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Who am I?

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Colonel Smith was having that same old nightmare again. He was in a big blue room with no windows or doors. The room was dark and almost empty... In the middle of this room was a large bed with white sheets. Somehow he felt anxious and worried, like something bad was going to happen really soon...
"I need to hurry," he thought in his dream, "if I don`t hurry... I won`t be able to get out. Who is this? I can`t remember the name..." The silence was frightening. Then the walls started to crack like many times before and water started to come through the cracks. Hannibal felt helpless, there was no way he could escape.
"I can`t breathe..." Water coming in...
Everything around him went darker, like he was at the bottom of the sea. "That`s why ..." He was trying to swim, to move, but his body was like made from stone...
Then there was a familiar voice yelling at him "You really are hopeless! Don`t you still have a nephew you have to protect?" Then the nightmare stopped- Hannibal woke up sweating. He sat in the middle of a big bed, that wasn`t his. He didn`t have to look around to know, where he was.
*I`m at Templeton`s place, aren`t I ? Right... I was sad and kinda drunk so he brought me here. Hmm... I haven`t had that stupid dream for a while...*
He was looking for his clothes and saw a small letter on the table. Hannibal`s head was aching, though he hadn`t been that drunk. What had happened between him and his young Lieutenant? He tried to remember at least something... Putting on his clothes, Hannibal begun to search for Templeton Peck, for anyone.
"Face?" He opened the door to corridor, but it was empty. Colonel Smith returned to the bedroom and checked at the letter on the table. There was written :" Stay here until I come back. Face."
Hannibal felt guilty and sad, he just couldn`t be in this room and wait for the young man. *Sorry...*he thought, * but I`m a dirty old man, so I`m gonna run ...*
He was just going to leave the house, when Face came back. Both men stood at the front-door for some minutes, looking at eachother.
"Good morning," managed Hannibal out finally.
"Morning, Hannibal." greeted Face him with a bright smile.
*This is a little unexpected* Hannibal was looking for a way out, he really didn`t want to have a serious conversation with Templeton right now and right there.
"I think I go and grab myself a coffee..." he turned around and took a few steps towards the kitchen. Suddenly there was a tanned arm around his shoulders.
"Wait, please!" Templeton took a hold on Hannibal`s shirt to stop him. "Please, let`s talk about this..."
Hannibal felt like he was drowning again. *Shit, I wish I could remember anything...*
"If this is about yesterday, don`t worry about it." he was slowly walking backwards, until he felt an obstacle behind his feet. Templeton was looking at him, something weird in his eyes... not just desire or lust... something way more deeper and scarier.
"Listen, Lieutenant..." Hannibal tried to sound confident, which was very hard "if I did something against your will..."
"I... I love you!" cried Face out suddenly.
Hannibal just stood there, totally surprised. *He actually said it.* He took hesitantly a step closer to the beautiful man. "Templeton?"
"Why?" asked the young Lieutenant, "tell me, what`s the matter with you?"
"Didn`t I tell you?" Hannibal eyed Templeton, who just stared into his eyes "I can`t do it like that... If it goes on like this, I know I`ll be overwhelmed."
The blonde man stood there, but said nothing. Did Hannibal really not trust him at all to let him be this intimate? Sure, Face had many lovers before, but it was just sex and fun, nothing special. But now, when he was confessing his feelings towards to his Colonel, the older man was getting distant, just like... he wasn`t liking this.
" I don`t want to have some serious business, kid. It`s just like Murdock said, I am self-destructive. I felt better that way, no feelings, nothing at all... Well, that`s how it used to work, Face. But it doesn`t seem to be as effective as it used to be..." he made a small sigh. "At this point I just don`t really understand love the way I used to..."
"I won`t give up on you!"
Hannibal sat down on the chair and took a cigar. "You`re sure to find someone you`ll love more than me. If you even love me? Are you sure, that it`s just not only lust and some hot sex you need? I`m sure you`ll get into plenty more and better relationships that you and me could ever have." he closed his eyes. Hannibal didn`t even hear, when Templeton whispered "That`s just too cruel. The only one in my heart is- you." With that the younger man threw himself on the top of Hannibal and forcefully kissed him.
"Face..." Hannibal slowly opened his eyes only to see the green-emeralds looking back to him. *Damn it all* he thought, while he tried to get Face off on him.* Why am I against it all again?*
"Stop!" he tried to calm himself and Templeton down, but this didn`t seem to work."Templeton, stop!"
With one strong move Hannibal pushed Templeton off himself and the couch. Next second he was out of the room, while Templeton could only blink his eyes from surprise.
"John!" his arms went into fists, while he mumbled "You think I`m going to give up?"