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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN`~

Reality 1


Wizeman was defeated, everything about Wizeman, including what he created, was also destroyed. Including NiGHTS, yet NiGHTS woke up on a sidewalk at what seemed like the Nightopia that Will and Helen co-created. NiGHTS head was splitting with pain and grabbed the back of it. NiGHTS’ jester tassels were a bit beaten up. Odd, NiGHTS never felt pain like Visitors did in the Waking World. NiGHTS flew around the empty sidewalk to see that there was a black pavement and more sidewalks on the other side. This was odd. Everything seemed to be on the ground and none of it was in the air. Except for the clocktower tower in front of them. NiGHTS flew high to the tip of the tower and played a song with their flute.

 After the song, NiGHTS flew across the black pavement when they saw some lights come toward them. They flew away just in time when the lights stopped. A Visitor looked out the window of what seemed to be a vehicle NiGHTS would usually turn into, a car?

“Look where you going, you crazy clown,” the man in the car cried out. Then the man drove away.

That was when NiGHTS realized they were in the Waking World. Adults would never enter the Dream Gate let alone Nightopia. NiGHTS thought I’d be safer to use their transforming abilities to appear human. Yet NiGHTS thought about it. They had blue eyes, so that’s staying. Helen and Will also had blue eyes, as well as blond hair. So blond hair would probably go naturally. Yet gender is a hard one… Yet NiGHTS doesn’t have to deal with more parts with the transformation if they were a guy. Also, they will still identify as nonbinary and wear dresses when they desire.

NiGHTS formed a blond bob for hair, a nose, round ears, and short stature to look like the age of Will and Helen, the clothes stayed the same for now. NiGHTS did however take their gloves off, since now NiGHTS can feel objects when they touch them. Yet NiGHTS needed a name that appeared human. Since NiGHTS is assuming that they’re in Bellbridge, that would be in the UK. So a British name similar to their own would be… Nicholas? They never liked the name Nick, so no nickname. Guess that’s where the word nickname comes from…

It was becoming morning. Where do people Will and Helen’s age go when they’re not asleep? Oh yes, school! Nicholas went into the clock tower to ask where the nearest school was. A lady was unlocking the tower, she looked studious, yet knowledgeable about the city. “Hi, it’s my first day of school, and I’m a bit lost, can you tell me where it is?”

The lady looked at Nicholas, then explained to the directors, “you go down the avenue, and take a left at 33rd, then the school is right there. I’m presuming you’re at your first year at Bellbridge East Secondary?

Nicholas nodded his head.

“Then you’ll find it there,” the woman cracked the door open to the tower, “you’re very early, but not far off.” She went inside, “if you need any more help, just ask me. I’m the secretary to the mayor of Bellbridge; Mary.”

“Is City Hall in this tower? I thought it was a concert hall!” Nicholas exclaimed.

“This tower is multifunctional, there’s a concert hall, city hall, some private businesses, meeting rooms, a teen lounge, an indoor pool, and a gym,” the lady explained, “I presume you’re new here?”

Nicholas nodded his head and then ran down the stairs, “yeah, I need to get going to school.”


Nicholas signed up for school and classes no problem. Probably due to a mistaken identity, but things seemed to work out in the end. “Oh, you’re Nicholas Barry,” the secretary at the school exclaimed, “I thought you were supposed to come from the states last month! Unfortunately, your host family moved since you signed up. But there are plenty at BES who will be willing if you talk to them!”

 They were even given a uniform, which was yellow plaid pants, a white collared shirt, and a yellow blazer. Not that appealing to Nicholas but that’s what he needs to do to blend into Bellbridge. Nicholas was introduced to the class, then they sat down at a desk. They did his first set of classes, which were boring, which was expected from what they’d heard from Visitors. Yet he’s learning a lot about the Waking World.

Then there was lunch. Nicholas’ stomach gargled their stomach hurt, which means they probably needed to eat for once. They grabbed a cod sandwich and sat down alone at a table. It seemed like most of the Visitors were interacting with each other. Nicholas was worried he wouldn’t be able to make friends. That was until a blond girl with a side ponytail sat her chicken sandwich and chips on the table. Nicholas recognized the girl, as they just saw each other. Without any introduction, Nicholas exclaimed, “It’s Helen! Hi!”

Helen went still. Her eyes looked red like she was crying about something, and all day. She looked at Nicholas with curiosity, “How did you know my name?”

That was the wrong move. It made Nicholas seem like a stalker. “It’s me, NiGHTS. I ended up in Bellbridge instead of dying.  I turned myself human to blend in, but it’s seriously me.”

Nicholas suddenly felt a tight squeeze around them. It was so tight; that they could hardly breathe. “I knew something was about you.” She began to cry again, but this time of happiness. “I’m just happy you’re alive!”


After school, Nicholas and Helen went to an office supply store to buy a bag, pencils, and notebooks. Afterward, they got gelato. Nicholas chose chocolate and Helen chose strawberry. They took their treats outside and began to eat. The gelato was cold, yet sweet, and very satisfying. Nicholas began to smile and began to eat as quickly as they could fly.

“So, you go by Nicholas?” Helen asked, “are you still genderless?”

“Yes, and yes,” Nicholas was still focused on their gelato.

“When a Visitor is genderless, or nonbinary,” Helen began to explain, “they introduce with their name and preferred pronouns, such as they/them. Like I’m Helen, She/Her.”

“Oh, then I’m Nicholas, They/Them,” Nicholas took some napkins and dabbed their mouth with their gelato-covered face.

Two girls came up to Helen. One with bunned orange hair and the other with a brown bob and a white pauper’s hat. They began to talk to Helen.

“So,” said the brown-haired girl, “who’s the boy?”

“My name is Nicholas, They/Them,” Nicholas practiced the introduction to the girls.

The girl smiled, “My name is Joy, She/Her.”

The redhead also introduced herself, “and my name is Pammy, also She/Her.”

“They’re an exchange student from the States, he’ll be staying with me for a while,” Helen explained, which was all true, Helen volunteered to take Nicholas in as a host.

“Then why does Nicholas have a British accent?” Joy asked.

“They were born in Devon, then moved to New York, then came back to England to know more about their heritage,” Helen was a good liar. Nicholas didn’t know what Devon nor New York was, but they presumed they were towns in Britain and the United States.

“Oh, from New York, do you know the village?” Pammy asked.

“What village?” Nicholas asked.

Pammy nodded, “yep, they’re a New Yorker.”

Nicholas didn’t know what that meant, but it must have been a fluke that he passed some sort of test.

Helen grabbed Nicholas’ paper cup, and hers and placed them in the wastebin. “I better get home. I need to practice violin.”

“You and your violin practice,” Joy rolled her eyes.

“Hey, she performed at the Clocktower, show some respect,” said Pammy, “Now you two should go home. Nicholas probably needs rest from their first day of school after all.”

Nicholas nodded his head, “Yeah! School’s tougher in Bellbridge than New York.”

Both Helen and Nicholas grabbed their bags and went to the train to Helen’s home.


More like a mansion, Helen’s home was huge. Helen showed Nicholas a room with a bed, desk, and drawer. “We may need to do some clothes shopping this weekend.”

Nicholas took his original clothes out of his bag, “I still have these.”

“You’ll need more than that.” Said Helen.

Nicholas put his bag down on the desk, then walked with Helen outside to the yard into a white gazebo where she set up her violin. She began to play. Nicholas sat at the edge of the gazebo to watch. She was better than she made herself out to be. It’s amazing.

That was when Helen’s mum walked outside. “So, I got a note from your school that you took in an American exchange student?”

Helen stopped her violin suddenly and pointed to Nicholas, “yeah, this is Nicholas, they’re’ from New York.”

“You could have phoned me and asked,” said Helen’s mum, “it’s okay, sure, but ask before you make such commitments.”

 “I’ll ask next time,” Helen rolled her eyes, “But it was last minute, and I couldn’t use my phone in school and I don’t know your phone number. Sorry, mum.”

“It’s okay. How about ordering pizza tonight? The thought of cooking for three all of the sudden is a tad stressful. I’ll make the spaghetti and meatballs tomorrow.” 

“Sure,” said Helen.

Nicholas smiled, “I like pizza.”

“It’s rather different from what it’s like in New York,” said Helen’s mum, “by the way, my name is Madeline Cartwright.”

“My name is Nicholas, They/Them,” Nicholas introduced themself and made a bow, “It’s a pleasure to be a guest at your abode.”

Nicholas had one less thing to worry about. Yet they knew the nightmaren had a prophecy they were hoping was made up just to scare NiGHTS out of their rebellious behavior.  

~`When Nightmare is thrown to reality, we must find the Hands of Wizeman, Two in the First Ranks, One in the most powerful, One jumper, One in the water, and One wildcard. `~

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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN`~

Reality 2


Reala woke up in a bed with a light blue blanket. They looked around and saw some grown Visitors in pajamas walk by. “Poor guy, just lying there on the street.”

Reala looked at their hands, they were still pale with a pink manicure. This wasn’t Nightmare, since Nightmare was destroyed, but this also wasn’t Nightopia because there were grown Visitors there; guess Reala was the Visitor now.

Reala soon morphed into a human. They chose black hair; since they’ve only seen red hair on one Visitor and that was more orange, blue eyes; since they were already blue, and slightly darker skin; but it was still pale since their morphing was limited. Same with the small stature. Reala looked like a child. Yet if this was what they needed to blend in, so be it. Reala took their Persona off to blend in even more. Yet they’ll be keeping that.

A woman in pajamas that has a tag that says, “RN” went into Reala’s room. “I see you’re awake, can I take some information?”

Reala nodded their head.

“Your name?”

“Ren Meier,” Reala quickly came up with a name.



The woman circled something, but Ren wasn’t sure what. “Place of birth?”


The pen wrote something down, it probably what city they were located.  “Parent’s names?”

Ren began to feel something flash in his heart, “William and Lucy Meier.”

“Okay, that’s all I need to intake, let me get the discharge papers ready.”


Three hours later, Ren was in the city. They were greeted by a woman with orange ringlets and a pink dress, and a man with brown hair and a striped outfit. “Reala, we secured an apartment for you,” said the woman as they both bowed to Ren.

Ren knew who they were: Queen Bella and Donbalon. Who else could they be? Lucky that they can morph into adults, or else finding a home would be hard. Guess that was an advantage of being boss Nightmaren. “I presume you got jobs too?”

“Yes,” said Queen Bella, “I go by Izzy now, I work at a craft store. Don works at a restaurant.”

  “Great, I need to find NiGHTS, and fast. Yet we all know the prophesy.”

Izzy cleared her throat, “When Nightmare is thrown to reality, we must find the Hands of Wizeman, Two in the First Ranks, One the most powerful, One jumper, One in the water, and One wildcard.”

  Ren took one look at Don, “I felt a warm glow when Wizeman was brought up, and I feel it strong around you. You have a hand; you must be the jumper.”

Don smiled, “Well, that’s two for us, but we’ll need NiGHTS to give up theirs willingly.”

They were walking to the apartment, when they passed a school building. Ren began to feel a spark. “Wait, could one of the Nightmaren be in this school?”

