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The Return

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Chapter One: The two bosses 

Former Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson stepped into the Murder Room. She looked around, finding all the familiar people occupying the room, and a new one as well. It felt like a home coming after her lengthy absence. It had been over a year since she had entered these premises, her work taking her to D.C. Even after the promises of 'visiting', her interaction with this team had been limited to a few cases they had investigated together while Brenda was working for the District Attorneys Office.

A smile appeared on her face as Brenda walked closer to her former team.

The Major Crimes team members noted the arrival of the visitor. Staring at her, surprised and amazed at the same time. Smiles creeping up on the familiar faces as they realized who their stranger was, their former boss and friend in crime.

"Chief Johnson!" Provenza was the first one to get his ability to speak and gave the former Chief a hug.

"Special Investigator Johnson to you, Lieutenant!" She corrected Provenza a big grin forming on her face, "Glad to see you alive and kicking!" She added and squeezed him lightly.

"Good to see you too. It's been a while!" Provenza replied.

"Yes, well, D.C. is pretty far away for dropping by for a coffee and a chat." Brenda excused her absence.

"Yes, Chief Howard told us you were moving over there." Provenza nodded knowingly.

"Yes, well, glad you are up to speed!" Brenda replied.

Brenda felt a little awkward discussing Fritz with her friends. Despite their divorce being an amicable one, remaining friends and all that jazz. Brenda was still at odds with how familiar her old team had become with the now Chief Howard and how detached she had become with them in turn.

The others stepped closer to Brenda, each hugging their former boss and welcoming her back. When it was Amy Sykes' turn, she opted to offer her hand to the former Chief of Major Crimes, which of she had heard quite a few tales about.

"Sykes, Amy." The Detective offered.

"Yes of course!" Brenda took the offered hand and shook it."I have heard good things about you!" She added leaving the Detective looking surprised and curious.

After the pleasantries were over, Brenda was looking for the one who was missing.

"Isn't Captain Raydor around?" Brenda asked.

"She is upstairs visiting FID. There was an old case and they needed her input. She should be back soon." Flynn told Brenda.

"OK, then I will wait for her." Brenda said coolly.

Provenza and Flynn exchanged looks. To their knowledge, the relationship between the Captain and the Chief had not been what one would call friendly, rather a polite and cooperative one at best. The twosome were wondering what the Chief could be wanting from the Captain now. Especially since the team had not been informed of any upon coming collaboration in the near future either.

"So, Special Investigator Johnson," Provenza used Brenda's whole title, but in an affectionate way, "What brings you back to our little corner of the world?"

"Well, I had an offer I could not refuse, for several reasons actually, so I will be moving back to L.A." Brenda answered vaguely.

Provenza and Flynn exchanged looks again, it seemed to become the practice for today for them.

"So, anything we should be aware of?" Flynn was trying to dig more information. He had a suspicion of this own as to what the position bringing their former Chief Johnson back was and hoped Brenda was a little more forthcoming,

"Well, maybe." Brenda replied with a smirk. She was not about to divulge any further details before she had a change to talk with Captain Raydor about it.

"There is some fresh coffee, if I can interest you in a cup?" Provenza asked, "We can catch up while we enjoy the brew." He added.

"That would be lovely!" Brenda was happy to be back with her old friends and team members.

Brenda, Provenza and Flynn left for the break room.




Brenda had excused herself to freshen up in the ladies' room, leaving Provenza and Flynn to gossip before her joining them for a cup of java.

"I don't have a good feeling about this." Flynn told Provenza, "If the Chief, I mean Special Investigator..." Flynn paused for a minute trying to get all the titles straight, "If Brenda really is back, then she might just become our boss again."

"What on earth are you talking about?" Provenza looked at him like Flynn was talking gibberish.

"Well, I have heard some rumours," Flynn started when Provenza cut him off.

"Stop right there. Until you have real facts, then let's talk. Before that, I would rather hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak."

"Fine, have it your way!" Flynn lifted his hands in the air in surrender. "I am just telling you, there may be some changes around here again and you'd better get used to them." Andy continued confident he had the best intel. 




The threesome had chatted for a while, each of them recapping in short the happenings for the past year Brenda had spent in D.C. After she had left Major Crimes, she had spent two years in the District Attorney's office before getting her transfer to D.C. and being promoted to the rank of Special Investigator. As to why she was back, she was not willing to divulge, much to Flynn's and Provenza's annoyance despite their continuing hinting and probing.

Provenza had risen to get them some more coffee. He came back with the pot, refilling Brenda's and Flynn's cups before pouring some into his own. He was about to walk back to the counter when the break room door was opened and the Captain popped her head inside.

"I heard you three would be here!" She was smiling and looking straight into Brenda.

"Captain!" Brenda greeted happily with a huge smile forming on her face.

Brenda then got up, walked a few steps reaching the Captain, placed her hands around Sharon in an embrace and kissed her, deeply.

Provenza and Flynn were both staring at the display in front of them, mouth agape. Provenza heard a loud thud from behind him. As he turned and looked at the source of the noise, he saw Andy Flynn had fainted and was lying on the floor.