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The Good Sex Song (or, the Art of Negotiation, Nursery Rhyme Remix)

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It was entirely inappropriate for the circumstances, but once she had thought of it, Cordelia could not get the bouncy and gleeful earworm of a song back out of her head. It made for a surreal internal soundtrack to the gravity of the briefing on the kidnapping, and later her negotiations with young Casimir. All during dinner and the reception afterward, the repetitive, relentlessly up-beat tune played in disconcerting counterpoint to the tasteful background music. It had nearly subsided by the time she and Aral were driving back to Vorkosigan House, but the moment she picked up the threads of the discussion they had been having about Miles and Beta it came caroling back in all its childlike enthusiasm.

The Good Sex Song

Touching is good
When you want to be touched
But never when someone says No.
Touching yourself
How you like to be touched
Is wonderful speedy or slow
Touching another
Who wants to be touched
Is one way to make friendships grow

Say what you mean, and mean what you say
When hugging or kissing or wanting to play
Listen and watch, ask if you may,
Say thank you and please, and even hooray!
When good things feel good; it's really okay.
And when someone says "Stop" you stop, right away.

It's okay to want, but never to take
It's okay to ask, but never to fake
It's okay to say no, or ask again later
It's okay to say yes, or play masturbator
It's okay to not know, but never to tease
And it's always okay to say 'can we talk, please'

It's okay to like girls, and fine to like boys
It's okay to like both, or neither, or toys
It's okay to like herms, or all the above
At once or in sequence: it's all about love
Now sex can be funny, and sex should be fun
And sex should feel good, for ev-er-y one