Izzy began to walk up the steps, “we should enroll you. As much as we’re on a mission, you need to blend in, as in, go to school.”

Izzy was right, Ren looked too small to work like the two others. So, it’s best to sign up for classes. They went inside, and Izzy and Don posed as Ren’s parents. They were given a uniform, and Ren started the next day.


The next day, Ren introduced themselves to the class. Ren immediately looked at the empty seat next to a familiar boy: Will; that football playing destroyer of their world. Ren sat down next to Will, but Will paid little attention to Ren, and focused on reading from the book the class was reading. It was Animal Farm by George Orwell, kind of odd how Secondary School students are reading about talking animals, but… oh my gosh, did the horse just die?


At lunchtime, Will approached Ren, “would you like to eat lunch with me? I know how hard it is being new. Out usual table has empty seats, so you’ll fit right in.”

Ren took the opportunity. Perhaps this will already know NiGHTS, if NiGHTS was attending the school. Yet I’d be hard to tell which human was a Nightmaren. There was nothing off about anyone’s human transformation.

Ren grabbed his sack lunch, courtesy of Don, and sat down with Will. Will introduced his friends, Jack and Ben. Jack was overly talkative about the World Cup, and Ben just nodded his head. Ren didn’t know what they were talking about.  Must be some sort of football thing.

That was when a girl with blond a side ponytail looked startled and looked at Will, “We go to the same school?”

Will began to laugh, “It’s so big, I guess we never would have noticed. How about we…” Will suddenly looked distracted, “she’s alive?”

Helen suddenly grabbed Will’s hand, “I have a few things I need to explain,” she said, and pulled Will away from the table to talk in the hallway.

Ren quietly followed. To overhear what they need to say.

“NiGHTS is alive. Ended up, instead of destroying every inhabitant of Nightmare, one ended up in our world. They are just as confused about this as we are. They go by Nicholas, and would rather use they/them pronouns. Makes sense, since Nightmaren are genderless.”

So NiGHTS was indeed at this school. This makes things easier. Now to find a way to make friends with this Nicholas…


Back at class, a red-haired girl gave Ren some paperwork. “I’m Pamela Goldstein, but you can call me Pammy, She/Her. I’m the class representative. Every afternoon, we have two electives that we take what interest us.

What came to Ren’s mind was what would NiGHTS take? Something music related of course. They love to play the flute.

“Oh, by the way, the musical is having auditions today. I’m part of that, it’s really fun! We’re doing Peter Pan this semester. It takes up two elective periods, but it’s worth it!”

Ren signed up for the musical. This is a fool proof way to get near Nicholas.

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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN`~

Reality 3


After class, Will approached Ren with, “want to play some football with me and the others?”

Ren never played football, but they somewhat got the point of it from player’s nightmares: Get the ball into the net. Same went to basketball, but it was higher. “Sure, I never played before, so I may not be good.”

“You can be on my team, I’m good enough that you can rely on me,” Will joked, then got his football out of his backpack.

The two walked to the school’s football field, where Jack and Ben were waiting. “Ah, we finally have an even number of players,” said Ben, “Ren, you can play on Will’s team since you came with him.”

Will sat the football to the quarter of the field. “So, 2 on 2, half field? I’ll be offense.”

“I’ll be offense,” said Jack.

Ren was supposing they were defense. Keeping the ball away from Jack, and to Will. Seemed like a simple enough game.

 The game began, Will had the ball, and kicked it to the net, he made a flying kick to the ball, but Ben used his head to punt it out of the way.

Jack got the ball with his knee, and began to dribble the ball.

Ren tried to steal it with is leg, but not being used to walking backfired, as he fell down.

Everyone stopped as Jack made a T with the palm of his right hand and left hand, “Timeout!”

Will looked at Ren, “are you okay?”

Ren began to laugh, “I was honest, never played. Yet I’m too tough to hurt.”

“No, you’re supposed to hold your leg like this,” Ben put up his knee and held onto his leg, “and look in pain, then Jack would have gotten a fowl.”

“Haha, very funny,” said Jack, “We aren’t professionals, that stuff doesn’t work on us.”

Ren looked over to see Nicholas and Helen on the bleachers, “hey, what are these two idiots doing there?”

Nicholas cursed, then waved to the players, “Can we play?”

“Sure,” Will said, “let’s make it a 3 on 3”

Helen rolled her eyes, she didn’t seem on board with playing, but they went down the bleachers to the field.

“So how about Ren, Helen, and Will against Nicholas, Ben, and I,” said Jack, “and please, don’t fake injuries. Let’s also not make any real ones either. It maybe offs season, but it still cuts practice time for next season.”

They began the game again, Jack got the ball this time, but Helen stole it and passed it to Will. Will soon enough kicked the ball to the goal, and Nicholas tried to block it from the net, when Ren kneed the ball into the air, then kicked it into a backflip into the net.

Will and Ben looked at each other, “I think that point went to you,” Ben said.

“Sort of an uncanny move,” said Ben, “But Ren is learning.”

Yet that was when Ren and Nicholas began to argue. “You blocked my block,” Nicholas called out, “that move shouldn’t even be allowed in football.”

“Oh, rules? In a casual game like this?” asked Ren, “I got the score, so fair is fair.”

The two were glaring at each other. Will and Helen looked at each other awkwardly. “Long sotry short: Nicholas has been suspecting Ren is Reala,” Helen noted.

“Yeah, since I knew NiGHTS was still alive in out world, I had a hunch,” Will stretched the back of this head.

They both morphed into Nightmaren. Jack and Ben began to scream and run away. “Let’s do this our way,” said Reala, as they used their power to make all the footballs in proximity float around them. Reala flung three at NiGHTS, which was more of a threat than the usual his usual giant balls.

NiGHTS punted one with their head, and kicked the other two at the same time. Two of them missed, one of them hit Reala so hard, they flew into the net.

“Score!” NiGHTS called out.

Reala floated the three balls around them, and threw them again, NiGHTS span around and kicked all three at the same time, which all three hit Reala.

Reala didn’t land into the net that time, but to the net’s pole, they hit their back, and morphed back into Ren.

Will ran over to Ren to see if they were okay. Helen Ran to NiGHTS to talk a bit.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Ren rubbed the back of their head, “I was hoping to hide my identity further. Yet now I know 100% which one NiGHTS is out of these brats.”

“Okay, so I went a bit hasty with Ren, but it ended up they were Reala.” NiGHTS morphed back into Nicholas “I was right, was I not?”

Helen sighed, “just try to keep your Nightmaren drama in the back of the theatre, okay? Hence the word ‘try’ I know things will get hazy since other nightmaren are here.” Helen looked at Ren, “There are others, right?”

“I guess,” said Nicholas, “Except for Wizeman, it takes a lot to get him to our world.” A hand shaped light flashed onto Nicholas’ chest as Nicholas saw the same on Ren.

“I’ll be taking that,” said Ren as they tried to grab it, but with no avail.

A ball flew to Ren’s head. It was Jack, “Is that the bully in your Dreams, Will?”

Will nodded, “But let’s not resort of violence. I’m pretty sure Ren lost this one.”

“I will get that Hand of Wizeman,” said Ren, “I figure I need to be in Nightmaren form to obtain yours. Yet Wizeman will return, and take over this world, then Nightopia.”

“Whatever,” Nicholas rolled their eyes, “and you know how many Visitors are here? They’re more powerful than us, and I can borrow their power as I like. I already know two Perfect Visitors. Also, you need me to revive Wizeman, so know that.”

Ren stuck out their tongue, “I’ll find a way to get close to you. That’s for sure.” Ren left in a huff.

“I just can’t believe this was all real, like you said,” Ben said the Will.

“It just felt real is what I said,” Will laughed, “I mean, Helen’s real, and I saw her in my dreams.”

“That’s Salvador Dali levels of surreal, you know that?” Jack said, “but you’re cool, Helen! I saw the Bellbridge concert on the city’s YouTube with WIll. You were amazing.”

Helen looked at Will, “You got your friends to see my performance?” she asked.

“It was during the league’s finals, so we couldn’t see it live, but there was a recording of the concert, so we had to see,” said Will, “you’re really good at violin.”

“I better see that game you were in then,” Helen blushed, “I bet you were good there too.”

“Heck yeah he was,” said Jack, “he got the final goal.”

Will looked at Nicholas, “All thanks to you.”

“It was your own sense of hope that did it,” said Nicholas “I just wanted to defeat Wizeman.”


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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN`~

Reality 4


Ren had missed a good month of going through the material of the school musical. So, they went through the script and went through the audition song for determining which part they will get. Pammy said since they’re new, probably a Lost One, Pirate, or Islander would probably be one of the roles they’d acquire. Pretty much: the third rankers. Luckily, Ren could read music from their times playing the invisible lute with NiGHTS. The song was about not growing up, but they often wondered why growing up would stop anyone from climbing a tree? Wouldn’t climbing a tree be easier if they were taller?

Ren was the last to go so they’d have time to study context and song. They began to sing the song. Ms. Dandelion glanced at Ren the entire time as she played the piano. Yet tried to pay attention to the notes.

“Not I, not me!” Ren sang out. Then made a bow. They were about to leave the stage when they tripped over a wire. Ren made a boisterous scream but landed on their side with their arms securing them from any major injury.

Ms. Dandelion smiled, “Can even take a fall well. I think we found our Hook.”

“As in the captain of the pirate ship?” Ren asked. It looked like they would be a pirate, but not a third rank pirate, but a first rank pirate. Smee would probably be a second rank.  

“Yes, Captain James Hook,” Exclaimed Ms. Dandelion, “you’d be perfect for the role! I would have put you as a chorus pirate once I looked at you, but you’re fit as Captain Hook himself.”

Ren made a huge smile; guess they were powerful enough to get a lead role in a school plays the first time.

The other roles were to be determined. Pammy approached Ren and said, “Want to see Peter Pan at the cinema? They’re doing a live event from London tomorrow.”

That sentence confused Ren like crazy, he knew a cinema was, but a live play on the cinema, they’ve never heard of, “so is this a movie or a play?”

“It’s a play, like what we’re doing, just being live streamed around the world from London.” Pammy tried to explain to Ren, “You know, like a Let’s Play on Twitch.”

Ren had never heard of Let's Plays or Twitch, but they nodded their head like they understood, “Oh right, okay, yeah, let’s go! I’d like to see another performance to get a better idea of who I’m playing.”

“Then put your own spin on it, of course, that’s the fun of it all,” Pammy mused, “So it’s at 13:00, so how about we go to the Picture at 35th and Bangle at 12:30, so we can get popcorn and good seats?!”

Ren nodded his head, “Sure.”

“It’s a date!” Pammy exclaimed.

Ren didn’t know how seeing a play on a movie screen would pose as an advantage to their mission to revive Wizeman, but their gut said she held some sort of key to knowing Nicholas. They had a lot in common. She also seemed somewhat familiar…


The next day, Nicholas and Helen walked down Midland Park in Bellbridge with a backpack of bagged sandwiches and bottles of mineral water. Helen took out a blanket from the backpack and set it on the grass. Nicholas opened a bottle of water and began to drink. They liked the bubbles, and a little less bland than normal water. Plus, Helen said hydration was important.

