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all on his mouth like liquor

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It's warm in the club and Yunlan is starting to regret coming; he's not sure why he thought Da Qing's favorite haunt would be a good place to find a casual hookup after his latest breakup.

Yes, this is definitely the right place to look for a hookup, but everyone seems to already know each other, and having been left to fend for himself by Da Qing, Yunlan is fairly sure he just looks like an underdressed creep.

In all fairness, this used to be his haunt as well. But where Da Qing is a free living, polyamorous kinkster, Yunlan is more of a serial monogamist who for some reason keeps dating vanilla people and then wondering why things didn't work out. He hasn't visited this club in years since the last time he took a date here to try and give them a taste of the lifestyle. For all his extroversion and his easy charm, he feels a little out of place.

If it weren’t for the rumours Da Qing enticed him with, he wouldn’t even have come. Funny things have been happening in this area — an old lady who swears her dead husband has been visiting, a lady who posted on social media about finding a baby abandoned in a park, seemingly alive but cold as a corpse, that sort of thing. Might be nothing. Da Qing swears something is going on and Ya Qing is involved, though, and Yunlan trusts his lieutenant. Mostly trusts his lieutenant. He’s starting to think Da Qing made everything up just to get Yunlan to come out with him.

There's a bar in the corner. Yunlan goes to sit at it, hoping it doesn't make him look like any more of a creep. As he's ordering he notices a man sitting a couple of stools away and his attention is immediately caught. Even in profile and in dim light, the man is beautiful. He's dressed to the nines and his hair is carefully styled. Granted, formalwear is a popular choce for doms but few of them manage to look like they just walked out of a photoshoot.

Yunlan perches on the seat next to his.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

The man looks at him for a moment.

“I'm served, thank you,” he says with a slight smile, indicating his mostly full glass of something that might be whiskey.

It looks expensive. Yunlan taps his fingers on the bar.

“You come here often?” he asks.

“I'm something of a regular, yes,” says the man.

He doesn't look annoyed by Yunlan’s presence yet; it's a good start. Yunlan beams at him.

“Cool! I haven't been here in ages, no idea what's what or who's who. Would love someone to show me around.”

He gives the man his most winning smile.

“The name’s Zhao Yunlan, by the way.”

Before the man can respond, Yunlan is already taking a lollipop out of his pocket and sticking it in his mouth.

The noise of the club, the nerves of coming here and the excitement of meeting a really hot guy have all combined into a sudden urge to smoke. But after his latest breakup, Yunlan decided on a fresh start; he hasn’t had a smoke in all of two weeks.

The eyes of the man next to him follow the path of the lollipop from one cheek to another.

“Shen Wei,” he says eventually.

Yunlan holds out his hand to shake.

“Shen Wei,” he says, “what a delightful name.”

The man has one of those firm confident handshakes that pickup artists would kill to have. In fact, it's a little too firm. When Yunlan pulls back, the man keeps hold of his hand, his gaze firmly glued to Yunlan mouth.

“Thank you, Zhao Yunlan.”

This he can definitely work with. He turns away to thank the bartender and pay, then strategically looks at Shen Wei over the rim of his cocktail glass as he lifts it to his lips.

Shen Wei says nothing, just watches. It's either shyness or a game of patience, and Yunlan is dying to find out which one it is.

“So,” he says casually, putting an elbow on the bar and leaning on it, “what brings you here? What kind of…” he gestures around the large main room, “what sort of things are you interested in?”

He wants to ask if the guy's a dom, but … actually, no, given the context that they're in, it’s probably not too forward.

(Wow, Yunlan is really out of practice.)

Shen Wei gives him an assessing look.

“I'm interested,” he says slowly, “in the ways that everything that happens in this room can draw out the best in people. I'm interested in finding out the limits of the human body and mind. I’m interested in healing,” he continues, taking a sip of his drink, “and I like a bit of bondage, as well.”

 Yunlan blinks. Not only is this guy dressed fancy, but he lives up to it by talking fancy. He's pretty impressed.

“Well, if I'm honest with you, Shen Wei,” he says, taking a moment to take the lollipop out of his mouth to gesture with it, “I'm mostly here for fun.”

“Fun is an excellent reason to be here,” Shen Wei concedes.

