each slide up and down on his shaft. Enveloping his weeping crown before reappearing it back out from the valley of boobs-Yajiro was close to coming!


“She’s not waking up, even as I go a bit rough on her?” Yajiro picked up the pace, the taps of skin against skin growing louder with the approach of climax. “I want to see her face, after I -AuuurrrRRGH!” Squeezing a bit harder pulled his cock more in between her chest to burst his nut there instead of her face. Fat droplets popped from between her breasts before heavy globs of his cum leaked down to her collarbone. He pulled her boobs away from each other to see the sticky mess painted across her chest.


“Amazing. Rushuna. Your tits are amazing.”



“Goodness, I slept so well last night. It’s nice to sleep on a comfy bed every once in a while.” Rushuna stretched her arms from the relaxing sleep. The two were moving from the town to make way through the country on foot once more.


“Yeah, every once in a while is a nice change.” Yajiro smiled, agreeing to his traveling partner. He looked down at her head before eyeing her chest. He snickered to himself, still can’t believe that he was able to live out his fantasy: her fluffy tits were perfect in every way.


He sighed, already dreaming of relaxing again with those bouncy hooters later tonight.