Will approached the two as he waved. Nicholas waved back. Will was in a similar outfit he wore when dreaming. The red shirt, brown cargo pants, and sneakers. He wasn’t wearing his vest on account it was warm. Helen was in a similar outfit as well, minus the pink jacket and leggings. She worse a frilly white shirt and blue skirt, but the same side ponytail. Nicholas had gotten clothes. They were wearing a pink dress with purple polka dots. They were in sneakers, which were red. They look nice now, but Nicholas will see once they play enough football with Will.

Helen tossed Will a sandwich. Will opened the bag and took a bite, “Aw, that’s some good salami!”

“I know, right?” Helen exclaimed, “Mum found it at the butcher, and I knew I had to put it in a sandwich.”

Nicholas took out their own sandwich, and began to eat, the meat was very good. So was the cheese, it was lighter than most cheeses, but it went well with the rich salami. The lettuce added a nice cool touch to it as well!”

Will took out his tablet, “so my brother gathered some information from other dream vlogs and information from Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung about this situation.”

“You could have asked me about any other Visitor,” Nicholas said, “Not like I’m keeping any secrets.”

“Well, most dreamed about you, then you get captured by Reala and faded away, perhaps didn’t have their Ideya of Courage,” Will read in his brother’s notes, “Sam knows my entire dream journal by the way. The most interesting blog was one who gathered their Ideya of Intelligence, fell in love with a Nightmaren rather than NiGHTS then jumped into the Dark Ocean when they found out said Nightmaren didn’t return any liking of her.”

“Guess ignorance can be bliss,” Helen said.

“There were two like us, they even both met in a Nightopia that looked like their city, and defeated Wizeman. Yet Wizeman said that as darkness comes in their hearts, he cannot be destroyed. They never had nightmares again. They even dated at one point. Yet they broke up after secondary school. One is a physical therapist; the other is a musical theatre teacher at Twin Seeds East.”

“Wait, how did your brother find out their current careers?” Nicholas asked.

“Their named showed up when Sam typed them online and one’s office and the other’s school’s page showed up with their named on the employee’s list,” said Will, “If they weren’t working so publicly, it would have been harder to find.”

Nicholas could probably guess who those two were.

Someone caught the corner of Nicholas’ eye. It was Ren. Yet something was different about them. Nicholas got up and darted towards Ren to inspect them. Their hair… it had red streaks? “How did you do that?”

“Oh, Izzy; or Queen Bella as you might know her, found some red hair dye and bleach at a beauty store and did that for me.”

Helen and Will huffed as they saw Nicholas’ curiosity, “you know,” Helen took a deep breath, “there’s a drug store down the street with a royal purple that would fit you well. You’re blond, so no bleach is needed. We just need petroleum jelly and gloves, and wait half an hour.”

“You seem to say this like you’ve done it before,” Will took a glance at Helen.

“I wanted pink hair,” Helen took out her phone and showed a selfie of her shorter magenta hair from a younger Helen “what can I say?”

That explained a lot from some dreamers having that sort of hair. “Let’s do it!” Nicholas exclaimed, “Will, bring your brother’s notes, you can explain more as we wait!”

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Journey of Earth ~`ReaWaKeN`~

Reality 5


Nicholas got out of the shower in Helen’s Walk for a Cure shirt and musky shorts then looked at the mirror. He smiled. May say, they looked better than Ren’s streaks. They can both blend in as human and be purple at the same time.

Nicholas listened to Will’s brother’s notes. Mostly stuff about the father, Twins, shadow, and other archetypes. What Nicholas knew is that there are six hands of Wizeman went to the two first ranks, one most powerful, one muse, one in the water, and one wildcard. Nicholas knew Reala and them had one for each. Yet Nicholas went pale when they thought about the most powerful… The most powerful was very scary…

Nicholas wasn’t going to give such clues to Helen and Will, those were Nightmaren secrets. Nicholas may not side with the Nightmaren anymore, but they were still a Nightmaren. Some things needed to be respected.

There was a knock in the bathroom door, “you done Nicholas?”

“Yeah,” said Nicholas as they dried their hair with a ragged towel.

Madeline opened the door. Oh shoot, Helen’s mum! She’s going to hate their purple hair. Just like when Nicholas drew patterns on their pants and Wizeman was more cross about that than their constant escaping. Nicholas was about to run for it past Madeline, but he already grabbed a lock of their hair.

“It looks nice on you.” Madeline smiled, “But you know it’s going to contrast with your uniform.”

“Eh, better to be myself than matching,” Nicholas shrugged. They eyed Will and Helen looked into the bathroom door and giving thumbs ups.

“Well, I’m here to use the loo, so if you leave and clean up later…”


Ren finally got what was going on with this play, In both the story and what was happening at the movie theatre. They are recording the play in London, and showing it on screen in Bellbridge, and according to the director, all over the world. It’s a marvel how far technology went for Visitors.

It was a bit difficult for Ren to pay attention, since Pammy was getting awfully close to them. She was putting her arm around them, her head on their shoulder, and nuzzling them. It was weird. Ren understood that they’re human, but they didn’t know these customs.

When the play ended, Pammy had to ask, “are you not into me?”

“Oh, no, you’re great! I was just trying to pay attention to the play!” Ren blushed. They didn’t want to lose friends, especially once who helped them learn the plot of the play they are leading in and didn’t know the story for.

“Oh good, because I as thinking we should start dating,” Pammy also blushed, “you know, do more stuff like this? Perhaps become partners?”

Last time Ren had a partner was NiGHTS, and that didn’t go well. Pammy would really be no asset to Ren’s mission.

Pammy took out her phone then showed a text, “This is from my friend, Helen. She just dyed her foster brother’s hair.” It was no other than Nicholas with purple hair. Ugg, copycat! Yet it was suiting. Good luck looking good in their uniform though. Wait… Pammy knew Helen. Perhaps partnering up with her was an asset after all. That way, they’re in Nicholas’ social circle.

“Looks cool!” Ren smiled, “and we can be partners!”

Pammy’s face went beet red, “Really, so soon?” She went to her phone’s camera and stroke a pose with Ren, and took a picture, “Better make it official on Instagram. What’s your username?”

Ren shrugged, “I don’t have one, yet alone a phone.”

“Oh, well, don’t need to tag you then,” Pammy completed her post and they went off, “how about we go to the café?”

“Sure,” said Ren. They went off to the café, seems like this date has gone better than they thought. They can get to Nicholas faster, including their Hand of Wizeman


Nicholas felt something warm in their heart. They were sitting on their bed reading a book they got from the school library. There must be a Hand of Wizeman nearby. Nicholas looked out the window to see if Ren was attacking, but they only saw a rabbit hopping on the ground. No way that was a nightmaren of any kind, Nightmaren don’t like to be that low to the ground.

Only that they saw the rabbit bounce off into the distant and transformed. A giant smile came out of that transformation.

Nicholas counted their fingers. Two First Rank, One most powerful, one muse, one in the water, one wildcard. There was no way they were the most powerful… so it must have been.

“The wildcard…” This wasn’t good, NiGHTS thought they were never created; but wouldn’t be a wildcard if it wasn’t unexpected.


Chapter Text

Journey on Earth `~ReaWakeN~`

Andra Fable


NiGHTS went out of their art class, and to their music class. The next homework assignment was that to make something to give to a relative. Okay… NiGHTS is ostracized from their relatives, so this would be hard.

Traversing to next period, at the music room, NiGHTS put together their flute, when suddenly approached by Helen. She had a scowl on her face like something was the matter, but NiGHTS couldn’t decipher what could be wrong.

“I’ve been hearing that you like me!” Helen shouted out, “Pammy told me, and now she’s going to tell Reala. You’re like a sibling to me, how could you actually feel anything romantic towards me!”

NiGHTS didn’t get much of what Helen said, “but I do like you, I don’t hate you. What does romance have to do with all of this? Are all humans who like each other romantic?”

Helen sighed, “no, but when someone says they like someone else, it sometimes mean they love someone?”

That was when something jogged NiGHTS’ memory. “Oh, is that what Joy meant if I liked you?” Suddenly things made sense. Joy asked NiGHTS if they liked Helen, and NiGHTS said yes. Then Joy probably told Pammy and Helen was scared Pammy would tell Reala. “Rest assured; I don’t love you. That would be silly, I’m actually ace by Visitor’s standard.”

“Okay, but Pammy asked you and I to go to a pizza place with Reala. I think Pammy is planning a nice double date, but Reala may have other plans.”

“Well, I like pizza, let’s go,” said NiGHTS, “I’d be too suspicious if we said no. Just tell Pammy that it isn’t a double date; that we’re more siblings than partners.”

“Wish that was that simple,” Helen mumbled as she walked to her seat with the other violinist.


Reala looked at where Donbalon worked. It was a place with plastic booths, and pizza by the slice. According to Donbalon, looks can be deceiving with Visitor resturants. It’s not only the best pizza in Bellbridge, it’s also £1 a slice, and you can pay for pending pizzas for the homeless to get free slices.

Reala felt like they missed a major holder of an Ideya of Hope with that restraint owner.

Reala went to the bathroom, and changed clothes to a red button-down shirt and black skinny jeans. This place is casual, but might have looked good getting that Hand of Wizeman from NiGHTS.

When Reala got our of the bathroom, their cellphone rang. It was Pammy, so Reala answered. “Hello?”

“Nicholas and Helen would like to go, but ended up they’re not dating. I’m not buying it, since they both said yes.”

None of this mattered to Reala.

“Hopefully that’s okay,” Pammy implored.

“Of course, it’s okay, Nicholas and I go way back, and you and Helen are friends. This can be a friendly grab of pizza slices.”

“Oh, good,” said Pammy, “I’ll see you at 5 lovelies.”

Reala scowled, they really need to get used to this flirting thing. Pammy only liked them because they were dark and edgy anyway.


Helen and NiGHTS went to the pizza place, and looked at the prices, “€1 a pizza, must not be good.”

“Oh, this is a hidden gem,” said Helen, “They can make a profit no matter what the price per slice. Plus, you can pay for pizza for the homeless.”

Seeing NiGHTS was about to be homeless; they took out a twenty-pound note. They went inside to see Ren and Pammy already there. Ren and Pammy already ordered. Helen ordered two slices, three pending, NiGHTS ordered five slices, fifteen pending.

“That’s a lot of pizza,” Reala scowled.

“I like pizza,” Nicholas said, “and I bet you do too?”

“It’s been a recent food I’ve had, but it is very good. Seeing one of my guardians works here, I get it quite a lot. That includes the works in progress. I’m actually having a pineapple and haggiesone that used to be one if you want to get that one next time you come.”

Nicholas stuck out their tongue, “ew, pineapple on pizza? No thank you.”

“Let me show you the back,” said Reala to Nicholas, “if you want to see the other works in progress.”

Reala stood up. NiGHTS knew it could be a trap, but what choice is there socially? NiGHTS followed Reala to the back where… there was all sort of pizza. One with corn and raspberry sauce, one with chips and gravy, and one with pineapple and haggis. Yet that wasn’t that Reala wanted. They turned into their Nightmaren form and looked at their beautifully manicured nails, “ah, to be a living nightmare again.”