“Although to be honest with you,” Yunlan continues, “I haven't been in ages, so I’m a bit rusty. I mentioned that, right?”

Shen Wei smiles at him.

“You have yes. You said you wanted someone to show you around. I would be happy to do that.”

Yunlan beams.

“Cool. Hey, are you a dom by any chance?”

Shen Wei nods.

Yunlan fist pumps.

“I’m a sub, in In case you couldn't tell. Well I guess you couldn't tell. I’m not really advertising it, am I?” he says, getting off stool and swaggering away.

Shen Wei follows him.

“I try not to make assumptions either way,” he says with quiet amusement.

Yunlan looks around in an effort to try and find something to at least try and pretend to be interested in.

“Hey, what are they doing over there on that stage?”

“Shibari demonstration.”

"Cool, let's go have a look,”

Encouraged by the subtle signs he's been getting from Shen Wei, he leans into his ear and whispers:

“And maybe later you could give me a private demonstration,” and winks.

Shen Wei puts a hand on Yunlan's lower back.

"I'm not opposed to the idea," he says.

It's a way more positive reaction than Yunlan was expecting. He preens.

The shibari demonstration is a lot more interesting with Shen Wei at his side. Yunlan's interest in suspension is limited (ow, his joints), but he challenges himself to guess what Shen Wei is thinking based on his facial expressions.

It's not easy; Shen Wei keeps on a neutral, mildly interested expression throughout, the same one he kept offering Yunlan when they talked at the bar. Yunlan wonders how someone would learn a poker face like this, and why this façade specifically - polite yet distant. Maybe the guy has been betrayed many times and now he keeps to himself. Maybe he's just wary of strangers. Maybe the polite interest is genuine, in which case he's definitely a psychopath.

Maybe Yunlan needs to start working less, if all he can do when faced with a handsome stranger is treat him like a case to be solved.

He doesn't look away even when Shen Wei notices his interest. The moment the demonstration is over, Shen Wei guides him to a corner and pushes Yunlan against the wall - not caging him in, but standing at an angle with one hand on Yunlan's chest.

"Did no one ever teach you it's rude to stare, Zhao Yunlan?"

He doesn't lean into Yunlan as he speaks, staying a small step away. He doesn't need to; his voice carries easily above the surrounding hubbub.

It's way sexier than if he was trying to physically intimidate Yunlan by getting in his space. Shen Wei's posture suggests no concern that Yunlan will try to escape, and he's right. The guy is barely trying, and already Yunlan is captivated.

"I'm sorry," he says, batting his eyelashes, "that was so very rude of me, shuaige. I don't know how I could ever make it up to you."

Shen Wei puts a hand under his chin and tilts his head up.

"You need to learn a lesson about where you put your eyes," says Shen Wei, "maybe it would help if you were deprived of their use for some time."

Yunlan is nodding the moment he catches on (so it takes a few seconds, sue him. That wasn't his first drink of the day).

"Yeah," he breathes, "yeah, maybe that'll help. Won't know until we try it, will we?"

Shen Wei steps back and takes Yunlan's arm, almost gentlemanly except for the fact that his grip on Yunlan is like a steel trap. Yunlan tests it; however much he struggles, Shen Wei doesn't give an inch.

Holy shit. He looks so wiry; how can he be this strong?

Shen Wei guides him to an area that is… arguably more private than the one they were just in, although not by much. It’s in a corner and slightly less well-lit than the rest of the room; but if someone like, say, Da Qing walked by and wanted to stop for a chat while they were in the middle of things (Da Qing would; he has no sense of privacy), there would be nothing stopping them.

Interesting; Shen Wei looks more like the private type. Shows what Yunlan knows.

Shen Wei turns his attention to Yunlan. He's fully dressed, but under Shen Wei's gaze he already feels naked. This guy is really something else.

Shen Wei touches his cravat. Not the most dommy gesture, maybe, but a sweet one. Yunlan couldn't bear to be the only nervous one here.

Then Shen Wei says:

"Right. Your eyes," and starts taking off his cravat, and Yunlan thinks oh.

He turns around, docile as a lamb, and allows Shen Wei to blindfold him. He wonders what his handful of previous doms would think, seeing him like this. They'd probably be confused to see him submitting without any backtalk.

