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And all the Kings men

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Don’t grieve. Anything that you lose will come round in a different form-Rumi


It was the silence that Harry would remember most from his final sojourn in this once beautiful and fascinating world. Not the screams and bellows caused by two sides of warring opponents—both desperate to come out as victor; not the electrical snapping of a great and ancient magical ward, slowly falling under the barrage of spells volleyed at it; not even his own panicked heart beat. Just silence.

It was the silence that came with finality; of knowing that this was it, that there would be no second chance to back out…to change his mind. And even though he was sure of his decision; a decision made nearly a year ago that had since guided his actions and choices —he couldn’t help but feel a small spasm of fear: a lingering sense of doubt pushing him to wonder if this really was his best option. Was death really the best possible outcome to the past turbulent six years of his life?

And he knew as he drew closer to it; to the place where he would finally embrace the haunting shadow that had ruled his life that it was. Really, it was the best for everyone and as much as he would miss those few people who had managed to see past the ‘Boy-Who-Lived’ skin that he had worn day in and day out since entering this world, it would be better this way. He smiled—a smile perhaps a tad bitter and self mocking—as he realized that his old title; ‘The boy who lived’ would most definitely not fit him for much longer…for living had never been part of his plan.

But he knew what he had to do; he even looked forward to it in a slightly warped way….

For in freeing them, he would be free himself.

And with that final thought he stepped confidently into the forest clearing.

“Hello Harry Potter, have you come to die?” would be the second last sentence that he would hear in this world.

“Avada Kedavra” was the last.