NiGHTS rolled their eyes, “okay, what do you want?”

“We know that prophecy of Wizeman’s resurrection, to you it’s something to avoid, but to me is a set of clues. Two First Rankers obviously are us, but I have one other.”

NiGHTS haven’t been paying attention to preventing Wizeman’s resurrection. They were honestly enjoying the waking world as is. NiGHTS thought Reala was doing the same, but apparently that party pooper wants everyone to have nightmares in what Visitors call their reality.  

NiGHTS decided to play this game, if Reala was going to, it will be soon enough that the two will have to fight regardless. So might as well collect the Hands of Wizeman to prevent Reala from having them all. Yet it’s also better to be coy, “I know where the wildcard is, so I may have an upperHAND in this game?”

Reala transformed back into a human tween, “That’s the one I really have no clue about. Three are objective, but three are subjective. That wildcard one being the most subjective of all. If you think you have the wildcard, there’s nothing I can do.” Reala grabbed a chip and gravy pizza and went back to the restaurant where Pammy and Helen were enjoying their cheese pizzas.

NiGHTS flipped their hair. It’s time to find a Selph.

Chapter Text

Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 7


Helen got herself a wrap and chips from the lunchroom and looked around to see if any of her friends where there. Pammy and Reala were taking extra time to rehearse their play. NiGHTS was outside playing the flute; they didn’t really need to eat anyway. Will and the other were at school football practice, and Helen couldn’t find Joy anywhere. Yet assuming Joy was in the Musical as a theatre tech, she’s probably working on the sound on the stage.

Helen spotted a new boy with spiked orange hair. He looked like a first year, so nowhere in Helen’s nor Will’s classes. Helen has never seen him before, so she sat down with him. “Hi, I’m Helen Cartwright.”

The boy’s blue eye’s perked up giantly. “The name’s Jackle, been looking for my friends but ended up here. Do you know a Reala?”

This er… Jackle didn’t seem to be hiding anything. Yet they didn’t know that Helen was a frequent Visitor in Nightopia. Being smart, Helen scratched her head, “no, I don’t think I know a Reala, it’s a really big school.” Even though Helen takes an effort to know everyone, “could it be a pseudonym for another name?” 

Jackle nodded his head with sincerity, “Yes, yes, a lot of them have been taking up other names, Jackle wants to just be themselves so that is who Jackle is; Jackle.”

To keep the act, Helen acted confused, “well, it’s always good to be yourself I guess.”

“Oh, you’re useless, I need to find Reala fast, I have something important for them.”

Wait, could this kid be one of the holders of the Hands of Wizeman? “Hey, are you a good jumper? Perhaps a strong fighter? Do you like to Swim?”

“I like fortunes,” Jackle took out his tarot deck, “They’re a thrill to throw around.”

Holy Hand Grenade, Helen has found the Wildcard. That’s the one everyone is confused about. “How about we eat gelato with my friend, Nicholas, they’re a dream of a companion.”

Jackle looked around, they didn’t seem to get that Nicholas was NiGHTS, “Does this Gelato place have pistachio?”

Helen thought about it, “actually yes,” that was the truth. Her favorite place does have the odder flavors. Not Siracha, but Pistachio for sure!



Helen and Jackle went to the gelato place with pistachio flavored gelato. Not a hard feat, since most gelato places have them. Helen ordered a strawberry and banana and ordered three scoops of pistachio for Jackle. If Jackle at a Hand, or even was a Nightmaren, they needed some sort of ally.

Nicholas ran, as fast as they could, which wasn’t really fast at all. They huffed, then stole a bite out of Helen’s Gelato. “That banana is good, I’ll have it with a chocolate.”

 Nicholas went in, and Jackle had to asked, “Who was that?”

“A familiar friend,” Helen mused on, “perhaps from a different life.”

“Oh, like reincarnation,” Jackle blurted out, “I died once, then came back to this world. Like all of those Japanese books.”

Nicholas came back with a cup of chocolate and banana gelato, and began to talk, “So I’m actually NiGHTS.”

“The purple hair should have been a dead giveaway,” Jackle smiled, “As the most powerful Nightmaren, you may want it to protect.”

“That was the plan,” Helen said.

“But you’re not going to throw me away so easily, there is something I want out of that Hand.”

“Hand?” Helen asked.

“Each of the chosen Nightmaren each have a Hand of Wizeman. Wizeman has six of them. Hence why there are six chosen nightmaren.”

“Ah, so we need to extract the Hand with magic or something?”

“We’d need to be untranformed, but yes,” said NiGHTS. Then NiGHTS looked at Jackle, “so what do you need for the hand?”

“Friends,” said Jackle as they looked down, “I’ve been pretty lonely since I got to The Waking World. I was set with a foster family, but they’ve been distant with me too. I can even help you find more hands if that’s your quest. But we can also do thing like this.”

Helene saw Nicholas smile a pointed smiled as they said, “did you know there’s a curry place with the spiciest curry.”

Helen smiled her square smile and saw where NiGHTS was going, “and a theatre that plays a random movie each day after school. Even ones in different languages. They’re in English subtitles though.”

“Oh, that same place had horror movies at midnight on Fridays. They’re all musicals,” said Nicholas.

“And there’s Will, he knows a lot of games we can play,” Helen intervenes.

Jackle smiled a similar triangular smile as NiGHTS, “you have a deal.”

Having a weird friend around doesn’t seem so bad, especially: they need allies in this search. According to NiGHTS Reala already has the good jumper. Jackle is not the wildcard, since they are known to be the most powerful Nightmaren by the community. They went to the bathroom and went out with a hand, “Any safe place to place this?”

Helen had an idea, “I have one, a place Reala would never touch.”

NiGHTS gave the Hand to Helen, and she looked at it. It looked like a glove with a bit eye on it. Sort of like the symbol for Jainism. Helen placed it in her backpack as she walked to the train with Nicholas.


When they got home, Helen hid it in her sock drawer. No one sleep in socks after all. She got out her smartphone and browsed Jackle’s handle. They’re doing make up tutorials for the goth crowd, which is pretty impressive. They have a lot of selfies, but they’re all vastly different. They recently took a picture of the gelato Helen bought them and tagged Helen. They didn’t tag NiGHTS since they didn’t have an account. Helen commented, “Had strawberry and banana, orange I didn’t say it.”

Then Helen looked at Jackle’s follower count.

They could be an influencer with that many follows.


NiGHTS looked out the window again to see a rabbit eating a leaf. NiGHTS climbed out of the window to talk to the rabbit, “are you the Wildcard?”

“I won’t say I’m not,” the rabbit spoke, “you are doing good so far by obtaining one ally, but Reala has more; so I might side with them.”

“You know Wizeman might try to destroy this world like he’s tried to Nightopia, right?” NiGHTS asked.

“I don’t care of where I am, but what is in other’s hearts,” said the rabbit. “I will give you a clue, your new ally has a lot of influence, use their phone to document your journey.”

NiGHTS didn’t know what that meant, but they’ll think on that.


Chapter Text

Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 8

NiGHTS and Helen were at an airport, but they weren’t going anywhere. Helen was tapping her toe nervously, but NiGHTS didn’t know why. NiGHTS was planning to play video games with Jackle after this, but NiGHTS didn’t even know what this was.

“So I have a sister, we have a seven years difference, so we weren’t really close,” Helen began to chatter, “She goes to NYU for theatre, but according to your story; you lived in New York.”

“Is NYU in New York?” NiGHTS asked.

“That’s the issue, you don’t know the first thing about New York. I may have to tell her the truth. Only thing is, not right away.”

It was true, NiGHTS didn’t know squat about New York. If Helen’s sister has been living in New York, she would know more than NiGHTS. This is a problem.

A girl with pink and purple ombre hair, a pink leather jacket, and a long blue skirt came out of the plane. Helen put up a sign, and she came towards them. “Nice hair,” said Helen, “Do it yourself, or went to a fancy salon.”

“Met a woman who worked at a fancy salon who showed me how,” said Helen’s sister, she shook Nicholas’ hand, “my name is May Cartwright by the way.”

“An honor,” NiGHTS bowed.

“Mum’s car is outside, we should get going,” said Helen.

“Yeah, and I have a friend coming over,” said NiGHTS, “playing video games.”

“Oh, I brought a Gamecube. A very underrated console.” Said May, “It has Mario Kart with Co-Op.”

 “That sounds amazing,” said Nicholas, “Is it too old to have it’s own Super Smash Brothers?”

“It had the best,” May winked.

Helen gave May her Dream Journal, “this is of importance of my life right now. Let’s just say, Nicholas is NiGHTS; and there are more wandering reality.”

“Oh fantasy novel comes to life,” May giggled, “I like.”


May went to meet with her friends in Bellbridge while Jackle and NiGHTS played with May’s old game console. The co-op with Mario Kart was okay, but the Smash Brothers was a lot of fun. The opening cutscene was just plain epic.

Jackle looked into May’s bag, “let’s see what other games she has. Then pulled out a DVD case of Sailor Moon the Complete first season Vol 1.

“Why would it be complete if there’ a volume 1?” Nicholas asked, “This doesn’t seems to be a game, but let’s pop it into the DVD player and see what it’s about.”


Helen was just finishing putting the groceries away for her Mum when she took a peek at Jackle and NiGHTS enchanted by all the sparkles and friendship of Sailor Moon. Helen sat down to watch, but related to a particular subplot that came about. Naru, the titular character’s best friend, was in love with one of the Dark Kingdom Generals. It didn’t seem to end well for the General; but this made Helen worry for Pammy. What if she sided with Reala?

The volume 1 ended, and Jackle dug in for a volume 2. “Looking for this,” May said with a copy of Skies of Acadia Legends. Behind her, was a robust woman with curly pink hair and a blue dress with brought pink tights. “This is Patricia, She/Her, but you may know her as Puffy.”

Helen and Jackle jumped up, “A good jumper.”

“I took some thinking, and decided to join allegiances with you. I take appearance as an adult, so that may pose some advantage.”

NiGHTS smiled. One thing they knew that the Wildcard Nightmaren wanted someone with allies. Being that NiGHTS had human and Nightmaren allies, this Nightmaren may give them the hand. Plus, Puffy might have been the Good Jumper.

NiGHTS smiled and nodded their head, “you’d make a great ally. If you don’t mind me asking, ‘do you have a Hand of Wizeman?’”

Puffy shrugged, “dunno, but you can try to extract it.” She turned into her Nightmaren form as NiGHTS did to their’s. NiGHTS Placed their hand on Puffy’s chest where to hand where be, but nothing happened.

“Oh brother, could the good jumped her Donbalon,” Jackle said, “that could mean the swimmer could be Giriania or Gulpo.”

“Puffy turned back to her human form, with a frown,” I’m sorry I can’t be of any help.

“What do you mean?” Nicholas asked, “you can help us find the other Hands of Wizeman, or watch Sailor Moon with us.”

“If we can find volume 2 of the complete series.” Jackle looked into May’s duffle bag frustratedly.

May dug around and found the second volume, “They went for fifty bucks a pop at first; they had to re translate it; so, it took a lot of time.  Too much for the fans of the show.”

Jackle placed the DVD in the DVD player, “then let’s see if they defeat the Dark Kingdom!”