What can he say? He's only known Shen Wei for a few hours, and already he knows that this guy will make submitting worth his time. Although Yunlan reserves the right to backtalk later, of course.

Shen Wei's hands are careful as they tie the knot, running a finger under the cravat to ensure it's not too tight. It's smooth, either silk or polyester; either way it's probably going to slip at some point, but Yunlan appreciates the effort regardless.

Shen Wei reaches around and roughly grabs his package.

Yunlan yelps.

"Buy me dinner first!"

"I'll make you dinner," Shen Wei says into his ear.

"Promises, promises," says Yunlan, starting to harden under Shen Wei's merciless treatment. The denim makes the friction so much worse; Yunlan loves it.

"I keep my promises, Zhao Yunlan," Shen Wei says, biting his ear, "you don't know that yet, because you've just met me. But you will learn this in time: I don't promise lightly."

The implications of a future together make Yunlan's dick harden. He's not sure what part of him is broken, that having just failed at one long term relationship, the prospect of entering another has him cream his pants like a 15 year old. Although there’s probably a kink name for that, right? Commitment kink, or something. If it’s a kink, then it’s fine.

(If Yunlan breathed the words “commitment kink” near Da Qing the cat would probably fall off his chair laughing.)

“Sounds good,” he breathes.

Shen Wei reaches down into his trousers and cups his dick in a much gentler gri,p possibly in a gesture of forgiveness.

“Shen Wei,” says Yunlan very seriously.


Blindfolded, he can't tell whether Shen Wei’s solemn tone is genuine or mocking.

“I can't believe you have your hands down my pants and you haven't kissed me yet,” he pouts.

He expects a reprimand for that, but instead Shen Wei pushes him up against the wall, and before he knows it there's a hot mouth on his.

Shen Wei kisses like it's going out of fashion, like he's being paid to do it, like he needs it to live. He bites at Yunlan’s lips — not hard enough to break skin, but almost. He sticks his tongue into Yunlan's mouth with no preamble, like his welcome was never in question.

Yunlan gives as good as he gets, putting both hands on Shen Wei’s ass while he’s at it, and squeezing. If Shen Wei wanted him docile — well, he should probably have tied Yunlan up and gagged him.

Shen Wei’s ass isn't big, but it's firm, the perfect handful. He pushes himself against Shen Wei using his leverage and rubs against Shen Wei, who has more than just the beginnings of an erection.

Yunlan will take credit for that, and quite happily. The cravat slips, and Yunlan is almost distracted enough by the kiss to ignore it — but not quite.

He opens his eyes a crack and sees Shen Wei’s closed eyes, his sharp jaw and smooth neck. Shen Wei catches on too quickly, though; he must have supernatural senses. He pulls back and carefully readjusts the cravat, then pushes Yunlan back until his face is pressed against the wall. Shen Wei grinds his erection into Yunlan’s.

“Are you clean?” Shen Wei asks.


“Are you —”

“Oh. No clue,” Yunlan says, his brain still catching up, “I mean I just got out of a long term relationship, so —”

“That's not what I meant,” Shen Wei replies evenly, “I was referring to your colon.”

There must be some sort of spell on him, Yunlan thinks, some sort of magic that means he can find this man sexy even when he uses the word “colon” in a sentence.

“No, I haven't cleaned up,” says Yunlan, “I hadn't really anticipated —”

“That's fine,” says Shen Wei.

He starts pulling Yunlan’s trousers down. Two fingers press themselves against Yunlan’s lips, and he happily opens them. Shen Wei slides his fingers into Yunlan’s mouth, sliding them along his tongue. He has nice fingers — thick, or maybe that’s just how they feel on his tongue. Very smooth, no dryness or calluses. The digits slide as deep as they can into Yunlan’s mouth without choking him and slowly retreat. Then his palm is in front of Yunlan’s mouth.

“Lick," he orders.

Yunlan slobbers all over Shen Wei’s hand, just to see what kind of reaction it will get him.

Shen Wei seems completely unfazed. He retrieves his hand after a few seconds and orders Yunlan to press his legs together.

When Yunlan doesn't comply fast enough, Shen Wei uses a foot to forcibly push both of Yunlan's together and presses him down against the wall with a hand on his back. He pulls Yunlan's trousers and underwear down to his mid thighs; Yunlan feels warm air hit his bare skin and shivers, anticipation mingling with nerves.

