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[Bonus Meta] Personal Playlist for Journal/Recovery Universe

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Apollo's Past Arc
01. Seussical - "All Alone in the Universe"
I'm alone in the universe.
So alone in the universe.
My own planets and stars
Are glowing.
Alone in the universe

02. Honk! Jr - "Different"
I'm just different,
But I have a sense of pride.
My looks may, well, be funny
But I hurt the same inside.
Different isn't spiteful,
Different isn't wrong!
So, why is it so hard to get along?
I only want to get along!

03. Peter Mayer - "Blue Boat Home"
Sun, my sail and moon, my rudder
As I ply the starry sea
Leaning over the edge in wonder
Casting questions into the deep

04. Anna Nalick - "Scars"
Scars cover you in fine lines
number you a timeline
maybe it is time that we live by my guidelines
I'm not going home without you
I'll save your life
No, not going home without you.
I'll make this right
and wait all night if that's what it takes.

05. Copeland - "No One Really Wins"
It's a fight between my heart and mind,
No one really wins this time
No one really wins this time
In the endless fight of grace and pride
I don't want to win this time
I don't want to win this time

06. Jump 5 - "Aloha E Komo Mai"
i lai la ua i la, no mala hini ohana (There, punished from that high place,
Aren't strangers in our family)
welcome cousins, e komo mai, aloha e komo mai (Welcome, cousins, come on by
The different ones (cousins) , welcome, and come here!)

oh when you're down, you're feeling low, got nobody by your side
it can be lonely and you want to only find a place, no need to hide
just lay back you'll fit right in, you can make it all come true
cause there's always hope inside and hope will see you through

07. Between The Trees - "You Give Me Hope"
We laugh, we cry
Sometimes we're broken and we don't know why
I'm tired and I lose my way
You help me find faith again.

You give me hope in spite of everything
You show me love even with so much pain
So I'll take this life,
And live like I was given another try
Just give me another try.

08. Between The Trees - "White Lines & Red Lights"
Late night, driving home together
And at red lights we press our lips together
And we're holding tight now
Slow it down now
Let's take our time
Let the moment last
Until it feels right
Holding back
And not getting too carried away
Let the music fade

'cause you are the brightest star
I'm in love with who you are
And you are the brightest star
I'm lost without your love