“I hope they get new forms,” NiGHTS said.

“Not in the first season,” May said, “I don’t have the second season yet.”

Helen tugged on May’s sleeve, “can we talk?”


“So, you think Pammy is with someone dangerous like Nephrite?” Pammy asked, “You know he became good because of Naru. If it’s Reala, he does have that bad boy vibe…” 

“Yeah, Reala is trying to bring back their leader, Wizeman. I hope Pammy can make them good so this scavenger hunt can go to a halt, and everyone can stay here.”

“But think of Reala’s point of view, perhaps they don’t want to stay here.” May looked at the ceiling, “I wouldn’t want to stay in Nightopia disguised as a Nightopian for the rest of my life.”

Helen thought about Reala’s point of view on things. The Visitors were the enemy for Nightmaren; but also, a battery source by taking away their Ideya. The fact that they’re dating Pammy confused Helen. Reala was in the play with Pammy, yes, but Pammy was in the chorus as a pirate, and Reala was Captain Hook. “I’m just afraid of Reala using my friend for something devious and break her heart.”

“Now that’s the thing to be afraid of,” May made finger guns, “Reala is not authentic from what I’ve read in your journal. They tricked you into going to Will’s dream; and they are not being themselves.”

Helen looked at May like she had two heads, “not being themselves?”

May began to laugh, “What does the Nightmaren Persona mean?”

“Loyalty to Wizeman?” Helen couldn’t think of it as anything else.

“In my English Lit class, they said a persona is the façade of a person. What they appear, when there is someone else inside.”  May placed her finger between her eyes, “when NiGHTS was wearing their Persona they were joking about formalities.”

So maybe Pammy can be the path to Ren being good.

“Just don’t force Pammy to make Reala a rebel.” May advised Helen, “I know there’s other worlds out there; so I’m easy to believe in Nightopia. Pammy, not so much.”

Everyone will have to see what happens.


Chapter Text

Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 9


This Captain Hook was a passionate one. They were at the library looking at books on pirates to get a better understanding of pirates. When they began to read they found out about Privateers, hired sailors who steal cargo from enemies. Reala got to the point when all the countries stopped paying privateers when…

“Got my book,” Pammy said as she showed up a black and red YA romance book, “Last one of the series, took forever to get it.”

Reala looked at the title, “isn’t there a movie on that… Quadlogy?”

“They only have the first two, but I heard they’re dividing the last book into two movies. She flipped through the paged, “700 pages after all.” Pammy looked at the books Reala was reading, “want me to borrow those on my card?”

“Are you sure with the book limit?” Reala asked.

“I’m going to take a lot of time with this one” Pammy flipped the pages again, “plus, you need a parent to sign you up. And you said yours are in China. I’m not sure if Don and Izzy would count.”

“Yes,” Reala gave the books to Pammy, “you can check them out for me. Then you can read them as research for your role.”

Pammy placed her finger on her chin, “I never used any method for acting before, but I have been only the chorus so everything focused on signing.”

“You have a few lines,” Reala said, “You can read after me.”

“Thank you,” said Pammy, “then I’ll return them to the library.” Then a thought occurred in Pammy’s head, “why don’t we read the original too!”

“Original what?” Ren asked in confusion, they already saw the play.

Pammy walked to the Junior Chapter Book section and took out an older looking book, “the oringal book,.”

It looked short enough, Ren took the chapter book as well.


It was a rainy day, but it was common in England. Pammy clenched the books into a totebag . Ren knew to make a move, “so, you heard anything from Helen lately.”

“Oh yes, her host brother made a new friend. He’s a first year with bright red hair. They’re kinda weird… but in a likeable way? They gave me a tarot reading. They said that I’ll have a misfortune that will give me opportunity.”

Ren wondered what that could even mean. Then Ren placed it all together. Red hair, weird, tarot cards.  That’s Jackle. Jackle always bragged about being the most powerful Nightmaren of them all. NiGHTS finally had a hand of WIzeman that isn’t their own! Yet why are they still hanging out with the likes of Jackle?

“Also, Helen’s sister who’s studying abroad is visiting for spring break.” Pammy said, “ She’s great. I saw her crazy hair on Jackle’s social media. Jackle is so good at editing; they edited it with the old My Little Pony song: Cupcakes. Mostly because she was making cupcakes.” 

Jackle wasn’t that charismatic in Nightmare. Yet seems like they developed a skill in the Waking World that made them popular. Reala was actually happy for Jackle, yet disappointed they didn’t find Jackle first. Why would they rebel just because NiGHTS found them first?

“Jackle has a lot of followers,” Pammy said, “Might be time until they’re getting sponsors like PuffySplash.”

“Whose PuffySplash?” Reala asked, Ren doesn’t need Puffy since they knew she didn’t have the hand of WIzeman; since Donbalon was the good jumper. Yet Reala was kind of curious about the whereabouts of their compatriots.

“A very large woman with an amazing signing voice. She sings songs from musicals, but also does parodies. She even did a duet of We Don’t Talk about Bruno with Jackle.”

Wait, so Puffy and Jackle also found each other, that may mean that she found NiGHTS. Not like that’s any use to NiGHTS. That news was a lot less alarming.

“May said she’s so good, her community theatre wants to do Hairspray next season with her as the star, but PuffySlash said that she doesn’t know how long she’ll be in Bellbridge.”

The ball knows the situation, good. They stopped at the pizza by the slice place Donbalon worked. Pammy stepped in to see Donbalon placing out a corn and cream cheese pizza.

“Can I have a cheese pizza?” Pammy asked. She took out two pound coins, “what would you like Ren?”

“Pepperoni for me,” said Reala. Donbalon placed the pizzas in the oven to warm up, and the two sat at a booth to wait for their pizzas. While they waited they reviewed over their lines and songs together.

 Donbalon gave them their pizzas, and a box to Reala, “I thought getting online would help with your homework.” He winked.

Obviously with Pammy being there, Donbalon couldn’t just say that social media might get Reala to the other nightmaren. Reala placed it in the library tote.



Reala looked at different social media outlets. Impresso and Goes the Clock was where Reala found Jackle, who went by Jackle and PuffySplash who was yes, Puffy. Jackle not only logged their events, but also remixed songs Reala had heard. Reala clicked to find Helen’s Goes the Clock and Impresso accounts. Reala made a account that made it obviously not them, and followed everyone they knew. Perhaps getting Gulpo, Girania, or whoever that Wildcard was will be easier with this phone.

There was a knock on Reala door, it was Queen Bella, “I painted this phone case.” It was a chevron design in Reala’s favorite colors: Black and red. Reala placed it on their phone when they realized they had books to read.

Reala learned about Edward Teech. Then read the novel, learning that Captain Hook worked for Blackbeard. Would the school allow sparklers in the auditorium?

Anyhow, Reala got a lot done today. Thank goodness Donbalon has been saving up for a phone and internet plan. Plus, Izzy’s cellphone case looked awesome! Reala looked at PuffySplash’s page where she is showing off bikinis for a seaside visit, “going to meet an old friend there! Hope they’ll be happy to see us!” Reala would never imagine Puffy in a bikini, but these were cut to make her look good. Perhaps THey could see Pammy in a Bikini and really look good. Also, no doubt they are looking for a Hand of Wizeman there; an obvious spot seeing the clue about one in the water.  Reala gave Pammy a text:


Want to go to the seaside this weekend?

Chapter Text

Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 10


NiGHTS wore a t-shirt and a red poka dotted bikini bottom. They looked at the mirror. Perhaps red does go with purple, just in the right shade. It’s a good thing NiGHTS redid their tips for a seaside trip. Jackle got in contact with Gulpo who owns a Fish and Chips stands called Leaping Fish, Sizzling Chips. So Puffy volunteered the drive Jackle, NiGHTS, Will, and Helen to the seaside of Bellbridge to meet up with Gulpo and get that Hand of Wizeman.

There was a beep from a car, and NiGHTS and Helen got out. Puffy was in a yellow convertible wearing jeans and a pink and blue bikini top. NiGHTS wouldn’t think Puffy would choose a bikini, but it was cut in a way it made a larger woman like Puffy look amazing. Yet then again, Puffy looked amazing no matter her size.

Jackle and Will were already in the car. Jackle called shotgun, so NiGHTS and Helen squeezed in the back and put their seatbelts on. Puffy began to drive with her beach playlist going, even if it’s only spring. Yet what excuse does Puffy have? Most people go to the beach in the summer according to Helen.

Jackle began to chat, “I heard Reala has a girlfriend, so jelly.”

“It’s not for the right reasons.” Helen crossed her arms.

“Yeah, a partner of any kind takes a lot of time to know there’s a connection.” NiGHTS said.

“Or they’re hot and like the same things you do,” Puffy intervened.

 NiGHTS sighed, they hated it when Puffy was right, which was most of the time. “Okay, yeah, a good partner tends to have common interests and you find them good looking.”

“Well, I have a crush on Will and we have Nightopia in common.” Helen said, “you may find the right person who like tarot cards, computer; or like editing media.”

“Or even,” said Puffy, “A performer who doesn’t like to edit.”

“Do you not like editing for Goes the Clock?” asked Helen.

“No, I love it,” Puffy admitted “but my friends at the community theatre hate it.”

They talked about love until they got to the seaside. There was a beach with a fish and chips stand, and a giftshop. The stand was called Leaping Fish, Sizzling Chips. They each ordered a box. NiGHTS ate a chip and smiled, “these chips are a dream to eat! Are they a Dream the make?”

“The purple hair gave it away,” said Gulpo, “I knew you would come, but I didn’t think you’d want to bring back who’ve you’ve destroyed.”

“No, just stopping Reala from getting the material,” said NiGHTS.

“Go into the stand, I’ll close until you get a hand.”



Jackle sat at a picnic table next to a girl on a computer and cat eared headphones. She was working on something diligently.

Jackle looked at the computer to see she was on Final Cut Pro, fancy! “Working on a movie?”

“Worse,” she sighed, “the musical score for an entire play.”

“You act?” asked Jackle.

“No, I like being behind the scenes. Yet with a low budget, I have to do stuff like this.”

“What’s the play?” Jackle inquired.

“Peter Pan for Bellbridge East Secondary,” she looked at Jackle, “you’re that loner kid who doesn’t talk to people.”

“I do now,” said Jackle, “I was in the art elective, but any way you can pull strings to put me in the musical so I can help you edit the score.”

The girl saved her work and closed her laptop, “That would be awesome! I would have more time to make sure the old suspension wires are safe!” The girl took out her hand, “My name is Joy by the way.”

“A joy to meet you, I’m Jackle,” Jackle shook Joy’s hand.

Helen walked out of the giftshop with a candle, then ran over to Jackle, “Joy! You’re at your intense work spot! This year’s food stand is phenomenal.”

“Can’t go wrong with fish and chips,” said Joy. She looked at her empty paper bowl, “I would get more, but they are mysteriously closed.”

That was when the place mysteriously opened again. Nicholas came out the back and shook their head. There was no hand of Wizeman. Helen was scared she may face Girania again, but she had the courage to face him even in the state of fear.

“I found myself a potential girlfriend,” Jackle called out as they pointed at Joy.