A moment later he feels a pressure against the very bottom of his ass and realizes Shen Wei is pushing his slick dick between Yunlan’s thighs. He hears Shen Wei exhale heavily as his dick pushes all the way through. When Yunlan palms it, he can feel the head of Shen Wei's cock emerging from between his legs.

“Keep your hands on the wall,”  Shen Wei instructs.

He seems surprisingly calm and unaffected. Yunlan takes this as a personal challenge and pushes back against Shen Wei, moaning loudly and surely as he does.

“Does that feel good, sir?” he asks in his worst porn actor voice, “am I tight enough for you?”

Shen Wei wraps his hand around Yunlan's hips and stills him completely with no apparent effort.

“Please behave, Yunlan,'' he says, “and don't make me gag you.”

Yunlan waits until the next thrust to take his hand off the wall again and try and jerk off Shen Wei, but no sooner has he loosely circled a couple fingers around the head than Shen Wei has pulled back completely from between his thighs and the warmth of his body against Yunlan's back is gone.

“What did I tell you?” Shen Wei asks, still sounding quite calm, although Yunlan can just about make out the first cracks in the facade.

“I'm sorry, sir,” says Yunlan, not sounding sorry at all, “I couldn't resist. You're so hot that it —”

Yunlan feels himself being turned around and pushed back against the wall by his biceps.

“What do you gain from being contrary, Yunlan?” Shen Wei asks.

To Yunlan’s satisfaction, the tone of mild curiosity is gone and there's the slightest edge of anger in Shen Wei's tone.

“Well, gee shuaige, I'm not doing it on purpose,” he says, “the last thing I want is to make you angry. After all, if I do you might bend me over and spank me, and wouldn't that just be the worst case scenario?”

A warm hand cups his face.

“If you want to be tied up and beaten, Yunlan, why don't you just ask?”

Yunlan flounders.

“Well, where would be the fun in that? You can’t just expect me to make life easy for you, shuaige.”

Shen Wei gives a small smile.

“I’ve known you for less than an hour, Zhao Yunlan, and already I’m sure you don’t make life easy for anyone.”

“Damn straight,” says Yunlan, nodding sagely.

“Although I will confess, I’ve never understood the appeal of such antics myself,” Shen Wei says, putting the cravat back over Yunlan’s eyes.

Yunlan shrugs.

“It's fun to test your bindings,” he says, “even when you know they're going to hold. Especially when you know they're going to hold. Also, sometimes you test someone a bit and they get mad for real, and that's how you know they're not going to be a very good dom.”

Shen Wei looks surprised.

“I’d never thought of that second part. It seems like a risky way to go about things, though, Zhao Yunlan.”

Yunlan notes the slip — something about what he just said had Shen Wei either deliberately distancing himself from the scene or slipping out of character, using Yunlan’s full name.

He leans in so their faces are close together (probably, it’s harder to tell when he can’t see) and purrs:

“Maybe I like danger, shuaige.”

“Well then,” Shen Wei replies contemplatively, pressing a finger down on Yunlan’s bottom lip, “you need someone to keep you out of it, don’t you?”

That startles Yunlan into a laugh. He can’t tell whether Shen Wei is serious, but he gives him the benefit of the doubt and decides he’s mocking Yunlan again.

“And how are you going to do that?” Yunlan whispers, “I’m very naughty, shuaige. I slip out of the house when you least expect it and get into all sorts of trouble. I’m very good at picking locks and very bad at learning lessons. It takes a real strong personality to save me from myself.”

Shen Wei chuckles. He kisses Yunlan, inviting himself into his mouth like it belongs to him, tilting Yunlan’s head whichever way he feels like it. Yunlan’s erection strains against his trousers. Shen Wei places a hand on his neck and squeezes the muscles at the side and Yunlan whines, bucking against him. As if in response, Shen Wei breaks away.

“Oh, Ah Lan,” he says right into Yunlan’s ear, “when did I ever say I would keep you safe?”

Yunlan almost comes in his pants.

Yunlan decides to accept the apology, such as it is. He also decides to go back on the attack, because that's just who he is as a person.

"We could certainly recover the mood, shuaige," he purrs, "take me back to that corner and I'll show you -"

"Professor Shen!"

Yunlan whips the cravat off.