“What?” Joy asked, “I never considered the like… but I wouldn’t mind if we had a date. How about coffee after school Monday?”

“Told you it takes time,” NiGHTS looked at Puffy as they went out of the stand with no hand. Gulpo just shook their head.

Puffy looked at her phone, then saw on their school’s website that there will be a dance, “And a Gerald will be serving Fizzies,” she announced, “It’s a long shot, but someone handing out a liquid with a Girania like name, it has to be him!”

“Who’s on the board for the dance?” NiGHTS asked Helen and Joy.

“Pammy and I are,” said Joy, “Gerald was Ren’s suggestion; said he had a good knack for kids even if he owns a pub with an Arthurian Legend theme.”

That sounds kind of cool. Jackle should visit sometime.



Reala saw NiGHTS and Gulpo come out of the fish and chip stand. Reala saw NiGHTS empty handed. Reala knew this was a waste of a trip. Sure, Pammy was in an emerald green bikini that looked nice on her, but they were in swim trunks and a shirt. Reala needed to take their shirt off eventually to appease Pammy.

“Boy, it’s hot here, maybe we should go straight to the beach.”

“But these fish and chip look good,” said Pammy. She came up to Gulpo and ordered two. “This is a British Delicacy.”

To Nightmaren, Nightopians were a delicacy. Reala gave the fish a try and it was very good. Gulpo was very good on the cannibalism front.

Yet Reala was right to hire Girania to serve drinks at the school dance. It took some convincing of the teachers, but Reala needed that Hand of WIzeman. On that case; they could take NIGHTS’ as well and revive their master once more, take over this world, take over Nightopia, and rebuild Nightmare.

After they ate the fish and chips, Pammy took Reala hand, “It’s too cold for swimming, but let’s put our toes in the ocean.”

Reala and Pammy walked acrossed the sand to the ocean, where they took off their shoes and looked over at and island. “Is that America?” Reala asked.

Pammy giggled, “No, Ren, that’s just a former pirate radio island.” Then something jolted, “did we schedule when to review our lines for next time?”

Reala took out their phone, “no, we didn’t, let’s schedule for Monday afternoon.”

The two giggled. Seemed like everything was about pirates nowadays. Reala wasn’t able to allow sparklers in the theatre to mimic Blackbeard, but apparently suspending students in midair was okay. Kind of ironic that Reala actually knew how to fly, but their character didn’t.

They even made Captain Hook nonbinary for the production. Gender didn’t matter for the character, since a Captain can be any gender.

Reala’s life in the Waking World was good. They were wondering why they needed to revive Wizeman.

That was when NiGHTS showed up with four other people. One being Joy for some reason. NiGHTS perked up when they saw Reala, “hey Ren, there’s a shaved ice place behind the gift store, it’s really good. They have licorice!”

Oh right, that what why…

Chapter Text

Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 11


Moonpounds was a café chain, but a perfect place for a first date. Jackle ordered a Pistachio Frappe (They had pistachio on their list) and Joy ordered a hazlenut mocha. After they got their drinks, they went to the sitting room to see Reala and Pammy.

“Hey Pammy, excited about the Spring Fling meeting Monday? It’s out last one!”

Pammy gave a huff of anxiety and sipped on her drink, “It’s the ‘last one’ part that gets to me.”

“What’s wrong with it being last?” Jackle asked, “Do you need to pass a torch or something?”

Joy laughed, “no, first years are just as allowed as second years. It’s just we have a lot of organize left. A King Arthur theme seemed epic considering that One Book One School was The Once and Future King, but it might have been too big of a theme.”

“What do you need to get done?” Jackle asked, “I can help streamline it.”


“So, what about music?” Pammy asked at Monday’s after-school Spring Fling meeting where Reala, Jackle, and Joy were present, “Seeing we don’t know what types of music King Arthur listened to, we can do the popular attach Dotify to a stereo trick.”

Jackle raised their hand, “I can volunteer to put together playlists and make a request playlist.”

“Oh, what if people Chirped to Jackle on their Song requests? It does get loud,” Joy suggested.

“How are people supposed to know Jackle’s handle?” Reala asked.

Jackle showed their phone to Reala to see a phenomenal follower count, “Oh, they’ll know.”

“We can also have flyers explaining the protocol,” said Pammy.

Reala sighed, “Okay, I’ll admit, I can play a lute.”

“Lyre,” Huffed Jackle.

“I can play any string instrument imaginable, just like you can percussion.”

“I also sing,” Jackle admitted, “If we had a bass, we can put together a band for the fling.”

Joy took out a machine that made a deep sound, “how about that?”

“So, what about a name?”

“The Mists of Avalon?” Joy suggested.

“The Once and Future Kings?” Reala Suggested.

Then Pammy suddenly objected, “you all have the Musical, you can’t do an entire live show for a school dance.”

Jackle frowned, “but it’s such a cool idea.”

Pammy pinched her forehead, “how about playing one song at the end of the night. You can discuss amongst yourselves what song and band name.”

“So, what else is in order?” Joy asked, she looked at the list, “decorations?”

“We can use the old castle background for last year’s Three Musketeers play,” Joy suggested, “not the same era, but a castle no less.”

“Good idea,” Pammy said, “always good to recycle.”

“That musical was weird,” Joy mused, “there were four musketeers, not three.”

“One of them was kinda an awkward character,” Pammy giggled, “Will Taylor did a great job with him. Always good to have the musical outside of football season.”

“Wait, Will acted and sang?” Reala asked.

“You know Will?” Pammy asked, “I never seen you two talk.”

“We knew each other in a different place,” Reala considered.





NiGHTS was at Will’s home with Will’s brother; Gene. He had Will’s dirty blond hair and thick black glasses and seemed like he was wearing them way before they were cool, and after they were cool. NiGHTS looked at a chart.

“So, there’s the twins, the shadow, then the self?” NiGHTS asked.

“I would analyze that Will and Helen are the twins, you’re the shadow, and the creature in Helen’s yard is the Self.”

“Well, literally; their name is Selph,” NiGHTS scratched the back of their head. “They can become anyone, including you.”

“Kind of ironic that a being named Selph doesn’t have a sense of self,” said Will, “Yet when I acted in the school musical last year, I was the same me in the outside, but someone else in the inside.”

“Selph has a personality, just not a true appearance,” said NiGHTS, “but Selph is someone I need to impress. I’m not sure how, but Reala will have to impress them too.”

“Well, what are you strong in?” Gene asked.

“I have a strong bond with my allies, unlike Reala. Yet Reala has more allies than me. Reala has a love partner, but I don’t see love anywhere in them; only her.”

“Selph may like quality over quantity,” Gene said, “why not fly off the window and talk to them about their thoughts and opinions. Just because they don’t have an outward self, doesn’t mean they don’t have an inward self.”

“You’re right,” NiGHTS nodded their head, “Next time I see a strange forest animal, I’ll transform to my true form and talk to them.”

“Why doesn’t Selph have a true outward self?” Will asked.

“Wizeman creates all Nightmaren and couldn’t decide on a form for Selph before we killed Wizeman,” NiGHTS explained.

Gene looked over Will’s Dream Journal, “Still can’t believe you killed a God. Wizeman is not in any of Earth’s pantheons, so it makes me wonder is everyone all wrong?”

“There are different gods that Wizeman takes the form of in many pantheons,” said NiGHTS, “Morpheus is the more famous of the bunch.”

“Oh, I thought Wizeman was being full of himself when calling himself a God,” Will said, “but his creations are left on Earth to gather him up again.”

“Well, we only have two Hands of Wizeman, maybe three if all goes well with Selph. Reala has two as well as far as we know.” 

“So, you’re tied in this competition,” said Will, “if we get the upper hand by getting The Wildcard, we could convince Reala to not revive Wizeman.”

“Not unless Reala finds Girania first,” said NiGHTS, “We don’t even know where he is.”

NiGHTS looked at the old phone Helen gave them it was just a text line from Jackle:


Jackle: Spring Fling meeting is so boring….

Jackle: I’d rather be editing the soundtrack for the play

Jackle: By the way, there’s a scene were Peter and Hook plays the flute, can you perform?

Jackle: It’s a King Arthur theme and they’re getting this Pub owner named Gerald Ina to use refreshment.

Jackle: At least I’m doing music, even doing a song for a band. Name pending. Want to join?

Jackle: Reala doesn’t know I’m on your side, they told me Gerald from the pub is GIrania.


This way seems like Reala’s fatal move. If NiGHTS has more hands, plus Reala has a good relationship with the school. Perhaps Reala could even date Pammy for real.  Jackle is having a great friendship with Joy; perhaps they might even date soon. NiGHTS doesn’t feel like they need a partner, but I’d be nice. Will and Helen are off the window, since they want them to be together. Yet there’s a massive population in Bellbridge, NiGHTS could meet someone.

“So, plan is: Talk to Selph, be on the winning side,” Gene said.

NiGHTS smiled, “we found out where the last hand is, and the location on where he works. The only problem is: they might be on Reala’s side.”


Chapter Text

Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 12


NiGHTS looked out the window, and saw a deer with round horns. That had to be Selph. NiGHTS morphed into their nightmaren form and flew over to the deer. NiGHTS made a bow, “Greetings deer, I would suppose that you are Selph.”

“Nice to know someone wants to know about myself, rather than getting a Hand of Wizeman.” The deer snidely spoke to NiGHTS.

“You’ve been going about the Cartwright yard in different forms, ever thought of going in the form of a Visitor?”

The deer began to laugh, “With your hierarchies and derma? No way, but I know about the prophecy, and that I’m the Wildcard apparently. I don’t care if Wizeman gets revived or not. Wizeman is such a drama queen who creates hierarchies in Nightmaren; I mean Nightmaren with their ranks… Nightopians don’t even have hierarchies and they’re all different do you see Owl tout about a rank. I don’t think he has one.”

“Isn’t that more the reason to stop the revival of Wizeman? You can keep being a forest critter, and we can keep our livelihoods as visitors.”

“I’ll be honest, I’ve been talking to Reala too, they have a good point that we need to go back to where we were, and if Wizeman can make Earth Nightmare it wouldn’t make a difference.”

NiGHTS stuck out their togue, “But nightmare never changes, what is great about Earth and Visitors is that they change, they invent, and they innovate. I was learning that Michelangelo, a man from 500 years ago came up with concept to fly used to this day.”

“Visitors can fly?” Selph asked.

“Not in the same way Nightmaren do, but yes, they do it in groups and it’s sort of like an automobile. Helen’s Sister, May, used a plane to get to England from New York, which are very far cities.”

“Oh, New York, isn’t that the city you lie about coming from?” Selph made a cackle, “That sure blew up in your face.”

NiGHTS pouted with regret, “Not the point, you’ve heard both side, which one will you choose.”


NiGHTS opened their mouth, then closed it again.

“Earth has a long way to go, I don’t want to stop that. I don’t want to be involved with the Visitors, but they are doing good for extending their knowledge, innovation, and trying their best for the planet.” A gray human hand with an eye on it came out of Selph, “here you go, keep it safe.”

NiGHTS nodded their head, “thank you, you are a good ally.”

“You’re better than Reala, they just ignore the ones who don’t have Hands and honor the ones that do. That’s the real reason why I gave you the Hand. Puffy didn’t have the Hand, and she’s still helping you. Gulpo didn’t have a hand, and you still bought fish and chips from him.”

“Huh, never thought of Reala as being such a scrub.”




Puffy didn’t even take her hairspray down. It was the costume rehearsal for Hairspray, and as much as Puffy looked great; how could people sixty years ago have their hair that sticky to look good? She went to the nearest bar and looked at the menu. Puffy was often the one for girly drinks, bur Mead sounds good. The man at he bar had a helmet on and a goatee, “How may I serve you?”

“I’d like the mead and the cheese curds,” said Puffy. She took a look at him, he looked a little familiar, “Are you catering for the school Dance at Twin Seeds West?”

The man nodded his head, “Yeah, not sure how you’d know.”

“I once scared kids in the night,” Puffy coded.

The man Jumped over the bar, “You can’t have my Hand, it belongs to Ren.”

“Get over yourself, only those with the hand can take another hand,” Puffy quickly explained, “I don’t have a Hand, so its really futile.”

Girania jumped back into the bar, “So it’s mead and cheese curds?”

“Yes,” said Puffy, but had to ask, “Why are you wanting to revive Wizeman?”

“Do we have a choice? I want to go back to Nightmare and be back in the waters!” Cried out Girania, “I don’t want to work all day in a place a distilled foods that claim to be water.”

“Why don’t you visit Gulpo someone and swim in the ocean. Heck, you can be in your Nightmare form and create an urban legend.”

“How is Gulpo?” Girania asked.

“A businessperson just like you, sell fish and chip at the beach.”

“Isn’t that cannibalism?” Girania asked.

“Only if they eat it,” Puffy explained, “They go to their Nightmare form during breaks and swim. You should try it.” Then Puffy looked behind her, “Or install a fish tank here and swim on your breaks.”

“But I promised Ren my allegiance to Wizeman,” Girania noted, “I don’t want to fail Wizeman again.”

“IF Wizeman remains dead,” Puffy Inquired, “would failure even matter?”

Girania blinked a few times, “Come to the school dance with NiGHTS. The school needs chaperones anyway. We will be fighting, but only in the theatre room.”

Puffy was more of a performer than a fighter. That was why her use of technique was bouncing around until she gets lucky and hits someone. Yet she knew NiGHTS liked to fight, so she nodded her head. She pulled her pink bunny eared hoodie up and walked out of the pub. She took out her cellphone and texted NiGHTS everything.

NiGHTS didn’t get the message until the next morning. The morning of the dance. 

Chapter Text

Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 13


Helen had a purple and blue dress on as she and NiGHTS were putting on makeup. NiGHTS doctored her last year’s spring fling dress with Helen’s father’s suit to wear. Her father wasn’t using it since he was in a different home and never brought anything with him. NiGHTS’ hair grew a bit, but they kept their roots up as best as they could. The roots were pink out of digression that the drug store didn’t have purple. NiGHTS leaned how to put on makeup from Puffy, which made them look like a Drag Queen. Or was it Drag King? Drag Monarch!

Looking good would have been fun if it wasn’t for the battle for the last Hand of Wizeman. If they win, everyone stays, if Reala wins it’s a tie, and there has to be a discussion. One thing to know about Reala, they hated discussing. Puffy volunteered to be their fighter since she couldn’t get expelled if she attacked anyone. She also volunteered to chaperone Jackle, NiGHTS, Helen, and Will. They heard the car beep, and it was Puffy in her car. They both hopped in and talked about the plan.

“I already talked to GIrania, he is no so keen on staying here. He’d rather be a fish.” Puffy explained.

“Doesn’t everyone,” Will sarcastically mused.

“I got him to not care about the results, if he can be in a giant fish tank. I thought I would take over the bar and not change it up. Community Theatre only pays so much.”

“I thought Community Theater is voluntary,” Helen asked.

“Not if you set out a basket for the show and say, ‘for charity’ on it,” Puffy laughed, “but really, I need a real job.”

“So, Jackle will come up to Girania and pretend to be on Reala side, then ask for the hand in Reala’s behalf.”

“Don’t first rank have to take the hands?” Jackle asked, “Ohhhh, you forgot I was 1.5 rank. I can dualize, but my free will was limited in Nightmare.”

“Then you could be any age?” Will asked, “why choose 11?”  

“I didn’t know how long I’ll be on Earth. I thought the younger the better so I don’t have the change my identity. The one I came up with was hard enough.”

“You’re human name is Jackle,” Helen said deadpan.

“She gets it,” Jackle whispered as they pointed to Helen.

They drove up to the school and parked without a plan. Jackle took a dolly and a drum kit from the car. “The Kings of Avalon are here for one night only.”

“Jackle, you didn’t tell us you were playing at the Fling,” said Will.

“Oh that’s because I’m playing with Reala.”

“Perfect, we have a plan,” said NiGHTS, “We distract Reala from Girania until they play, then I’ll get the hand.”

“Good idea,” said Helen.”

They walked inside of the building where the drama is about to happen.

The decorations looked like the set from The Three Musketeers Musical last year. Clever, even if it’s not the right time period. The snacks had cupcakes, meat pies, and cubed cheese. Perhaps too historically accurate, besides the cupcakes.


Jackle was the first the distract Reala, mostly with technical stuff about The Kings of Avalon.

Reala was far away at the gym and scream, “Sound check.” Jackle played a bit, and Reala yelled, “good.”

“Now go to the hall,” said Jackle, “I want to hear how many people can hear our music.”

Reala rolled their eyes, then smiled, “good idea, gets more people in the gym.”

Jackle continued this until Reala was in the Football field.

That was where Reala met Will, who was kicking a few balls into the goal, “Want a one on one?”

Reala snorted, “I hardly know how to play.”

“Of course, you do, you’re really good, you just lack form and practice,” said Will. He kicked a ball to Reala, “’Catch the ball with the side of your foot, then kick with your toe.”

Reala ‘Caught’ the ball with the side of the foot, “Is it the same if it pass to you?”

“You’re catching on.”

Reala didn’t have a one on one with Will, but Reala learned how to play Football. When Reala was walking back they ran into Puffy. “I got some of your good moves with that Football, can I post it on Goes the Clock.”

Reala smiled, “Or I can sing one of my songs from the show next month.”

Puffy made an intro, “Upcoming Captain Hook for his school’s play,” Puffy handed Reala her phone, and whispered “three-minute limit.”

Reala sang his song, then looked at their watch,” I only have a few more minutes:”

Reala ran, until Helen stopped them. “Hey Reala, why are you always so mean to NiGHTS all the time.”

That started a whole monologue, “Then they kept on taking their Persona off…” “Then they killed Wizeman.” “Send me to this Wizeman Foresaken Earth.”

Then they heard the announcement, “Time for the Kings of Avalon.”

Reala ran as fast as they could and got on their guitar. They played their one song, per promised by the committee, only to see NiGHTS Holding a Hand of WIzeman.

That worm! Reala attempted a people wave, but they were too heavy to carry. The few people that caught them lowered them down to the ground. Which was the goal after all.

Joy got the guitar to not ruin the performance. Afterall, her machine was preprogrammed.

Reala formed themselves to Nightmaren form and threw a ball at NiGHTS. Only for Pammy to catch it, “So you reject me in Nightopia but accept me on Earth,” Pammy pointed to NiGHTS, “Is NiGHTS why you dated me in the first place.”

Reala needed to put her down gracefully. He kissed her in the lips, then said, “is that what you want? Now I need to get what I want.” Reala flew over to NiGHTS who was also in Nightmaren form?

“Poise as always Reala.”

Pammy slumped down to the floor crying.

Reala took the Hand of WIzeman from NiGHTS, “I didn’t use Pammy for you, I did it for Master Wizeman.”


Chapter Text

Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 14


Tied, they are tied. This game doesn’t have rules, so one would have to give up; or compromise.

NiGHTS laid on the ground and talked to a deer, which is what Selph felt like at the time. “I’m not really sure what to do. I don’t want to revive Wizeman, and Reala does. I think I’ll put my friends in danger with the hands I do have.

“Excuse me if I’m wrong. But doesn’t Helen know Reala’s girlfriend? You could get their number from her.”

NiGHTS remembered the night they went to a tie. Pammy explained a lot.


Spring Fling


NiGHTS ran over to Pammy who was crying oodles of puddles. “There’s a few things I need to explain.”

“I know, I knew it all,” Pammy cried, “Reala didn’t, which made things worse.”

NiGHTS couldn’t fathom Pammy knowing by looking at everything. NiGHTS may not remember every single Visitor, but…

“I was the one who jumped off the Dark Ocean two years ago.” Pammy began to explain, “I shared my love with Reala then too, but that time, they out right rejected me. I couldn’t bear the pain of heartbreak, so I jumped.”

Yeah, NiGHTS would remember a Visitor jumping off the dark ocean.

“When I met Ren, they had the same sort of aura as Reala, when they really wanted to date me I got really excited and wanted to do everything with them. Only it was all a rouse to know about your whereabouts. I doubt Reala even remembered me two years ago.”

“Reala is rather… goal oriented,” said NiGHTS.

“You think?” Pammy wiped away her last tear, “I’ll help you any way I can. I will tell you: I have a lot of information on Reala.”


Helen was scrolling through Goes the Clock as a break from homework, when NiGHTS flew through her window in Nightmaren form. “Can we call Pammy?”

“Is this a Wizeman revival thing?” Helen asked. She pressed Video Call and Pammy answered… she no longer had her usual bun, her hair was short. She also wasn’t wearing make up which was unusual.

“Hi, Pammy,” said NiGHTS, “I need Reala’s number, it’s really important for the fate of the world.”

“Okay, so the bad news is: I deleted Reala’s number.” Pammy placed her hands together for forgiveness, “But I know they frequent the Pizza place we went on the Double date on together.”

“Reala likes Pizza that much?” Helen asks.

“One of their legal guardians works there, so Reala likes to get pizza and do homework.”

“Meaning that guardian might be on Reala’s team.”

“Sorry, that’s all I have,” said Pammy.



Reala walked from school to the pizza place. Reala asked for a Root Beer and a cheese pizza, then sat down with a laptop and began to do homework. At least until they saw NiGHTS wearing thick glasses with a funny nose and a mustache.

 “NiGHTS I know it’s you,” Reala rolled their eyes, “What do you want?”

NiGHTS took off their glasses and sighed, “To talk. According to my math, we’re tied. My team is agreeing that staying on Earth is a good thing. Yet I know you mostly want to bring Wizeman back because he’s the only one with the power to bring you back to the Night Dimension.

“And use this opportunity to take over Earth, then Nightopia,” Reala sighed.

NiGHTS rolled their eyes, “I get the whole Nightopia thing, but Earth might be a stretch.”

“I know how Master Wizeman thinks, and it’s conquered all that one can,” Reala pointed out, “But Wizeman doesn’t have to take you along, if I bring back Wizeman, Wizeman can take everyone but the ones who want to stay.”

“But if Wizeman claims he wants to take over this world, this wouldn’t be the world I want to live in.”