Da Qing stands in front of them, dressed in the usual peto and white t-shirt combo that could only plausibly fit in in this club if he was doing some sort of age-related roleplay, which Da Qing insists isn't his thing.

Yunlan turns to Shen Wei and raises an eyebrow.


Shen Wei clears his throat.

"Da Qing is too respectful," he says, with a meaningful look towards the man in question.

Da Qing shrugs.

"I'm glad you two met. Lao Zhao, professor Shen knows a ton of stuff; I bet he can get you reacquainted in no time."

Yunlan pokes him in the chest.

"Oh, he can show me around so you don't have to, you traitorous friend?"

"You said you didn't need anyone to babysit you!"

"I don't. Now scram, the professor," he winds a possessive arm around Shen Wei's shoulders, "was showing me some fun techniques."

Da Qing rolls his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, you're horny, I get it."

He turns to Shen Wei.

"I hope you won't judge me for his behaviour, professor. We may be friends but I assure you I don't condone any of his -"

Yunlan steps forward to try and pinch Da Qing for his rudeness, but his roommate is already melting back into the crowd.

"That wasn't very polite," says Shen Wei, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

"I've held his hair while he puked at my birthday party - more than once. I'm allowed to be rude."

*He's mentioned you several times; I assume you two are quite close?"

"Yeah, we live together and so on. He's never mentioned you," Yunlan says, using his lollipop to gesture.

Shen Wei tilts his head.

"Does he talk about the club very much?"

Yunlan shrugs. Truthfully, it's not the biggest subject of conversation; it’s only come up lately as the subject of those rumours.

"I suppose that would explain it, then. I would call us friends; I hope he would say the same."

Yunlan resolves to ask Da Qing later. For all Yunlan teases him, he has good enough taste in people to serve as a reference.

For now, he needs to get the evening back on track.

"So, professor, I believe you were going to wring my neck…"

He bats his eyelashes, but Shen Wei seems to have become fully immunised to his shamelessness in the hour or so they've known each other.

"Of course,” Shen Wei says gravely, and puts the cravat over Yunlan’s eyes for the third and probably not the last time tonight.

Two minutes later, with Shen Wei's dick bruising his esophagus, Yunlan admits to himself that Shen Wei might have the upper hand, for this round at least.

He has a hand wrapped in Yunlan’s hair — just a fistful of the hair at the crown — and another loosely wrapped around Yunlan’s neck, and is slowly sliding his head up and down Shen Wei's shaft.

It's a leisurely pace, but Shen Wei has been getting a little deeper every time he goes in, and now he's holding Yunlan down with most of his dick stuffed into his mouth. Yunlan is no slouch in the oral skills department — the lollipops are certainly not false advertising — but Shen Wei seems intent on testing how far he can push Yunlan without making him throw up. So far, Yunlan would say he's been doing pretty well. Shen Wei better be damn grateful for his unparalleled endurance. He manages to swallow around Shen Wei's dick without choking, earning a pleasing sigh.

That seems to be as much of a reaction as Shen Wei is willing to give him, which seems slightly unfair to Yunlan. He's doing all the work here: he could at least get a little reward for it.

Shen Wei slides out slowly, taking himself in hand while still holding on to Yunlan’s hair.

“Not bad,” he says.

Yunlan snorts.

“Not bad? Please, it's the best blow job you've had in your life.”

Shen Wei takes him even more firmly by the hair, tightening his grip inch by inch until it becomes painful. Yunlan moans.

“It’s not bad,” he repeats mildly, “but please stop moving quite so much. Your job right now is to stay very still and let me work.”

He guides Yunlan’s mouth back around his dick. Yunlan knows he has a nice mouth, Plush and red; it looks very nice wrapped around a cock. Shen Wei makes no comments about it, even as his heavy length continues to slide slowly and evenly in and out of Yunlan’s mouth. It's a little disconcerting; Yunlan hopes that Shen Wei isn't trying to respect him or any similar bullshit. Then again, he hasn’t spoken much during sex so far, maybe he just doesn't like dirty talk. The only disadvantage of giving a blowjob is that Yunlan can't speak and with Shen Wei silent as well, he's getting antsy.