“And when Nightopia is taken over, I’d be the same as Nightmare,” Reala retorted.

“Why would I care if I’m in the Waking World?” NiGHTS asked.

They shook hands on it, “We can summon Wizeman in my room. You convince him to not take over this world, you do have a lot on him after all seeing you killed him.”

They went upstairs of the pizza place. Reala rolled out a carpet with a hand and six circles. They both knew to place each hand on a circle and they said the incantation.

For what was lost, will return again. The Wizdom on our great leader, king, and God, shall now come back from six to one piece.

Blue and grey winds came up from the carpet Reala had to cover their eyes to keep the dust out. Once they opened their eyes they saw a man with long gray hair wearing blue robes not unlike the ones he wore in Nightmare.

NiGHTS began their convincing, “Now, if you want to take over this world, abide by me: I will destroy you again.”

Who was presumed to be WIzeman laughed, he laughed, and laughed and laughed, “The Underworld was a nice place, I had a wing just for primordial Gods like myself. Got a great suggestion from a guy, Chronos I think his name was to take all that I can and make everything the way I like it.”

NiGHTS talked to Gene a few times about the Waking World’s mythology. Will’s brother may be a psychology major, but he knows a lot more than just that. Chronos is the god of time; which can’t be good.

“He ate his children so they won’t destroy them. I would just take in your two since you have free will, but it seems like the second rankers have gained free will as well.”

Wizeman began to glow green as Reala and NiGHTS faded to black.  

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Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 15



“Mary,” the Mayor of Bellbridge called out, “we have a problem in our hands.”

The way her boss puts it, it seemed like a minor problem, yet Mary looked outside to see a monstrous creature with huge teeth, a silver T-rex like body, only that he had no arms, only six hands surrounding him. Mary knew what to do, “Call for evacuation of the city.”

Mary couldn’t help but think of the lost boy that one night. She called the school, “Do you know of any blond new kid at your school.”

“Male or female?” asked the secretary.

“I don’t bloody know. Last I knew they didn’t have a family so I need to know if they’ll be out of the city safe.”

“They are part of a foreign exchange program, so they’re fine. Although they didn’t go to school today…

“Give me the address to their host family, this is behalf of the mayor.”


Helen didn’t go to school either. Not because she’s sick, but because there’s a giant monster destroying the city. She invited Pammy, Will, and Gene; who lived in the city for a safe haven. Helen was at the gazebo practicing her violin. She hasn’t found NiGHTS anywhere.

Then a moose approached Helen, “about that creature, that’s Wizeman.”

Helen’s violin made a screech for two reasons: A moose is talking to her, and that creature was talking baout Wizeman.

“Which gave me an idea,” said the moose, “Your sister has been watching those old catoons with those huge robots. I can turn to one and we can fight. I don’t have a size limit.”

Helen realized that moose was Selph and took a breath. It was one thing to be brave in the Night Dimension, but it’s another to be brave in the Waking World.

“I’ll pilot,” said a voice. It was Pammy, who shaved half of her head. Seemed like her misery wasn’t drastic enough.

“Too bad May isn’t here; she’d have a design and everything.”

“A Nightmaren turning into a giant robot?” asked Gene as he took out his sketchbook, “I have plenty of designs.” 

“Hi,” said Will, “and if any other Nightmaren appear to have me pilot, I can do it.”

That brought up Helen’s bravery, “And so would I.”

“No Shinji’s here I see,” said Gene, “and Helen, you will need to bring your violin, if Puffy shows up, she can turn into a sound dmanage robot.”

“Are we really doing this?” asked Helen, “we don’t even know where any of the nightmare are.”

The moose soon turned into a short green bug-eyed creature with a green and yellow layered hat, “Well, don’t get too far, Gene, only first rankers can dualize. That would be NiGHTS, Reala; If they want, Jackle; if they can, and myself. I can, however, give others the ability to go any size.”

Pammy took Selph’s hand, then Selph formed into a giant form of the previous form.

Helen went through her contact list to get 1 more person to fight


Pammy flew to the Atlantic Ocean near where that pirate radio island was. She and Selph just followed the path of destruction to find a monstrous Wizeman. If a T-Rex has better arms, that would be it; floating by his side. Sliver spikes poked out of his skull, and there were no eyes, but evidence of seeing since he saw the island. “All forms of rebellion must be destroyed before my new Kingdom is Created!”

Selph and Pammy hid behind Gulpo’s Fish and Chip shop. Then grew out to Gene’s design for Selph, which looked almost identical to Selph’s chosen Nightmaren form. “I guess you missed one!”

Wizeman’s hand looked over at the robot. “Who are you?”

“Sad of you to forget your Selph,” said Selph. They flew over and jabbed Wizeman in the jaw, where Jackle fell out of it.

Jackle flew out of the way. Pammy controlled Selph to make a strategic retreat to know what happened to Jackle.

They shrunk to three apples tall on the shaved ice stand behind the gift shop. “So, why were you in Wizeman’s mouth, and why is Wizeman a Dinosaur?

“Wizeman takes a part of himself to create nightmaren. Can’t make something out of nothing am I right? He decided to take all of us and eat us to gain power. Instead, he’s gone berserk dinosaur. I guess Wizeman made one more Nightmaren before initially dying, what’s your name?”

“I’m Selph,” Selph introduced themself.

“With Pammy,” said Pammy.

“Who?” Jackle asked.

An eye roll occurred, “Reala’s ex.”

“Oh, yes, Pammy!” Jackle smiled their toothy smile.

Suddenly, a red convertible driven by a woman with spikey orange hair came with Helen, Will, and Joy.

“This is Puffy’s friend, Charlotte, or Lotte, I was apparently her emergency contact at the community theatre, and I see the emergency.” She pointed to the kids, “They explained along the way.”

    Selph and Jackle explained more, and they thumbed up.

Jackle took out their hand to Joy and they dualized. Will showed Gene’s design and Jackle transformed into a giant robot. They opened their mouth and a canon came out of it. It shot towards Wizeman’s direction, and three more nightmaren came out of Wizeman’s mouth.   Those were Gulpo, Bomada, and Cerberus.

Selph made a vertical kick to Wizeman’s pointed jaw. Now that they knew the weak point, they can save more Nightmaren.

Yet only one Nightmaren came out of Selph’s attack, and it was NiGHTS.

NiGHTS flashed in a huge light and made a bow, “now how can I help with this effort?”

Chapter Text

Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 16



“I know what’s happening, but why are you and Jackle giant robots?” NiGHTS asked.

Will tossed his brother’s design for NiGHTS and NIGHTS quickly reviewed, “Can this be twice as powerful with two Visitors?”

Will and Helen knew what NiGHTS was talking about, “yes,” the three dualized to two giant robots. The two NiGHTS’ circled around Wizeman and shot out blue chips at Wizeman. It was a rapid attack made even more fast by having double the NiGHTS.

Almost all the Nightmaren were saved. Puffy went up to Lotte and hugged her, “I know you’d come in a time of need!”

“We can’t lose our Tracy to a Primordial God who Chronosed her, now can we?” asked Lotte, “Now the bigger question is: why do you hang out with Preteens?”

As NiGHTS finished their attack, Selph took a headbut to Wizeman’s jaw and Reala came out.

“They only appear to be preteens, we are all about the same age,” Puffy explained, “as in that we’re ageless. They can only transform as small beings, but Selph has given us power to change our size. I could be a shorter Tracy if you’d like.”

Lotte laughed, “It makes sense for the role.”

Reala looked around, then at Wizeman, “Will you take home anyone who wants to be taken home if we defeat you?”

Wizeman made an affirming roar.

Pammy jumped out of Selph, and to Reala. NiGHTS gave Gene’s notepad with Reala’s Designs. “I like.”

Reala dualized with Pammy, transformed to a giant robot and summoned a cloister of spheres around them.  They threw them at Wizeman and Wizeman began to shrink, all the way down to their form that everyone was familiar. “You have defeated me as a team. I’m glad I assembled such good teamwork, perfect for taking over Nightopia. Wizeman made a portal, “Now whoever wants to go in can go in, but If you stay, you cannot go back.”

After everyone got back to their original bodied, most of the Nightmaren left for Nightmare. That was except for NiGHTS, Jackle, Gulpo, Puffy, and Selph.

Yet before Reala left they gave their Persona onto NiGHTS’ hands, “Some things need to be stopped.” Reala looked directly at Pammy, “Not such a bad guy, am I?”

“I’ll know it if you show it,” Pammy crossed her arms.

“I will,” Reala made a sharp toothy smile. Pammy blushed, but whenever it was brought up she denied it.

When everyone was gone NiGHTS looked at the Persona that Reala wore for so many centuries. NiGHTS took it off and went out to play in Nightopia. The Persona never went off Reala’s face until NiGHTS took drastic measures and killed WIzeman. Now Wizeman is back, and Reala is taking NiGHTS’ place. Hopefully they won’t scare the younger visitors.

“Guess I’ll have to play Captain Hook in the school musical,” Pammy sighed, “I know the lines thanks to reviewing them with Ren… I mean, Reala.”

“Well, didn’t the director say there was no gender choice for Captain Hook. A Captain can be any gender after all,” Joy said.

Pammy made an evil cackle, “We will be sure to stop those lost boys and blow up all of Neverland.”

Puffy laughed, “Peter Pan is a ridiculous play, but it’s fun to portray the parts in their own ways. Probably why it’s used in so many Secondary School productions.”


Will, Helen, Pammy, Selph, Jackle, Joy and NiGHTS were given medals for saving the city. Mary; the Mayor’s assistant gave the medals, when she went to NiGHTS she looked flabbergasted, “Aren’t you the kid that was lost on his first day of school.”

“Their first day of school,” NiGHTS corrected, “and yes, I hope you handled the situation well.”

The city itself was in ruins. All that remained was the Bellbridge Tower.

Selph turned into a giant robot, “Well, a heroes work is not only fighting, it’s rebuilding what was destroyed.”

“So, the Around the Clock videos were true,” Mary whispered, “Wait, before you do that, come back tomorrow for a meeting. We’ll give you room, board, and a stipend if you help, build, and protect the city.”

It ended up that not only NiGHTS, Selph, and Jackle get apartments, but they room with their “pilots,” or the ones they dualize with. Selph didn’t know Pammy so well, so they agreed to a gelato after the meeting to get to know each other.

Selph disguised themselves as a fourteen-year-old with brown hair and green eyes. Might as well look generic and blend in when being human.

“And I understand that you’re ageless,” Mary told the Nightmaren, “so if your pilots want other jobs, a family, or go to university; we can find other pilots.” Mary slammed her hands onto the table, “Now, let’s get rebuilding the city.”

As everyone left Selph turned Jackle and NiGHTS aside, “I know you look young to compensate for size, but you can become any age you want now. If you can be a giant robot, you can be an adult.”

“Sweet,” Jackle said, “but I’ll stay the same age as my pilot,” said Jackle.

NiGHTS immediately became a new adult, “No more school for me.”

 Selph laughed, “you two were different, just like with Reala. I hope Reala’s doing well.”

NiGHTS nodded, “My job was tough, I hope Reala can do just as well.”

The three placed their hands together then risen them up. They all say, “This is to a new chapter in our lives.”