The next time that Shen Wei's cock reaches his throat, Yunlan moans loudly and does his best to swallow around the head. Shen Wei immediately pulls out and takes his chin in an unforgiving grip, forcing Yunlan to make eye contact and giving him a stern look.

“Did I not tell you not to move?”

 Ignoring the fingers on his chin, Yunlan does his best to lean into Shen Wei and nuzzle into his hip.

“Don't be mad, sweetheart,” he says, “I was just trying to help you along.”

Shen Wei sighs in a way that clearly indicates that he's not mad, just disappointed.

“I had specific plans for how this was going to go, Zhao Yunlan; very specific plans which you are going to greatly enjoy. Please do not disrupt them by trying to take matters into your own hands. I know you think you're trying to help, but I assure you that you're doing the opposite.”

Yunlan gapes. Not only is this guy being condescending, he's being condescending in that specific way where he takes a statement that Yunlan made jokingly, and wholeheartedly acts as if Yunlan was being serious and also very stupid. It's something that Yunlan witnessed plenty of times, has had colleagues and friends complain about, but not something that happens often to him. Young, charismatic guys who also happen to be the boss’ son tend to get more respect than that.

It’s — ok, it’s pretty hot. It really shouldn’t be, but it is. Yunlan really is making too many discoveries tonight; he really should space them out a bit.

Yunlan whines.

“I'm sorry, shuaige, of course you know better than me. I'm just a silly nobody. But I just can't help myself — your dick feels so good in my mouth —”

Shen Wei uses the hand on Yunlan’s chin to shake his head lightly.

“You are not foolish, Yunlan,'' he says, “but you are certainly quite a tease, aren’t you. Anyone who truly wants your submission will have to fight for it.”

Mind games aren’t really Yunlan’s thing in bed, but there’s a glint in Shen Wei’s eye as he says this that convinces Yunlan not to take him too seriously.

“Maybe you’re right, shuaige,” says Yunlan, fluttering his eyelashes at him, “it's in my nature. I can't help it.”

He leans in to take Shen Wei back in his mouth, but Shen Wei stops him.

“Thirty seconds,” he says.

Yunlan raises his eyebrows.

“Give me thirty seconds to show you that my way is best,” says Shen Wei.

Oh a challenge. Interesting!

“Sure thing, shuaige,” says Yunlan, “but what happens if I decide your way is not the best way?”

Shen Wei considers him.

“Then we will do things your way, of course,” he says, “your pleasure is my priority, Zhao Yunlan. I will give you orders, you will disobey them, and then I will have to punish you harshly. Does that sound fair?”

Zhao Yunlan licks his lips.

“I guess,” he says, “but you do realize that you're giving me a pretty big incentive to say my way is best either way, right? You may not know this, but I’m a glutton for punishment.”

He winks.

 Shen Wei nods solemnly.

“I suppose I will just have to give you an even bigger incentive to do things my way.”

He sits back on his heels and opens his mouth obediently.

Shen Wei pulls him back up onto his knees and takes him by the back of the neck, pushing his cock into Yunlan's throat slowly. He pushes past Yunlan's hard palate, his soft palate, and into what feels very much like his esophagus, and stops only when Yunlan is struggling not to spasm around him. He keeps Yunlan there long enough that instinct takes over and Yunlan tries to pull back, but Shen Wei doesn't let him.

There's no bratty response to be had right now — and besides, Yunlan, did promise. So he forces himself to stay still for what feels like another whole minute, before he can't hold back anymore and starts trying to pull back, making distressed noises.

“Just a little more,” Shen Wei says, “you can do it.”

His tone is neither gently reassuring nor mocking, but fully self assured. He's just stating a fact.

How long is this even going to go on for? Shen Wei's hand presses into the back of his neck like a brand as he tries to pull back. It feels like an eternity before he's allowed to, and he falls to the side coughing and choking, strings of saliva covering his chin.

“That's the thirty seconds up,” Shen Wei announces neutrally.

It takes Yunlan a few moments to process his words. Shen Wei hasn't moved from where he's standing over Yunlan, so Yunlan makes a minimal effort to sit up.

“What did you think?,” says Shen Wei, his voice an open inquiry.

Words are still a struggle.

“It was. Yeah,” says Yunlan, “fine, you won, shuaige. Your way.”

Shen Wei nods, and the discreet little smile on his face tells Yunlan it's going to be a very long night.

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